Monday Musings and An Easy Meal Plan!

Monday, May 23, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!!

How was your weekend?? 

We had beautiful, sunny weather and the perfect temperatures- right about 75-80 degrees.
My girls and I were walking from one park to another yesterday- and I commented on what a gorgeous day it of my daughters replied with- "Well yeah- except it is the HOTTEST day ever!"  Ha! I told her she was in for a rude awakening when July comes around AND that she could never survive living in a place like Phoenix. HA!

Speaking of the park...I was THAT mom who insisted we get a family selfie to document our fun time there. Well- then my husband decided to be a show off and he somehow found a tree that my phone could sit on and he set the automatic timer- which I don't even know how to do- HA! 
We got a super family picture out of the ordeal and I just love it!
(P.S. James looks really mad- but he isn't. If anyone has any tips on how to get a 22 month old to smile for an automatic timer picture- I am all ears!! HA!)
So- do you have a busy week ahead of you?
Our's is pretty chill- all of my kids are home except for my oldest daughter who is finishing her last week of school. On Friday, at my girls' school, they have a fun day called "Fly Up Day" where each grade "Flies Up" and gets to go see their new classroom for next school year. My daughter Cora and I have a special "going into kindergarten" meeting to attend and then she gets to "fly up" and check out her new classroom. She is SO excited!! 
And I am having trouble wrapping my head around the fact that I will have two kids in the "big" school!! 
Besides "Fly Up" day on Friday- I have really BIG plans to CLEAN. Things have definitely fallen to the wayside this past month with us having Marshall and it is starting to drive me batty. HA! 
I am just going to pick a couple cleaning "jobs" each day to accomplish- so by next weekend- everything will be done! Today- my BATHROOM. To say it is gross would be an understatement. HA!
Speaking of cleaning- have you ever checked out 
It a blog written by a woman named Becky and basically she is the Queen of Clean :) She offers tons of free printables on her website- they are so helpful if you want to get on a cleaning schedule or just get organized in general. She has a ton of great tips and it is just a fun website to check out!! 

Okay- and now time for our meal plan for this week.
I think I mentioned at the beginning of this month- Aaron and my mom spent an afternoon prepping all of the meat for our meals. We bought several large packages of 93/7 ground turkey and 85/15 ground angus beef. They mixed the two meats together and made meatballs, taco meat, and hamburger patties. It was all put in portioned out freezer bags and I can NOT tell you how easy it has been to make dinner by having this all done! The other thing we did this month to make life easier is Aaron did a HUGE grocery shopping trip at the beginning of the month. He bought all of our pantry staples and freezable items (pizza, frozen veggies, waffles, bread, ect) and we have only had to run into the store weekly for milk, eggs and fresh produce. Total life changer!! We will definitely continue to shop this way- it has freed up so much time for us on the weekend and helped up stay on track with our monthly food budget!

Okay- back to our menu's what's for dinner at our house this week!
As usual- our meals are no fuss. Super simple. I really don't have "recipes" I use- more a method of pairing a protein main dish with a green vegetable side! 
We are LOVING the warm, lovely weather and using our grill any chance we get! Also- the girls love eating outside at their picnic table- so they have been doing that! Not only is it fun for them- but it cuts down on kitchen clean up for me- which I am NOT mad about! HA!

And that officially concludes a very random post :) 
Gotta love Monday mornings when your brain isn't quite functioning at it's max potential. HA!
Here's to lots of coffee and laughing at the crazy moments that are sure to happen throughout the day!

Hope you have the BEST day!
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  1. What a great family photo!! Glad y'all had a fun day at the park!!

    Love the menu this week!

    Have a great day!!

    1. Thank you Heather!! It was a fun weekend! :) Hope you have a great day too!

  2. What a sweet picture! And I hope you take this the right way, but you are just the most precious looking momma! Your joy radiates!

    1. Aja! How could I take that the wrong way?? That is such a wonderful compliment and I appreciate it so much!! Thank you!! :)

  3. So impressed with your family photo!! Great job hubby!! How fun will it be for all of your girls to be in "real" school and just to have your little guys at home. I know it is bittersweet, but will be some fun time with the 3 of you! Have a great Monday!

  4. That is a great family photo! We are big fans of the self timer on the camera. Our big camera does a burst of about 10 photos on the timer, so we are bound to get a good one out of all those shots. That is a genius idea of mixing the beef and turkey. The ground turkey is never very popular at our house, even with me, so a mix would be a great idea for us. Have a great Monday!

  5. I love following CleanMama! The Instagram daily reminders are great. There are some things I don't do weekly like dusting or mopping all the floors like she recommends but the idea of cleaning a section of the house a day has saved me so much time on the weekends. I love that! She also has good ideas for what to clean for every season.

    1. I follow her on Instagram too!! I am excited to make a few of her DIY cleaners- I just need to get all my supplies together!!

  6. Your family is so gorgeous! Great photo. Your meal plan for the week sounds really good! I might have to take some of those ideas for my suppers this week.

  7. How much meat will you get for the month?!

    1. Hey Kelly!! Our family usually eats 1.5-2 pounds of meat each meal (I know- it's kind of A LOT)- that will also at least get me a few servings left over for lunch. I would have to double check with my husband- as he did our monthly shopping for us- but I think we bought about 35 pounds of meat. Half of that being ground turkey and the other half being ground beef. We have a big stand up freezer in our garage- so we portion everything out and are able to freeze it. If we have any left over- we will just use it next month! Hope this helps!

  8. Automatic timer for pictures is THE best! I love when we can do that because it looks so much better than a selfie haha!

  9. thanks for the introduction to the website sounds very valuable. The meal plans sound delicious as well. will be trying a few more
    come see us at

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting Angie!!


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