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Friday, May 27, 2016

Hi!! Happy Friday!!
It is going to be a fun day at our's the last day of school for my oldest daughter!!
It is also "Fly Up Day" at my girls' school...which is where all of kids get to "Fly Up" to the next grade and see where their classroom is going to be and meet the teachers in that grade. Since Cora is starting kindergarten next year, we have a special little meeting to go to and then she will get to "fly up" to kindergarten! She is SO excited!!
After "Fly Up Day" is over everyone is going to Mass together one last time. I LOVE going to all school Mass- so that is what I am looking forward to the most!! :)

It's time for me to share some FAVORITES from this past week!!

Marshall's nursery is currently my FAVORITE room in the house :) It is SO cheerful, bright and just full of sunshine! A couple of months ago, I shared some pictures of artwork the kids created for Marshall's's a little more up close of Cora's canvas (top) and Charlotte's (bottom)! The other big piece of "art" we have in his nursery is a poster I created on Zazzle. Aaron made the frames for all of the pictures. I just LOVE how it all turned out!!
And this is my other little FAVORITE nook of Marshall's room! We have had the glider since we had Cora...we just washed all the cushions and it looks good as new! The new edition is that cute pillow...which I got at Walmart!
Minus my oldest daughter, all of my kids have been home with me this past I have made sure we've had some structured activities and a nice little routine in place. My kids are so much happier when there is structure and predictability in their lives....ahem...I have no idea where they might have inherited that trait from?!? HA!
Two of our most FAVORITE activities this week were playing with play doh and doing our Water Wow books! The kids have LOVED getting out our big tub of play doh and cookie cutters and making trays of "food." The water wow books are a big hit as well...and all you need is water!! There is virtually no mess associated with this activity (BEST IDEA EVER)!!!

Speaking of playing with play doh....this has become one of James absolute FAVORITE activities!! We have been doing some sort of a craft/art project after the kids have had their breakfast and every morning after he has finished his toast or waffle- he looks at me and says, "Play Doh?"  SO CUTE! And I can't tell you how huge it is for James to sit still for longer than 2 minutes and do an activity. This little guy has happily played with play doh for OVER 30 minutes!! It's been life changing- HA! Seriously though- he is buckled in his chair, happily playing, which means I can either feed Marshall without him coming and jumping on top of us (totally a frequent occurrence- HA!) or if Marshall is sleeping- I can race around the house getting a few things done. Play Doh for the Win at my house!!
And FYI- we have several sets of these fun tools- I got them off of Amazon and my kids LOVE them!! James has a ball with them!

These two sweet girls have been my BIG helpers this week!! 
All of the kids have done amazing with the transition of bringing Marshall home...but because my girls are older- they have not only LOVED having a new baby in the house but they are super helpful with him!! None of the girls are phased when Marshall is screaming like a baby dinosaur :) and they are always willing to hold him, grab me a diaper or get him a new outfit. 
And there are times when Marshall has been sitting in his bouncy seat crying and one of the girls, unprompted, as gone up and given him his paci and just started talking to him and rubbing his head and he has totally calmed down!! 
They are wonderful little mommies! Love them so much!

And the biggest FAVORITE of all this of 2 pm today...SCHOOL IS OUT FOR THE SUMMER!!!
We have our first annual donuts and park playdate scheduled for tomorrow morning!
And as long as the rain holds off we will definitely be going to the outdoor pool at our YMCA!
And I can't even begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to having a break from rushing my crew out the door at 7:05 am every morning for school. 
High fives, fist bumps and any other other celebratory move one can do for slower mornings spent in our jammies!! :)

I sure hope it's been a great week for you!  Here's to a fun, 3- day weekend spent with family and friends!!

And if you are so inclined, please remember to keep the families of service members of our Armed Forces, who have been killed while serving our country, in your thoughts and prayers, this Memorial Day Weekend. 

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. YAY for School being out for the summer!! :)

    You are a better momma than me! I hate play-doh and would always hide it from my kids:)

    They art work looks so good in Marshall's nursery! So Cute!! :)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. HAHA! So funny about the play doh!! It honestly isn't too messy...especially if you let all the pieces that fell to the floor dry up a little bit...then they just sweep right up!! :) I will take the mess if it keeps my kids happy and entertained! HA! Have a great weekend friend!

  2. So exciting that school is out for you as of today!!! Marshall's nursery is seriously adorable. The artwork is perfect, and the pillow from WalMart...LOVE!!!
    And I'm with Heather with the play-doh! ha! I cannot stand the smell of it, and as soon as it's opened up I feel like i'm going to be sick just from smelling it. I have always been like that, even as a kid! LOL
    I hope you guys have an amazing weekend!!! Enjoy your doughnuts in the park =)

  3. OMG!! That is too funny Johannah!! I feel the way you do about play doh with sidewalk chalk! It literally gives me chills and induces dry heaves when I have to touch it! Ha!

  4. Marshall's nursery is precious, and I love the kids' artwork hanging in there. Play-doh is always so fun, and believe it or not, my big kids will still play with it if I pull some out. And I actually like the smell...ha, ha! Yay for summer...have fun with the donuts.

  5. Woohooo for school being out!! I know you will have a great summer with your kiddos. We do not do play doh in our house....because mama cannot handle the mixing of play doh colors and apparently that is all my kids know how to do. Drives me nuts, so I stopped bringing it in. Bubbles too - how can an entire bottle of bubbles be gone in 30 minutes...oh because they dump it out!! Go watch TV kids. LOL!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  6. Playdoh and Water Wow are lifesavers in my house. I always try to pull them out while I'm cooking dinner!
    Enjoy your summer break!

  7. Marshall's nursery is so cute, the pictures the kids painted are adorable!!! Yay for school being out, I you have a great summer with your family!

  8. This whole post made me smile!! I loved seeing more of Marshall's nursery. Those yellow frames with personalized artwork are such a treasure. I love your curtains for his room, too. Hooray for summer and having your kiddos home. We are huge playdoh fans so I'm going to have to look for that set of tools on amazon. Olive would go nuts for those playdoh scissors. I picked up a playdoh cookie baking set to surprise her with on vacation. I love that she'll sit and play for 30+ minutes and no longer tries to eat it :) Glad you've found something to entertain James long enough to get some things done. Hooray!! Happy summer!!


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