Hello Monday :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!!
How was your weekend??
Our's was really fun. And tiring :) But really good :) HA!

We started off our weekend by celebrating our precious Celine's birthday on Friday!
We had a pretty chill day at home and then once school got out for my oldest daughter, we scooped her up and headed to Build-A-Bear for Celine's "big" present from us. All of our girls have chosen to have a "Family Build-A-Bear Party" this year for their birthdays (versus a themed friend party). It has been really fun to do something different this year- but I will say- I think Aaron is more than happy to be done spending copious amounts of money on bears, outfits and accessories- HA!
Of course, I had to ask the sweet girl working at Build-A-Bear to take a picture of our crazy crew- you can tell by the looks of my children- they were thrilled to be getting their picture taken!! Everyone is looking and no one is crying- I consider this a keeper! HA!

Saturday- the weather was just downright YUCK. It was freezing, windy and the sun never even came out!! For a girl who loves her warm weather- I was NOT a happy camper- HA!
Luckily- we didn't have to be stuck in the house all day on Saturday because we had a super fun birthday we went to for our friends who have quadruplets! My friend is so awesome and did the cutest Peter Pan theme- of course I took NO pictures- but trust me when I say her dessert table was AMAZING!

Sunday was a great day for us because we went to church for the first time since having Marshall! It was just so nice to get back into our Sunday routine- church, donuts after church, a short trip to Aldi and we were back home right around lunch.
I don't know if it was the cold weather, the excitement overload from celebrating Celine's birthday AND the birthday party we went to on Saturday or WHO KNOWS WHAT- but my kids were something special on Sunday afternoon. Like so special that at one point I threatened to throw all the toys in trash bags and sell them at the garage sale we plan on having later this summer.  A real blue ribbon moment for me! HA!
Needless to say, the girls went upstairs very quickly to play after my little outburst :)
After folding some laundry- I decided to try a little harder to be a nice mommy- so I made the girls a fun snack tray in place of their usual string cheese and granola bar afternoon snack.
Why is everything so much more fun when you put it in a snack tray??
The girls LOVED their special snack and all possible threats of me giving away their favorite toys was forgotten- HA!
We had the yummiest- most simple dinner on Sunday!
On Saturday, Aaron made the yummiest homemade BBQ sauce by following this recipe. SO easy and so GOOD! And Aaron and I both agreed- SO much better than any of the stuff you get in the bottle from the store!
For our Sunday dinner, I just browned and seasoned some ground turkey and then drizzled some of the BBQ sauce on all over it. I served it on a hamburger bun and it was almost like a BBQ sloppy joe! I served some mac 'n' cheese and steamed broccoli with the sandwiches and there was no complaining at the dinner table. Major WIN!

And now Monday is here again!
This week is my two youngest daughters' last week of preschool! And then next week is Charlotte's last week of school!
Aaron is headed back to work today (he's been at home the last two weeks helping me and working on a research paper) and I am officially on my own with my FAB 5!
I'm looking forward to a great week and hopefully some warmer temperatures!! HA!
I would love to know- do you have a busy week ahead of you?
Is school almost over for your kiddos?
Whatever you have going on- I hope you have a WONDERFUL week and the BEST day!

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  1. What a fun birthday:)
    I'm glad my kids are not the only crazies right now! My oldest was oh my gosh yesterday ;/ I blame it on this is their last week of school:)
    Hope you have a great week!

    1. Hey Heather! So glad to know my kids aren't the only ones being extra special lately- HA!

  2. The weekend sounds so nice. We all have our own little meltdowns. I've had my fair share, too. :) That family picture is perfect!

  3. Well I want to come to your house for snack time!! So fun - Happy Birthday to Celine, looks like a FUN time with family!!

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  5. It is so true that snack trays make everything more fun haha. It's all about presentation I guess!

  6. I love the Build a Bear family parties they've chosen for this year! What a fun memory for them to all look back on when they're older. I agree with Leigh, I could go for your afternoon snack tray right about now!

  7. Snack trays always make the day better! My kids have about 2 1/2 weeks of school left. I'm just thankful they don't have to make up any days from the flooding. Hope your days go smoothly with Aaron being back to work.

  8. What a sweet birthday! The girls look so cute in their crowns and you look like a million bucks :) It made me feel good to hear that you were having a hard day and recovered with a delicious snack tray. Yesterday was hard at our house - lots of crying, so many tantrums and everything was a fight. I went to bed exhausted. Today was the exact opposite - 100% LOVELY! I made sure to heap on the compliments, kind words and a fun treat. My goal is to have more lovely moments together each week than hard ones in the hopes that Olive will remember our days at home together fondly. I'm saving your snack tray idea because she'd LOVE a surprise snack like that.


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