Weekly Walmart Finds: Swimwear Edition!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Hi! Happy Wednesday!!

Sooo....even though it doesn't feel anything like swimsuit weather here in Indiana...the pool and sunshine are definitely on my mind!! 
We live at the pool during the summer- like we literally go every day- sometimes twice a day- weather permitting! :)

Soooo....that brings me to today's Weekly Walmart Finds: SWIMSUITS. 
I don't live in a magical land with unicorns- so I am not even trying to think I can fit into my regular pre-pregnancy swimsuits this summer. I will definitely be back in them NEXT summer- but DEFINITELY not in the next few weeks- HA!
Which means I need to find a few swimsuits to wear this summer while we are at the pool and while we are on vacation in Virginia Beach!
Since I know I won't be wearing these swimsuits for more than just one season- I don't want to spend a ton of money on them. That's where Walmart always saves the day!
I found several cute options that I think will be perfect for my "in-transition" body this summer!

First up is this ADORABLE yellow crocheted two piece swimsuit!  While I personally do not feel comfortable wearing this style of swimsuit- I know many of you out there have the bodies for it!! So I had to include it :) And I love that while the top is a "bikini" top- it still provides a good amount of coverage and doesn't seem to be a top where things might get out of place...if you know what I mean?!? HA!  You can find the top here! It is only $7.96!!

You can find the bottoms here and they are also only $7.96! If bright yellow isn't your color, this style of swimsuit also comes in turquoise, purple and black!
Another "bikini" style swimsuit top that I found and LOVE- is this "solid twist bandeaukini top" by Catalina. It is $16.84 and I just really think the style of this top is SO flattering!! And I love the color of it! Paired with a higher waisted pair of swimsuit bottoms like these- and you have got yourself an ADORABLE and CLASSY swimsuit!!
If you love the look of the crocheted material in the yellow bikini- but don't feel comfortable wearing that style of swimsuit (like me :)- check out this crocheted halter tankini! I LOVE it! It is $11.84! That is a GREAT deal for a tankini top!! You can find the matching bottoms (it is a swim skirt and super cute) here!
Okay...moving onto the first swimsuit top I plan on ordering :)
I thought this print was super fun!! I love the black, pink and aqua combination. I also love that the straps are bra style versus halter style- which has a tendency to give me a headache (I know- I am WEIRD!). This "bandeaukini" is by the Collections by Catalina and is $16.84. I am really crossing my fingers this top fits me because I really like it! :)
This is the other swim suit top I plan on ordering. No your eyes aren't playing tricks on you- it is the SAME style top as the one above- just in a pretty solid coral color :) I REALLY like the style of this tankini and I figured if I didn't like it in the print- but liked the way it fit- this coral color would be a great way to go!
I am all about buying a couple tankinis and then getting one pair of bottoms to mix and match with them. The first option for swimsuit bottoms are these- they are also by the Catalina brand and they are called the "Full Coverage Bottom with Adjustable Ties." 
Key Words being: FULL COVERAGE! HA!
I am not sure how these will look on me- so I am going to order them and just give them a try! Just another reason why I love shopping on I can order a bunch of different swim suit tops and bottoms, try them on in the comfort of my own home and then return whatever doesn't work! SO EASY. and slightly less painful than trying on swimsuits in the actual store :)
The other bottom I am going to try out is this little "skirted swimsuit bottom."  It is by the Catalina brand and is $16.48. I think this little skirt with the ties is SO cute and it might be just what I need in the whole needing a little more coverage department!! It's either gonna look really cute on me OR NOT. Thank goodness my husband is a very honest man. He will let me know if it is a "YES" or "NO" real quick! HA!
And finally- this one piece swimsuit totally caught my eye!! 
I can't remember the last time I wore a one piece- but this swim suit is a "Best Seller" and has an average 4.6 star rating from 2,279 people!! And it is on sale for $25.00 from $34.64.
It is supposed to be very slimming (yes please) and the style of the suit gives the illusion that it is a tankini/bottom set- even though it is all one piece. It comes in SO many fun prints and solid colors!! I am especially loving this gorgeous turquoise- but it also comes in a beautiful fuchsia color that I might also try out! 
And now for a couple cover ups. Aren't coverups just as important as swimsuits??
I don't know about you- but there are days where I never even wear real clothes- I am just in my swimsuit and cover up all day long!

Isn't this cover up super cute? It is by Ocean Pacific (OP) and it is in the Junior's section. It is very simple- which I really like- but has a cute detail on the straps!  It is only $7.96- which you just can't beat! It comes in a several really fun bright colors like hot pink and coral- but because I am super boring and always looking for the most slimming silhouette (HA!) - I think I am going to get black :) If I end up loving it- you can bet I will pick it up in another color!
Isn't this embroidered gauze tunic so pretty?? I love that it is made of a super lightweight material but has long sleeves. Perfect for great coverage from the sun when you plan on being at the pool, lake or beach all day! It is $14.88 and comes in this white color as well as in a pretty coral color and black!
Here is an up close picture of the detail around the neck. So pretty!
Walmart really has an AWESOME selection of swimwear for women this season!! There are so many other cute suits that I didn't even show you! If you want to look at everything they have- click here and then you can search by one piece or two piece separates or cover ups!
Also- I LOVE Walmart's selection of swimsuits for kids!!
You can find baby/toddler swimsuits here, girls' swimsuits here and boys' swimsuits here!

I would love to know- have you ever purchased a swimsuit from Walmart?? If so- do you love it?
I will definitely let you know if my purchases work out! I will DEFINITELY not be showing you any pictures of me in a swimsuit- HA! But I will give you my honest opinion on the fit and quality of everything I order!!

Happy shopping and hope you have the BEST day!


  1. Love the white coverup! I actually saw a really pretty bright, but not too bright, & bold cover up! I loved it. I asked Cash if he liked it, his response "it too girly." ha!

  2. Love this post! I need a few new swimsuits this season! I am a tankini girl all the way!
    I'm running to Wal-Mart today after I drop the kids off at school, going to look for these swimsuits- if not in store I am coming home to order online!
    Thank you for the tips!!

    1. Definitely let me know what you end up getting Heather!! They really have a great selection of swimsuits right now!!

  3. These are all super cute!! Your walmart finds are always my fav! Have a great day, Justine! =)

    1. Thanks Johannah!! Hope you have a great day too!!

  4. Such cute options!! I find myself MOST comfortable in my tankinis, but periodically find some level of confidence to break out my bikinis. It is what my husband prefers, but I see every.stinkin.flaw!!! I love the cover ups you found - too cute!!!

  5. You find the cutest things!! I LOOOOVE the black crocheted one! You're not alone...halters give me a headache too! It's the oddest thing!

  6. How cute!!!!!!!!!! I actually have a swimsuit from Walmart and I really do love it!

  7. Such cute options! I just picked up at Catalina tunic cover up this season. I got it in black and am thinking of picking it up in another color. Now I think I need to go back and check out their suits :) That last one is definitely up my alley. We're planning to spend lots of time and the pool and I'd like something with lots of coverage :)

  8. Love all your picks. I'm so glad I clicked over to WM because I found a one-piece for Grace which is required for her summer camp. With tankini's being so popular these days, it is hard to find a basic one piece once a girl moves out of the girls' department. I found a cute one for $14...yea!

  9. Too often, I am struck with the realization that the market is full of skimpy, two-piece bathing suits and bikinis. I hate that. Just because I can wear a two-piece suit does not mean that I WANT to wear a two-piece suit. I enjoy seeing more one-piece or covered suits showing up in ads and around the stores now.


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