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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!!

So- school's officially out for the summer for our crew starting Friday afternoon and we are ALL so stinkin' excited!!
I have to be honest- I love summer more than I do any other time of the year. Fall, Halloween and everything pumpkin related is fun, FOR SURE. I love Christmas and how festive it is- it is definitely a WONDERFUL time of the year. But for me- my happy place with my family is SUMMER. Slower starts to our morning. Establishing our own routine outside of having any REAL place to be. Going to the pool twice in one day if we feel like. Having a picnic for every meal. Its my most FAVORITE time of the year!

So- I started thinking...we have a lot of traditions we do as a family around the holidays...and we even have a "First Day of School" tradition (after I pick the kids up from their first day of school- we go get 1/2 price milkshakes at Steak 'N' Shake and talk about everyone's day) - BUT we don't really any "Celebrate School's Over and Summer's Here!" traditions. 
Well- time to fix that! HA!
I love the ages of my older girls because we can really have a conversation about things and they are NOT afraid to voice their opinion :) We started tossing around ideas for our new "Summer's Here" traditions and this is what we came up with!

Our first new "School's Out- Summer's In" tradition is to go to go get donuts and have a breakfast picnic at our local park the Saturday after the last day of school.
So simple- but SO FUN! The kids (and Aaron) love donuts and they love playing at the park. What makes it special and different is that we will go fairly early in the morning and have our breakfast there...which we really have never done!
This is such an easy tradition to keep up...even when the kids are older and don't necessarily want to go to the park any more- we can still all go out for donuts and coffee the morning after the last day of school. I am excited about this new tradition and so are the kids!!
 Our second new "summer" tradition is a "Mommy/Daughter Date." I am sure as James and Marshall get older- we might have to change this tradition or maybe they will go golfing with Daddy :) For right now though- this tradition is all about the girls :)
The girls and I love to walk around Bath and Body Works and smell all of the lotions, candles and we decided we are going to go on a date to Bath and Body Works and then stop off at Starbucks for a fun treat!
I get Bath and Body Works coupons in the mail- so they will be perfect for the girls to use AND my super sweet aunt sent me a Starbucks gift card when I had Marshall- so we will use that for our special yummy drinks! The girls are VERY excited to use "Mommy's flower credit card" HA!
I think one of the most wonderful things about having a family is creating "traditions" like this. I know for me- the traditions that stick out in my memory when I was growing up was going camping with my family and my mom taking all 4 of us kids to the pool EVERYDAY. And then sometimes my dad would take us back to the pool after dinner. 

I hope my kids will have just as fond of memories of summer as I do...and most of all- I hope they remember how much I LOVED spending time with them!!

Do you have any "summer" traditions? Do you do anything special to celebrate school being over for the year?? I would love to hear about them! 

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. I love traditions, too. I'm a big fan of them! I'm already scheming what I'll do for Cash's first day of 4K come September.

    A girls afternoon is a perfect way to celebrate school being out for summer. I don't even have to mention the donuts because you know how I feel about those things. Yum!

  2. What fun traditions to start!!
    We have a few fun traditions throughout the year, but not for "Summer's here", we may need to fix that as well! However, my kids did get out of school last Thursday....:(

    1. Of course there is still time to remedy that!! And SO fun your kids are already out of school! YAY!

  3. SO so fun. The girls will love it. I wish I could join you for donuts in the park! ;) I love all seasons too, but there is a special place in my heart for summer!!

  4. Awww, so sweet. I love trying to create traditions with my kids. So far the only one we do surround school (since he is only in preschool) is I take just my son to get ice cream after the first day of school and then on the last day of school We leave sister behind and it's just us.

  5. I just LOVE traditions and this one is definitely a fun one for you guys to start! Summer vacation from school when I was growing up meant many Summer days spent at my grandparents' house during the day with my cousins! We had the best times together!!

    1. Oh that sounds like SO much fun Erica!! And you all are still so close now as adults- which I just think is SO awesome!

  6. I love the idea of this tradition!! Such a great idea!!! And how fun that you and are staring a mother/daughter tradition too! Emma LOVES Bath and Body Works too. She could smell every single lotion in there and candle I think! Haha =)
    Have a great day Justine!

  7. Great ideas! Donuts at the park sounds pretty perfect! You've got me thinking... I don't think we every really did any Hello Summer traditions when I was growing up. I'm going to have to start collecting ideas so I'm prepared to celebrate in a few years. I'm taking notes from you :)


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