Friday Favorites!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!!
We are pretty excited at our house...this is our last Friday of the school year!!!!!!
And the outdoor pool at our YMCA opens this weekend!!!
Basically- it's like we are going to live in Cinderella castle at Disney World. HA!

Hope you've had a great week....our's has been really good but not without a few bumps in the road :) I am looking forward to a long weekend of hanging out, tackling our oversized pile of laundry (it never goes away!!) and hopefully getting some more packing done and some projects completed!!

Here's a few things that have made my FAVORITES list this past week!

Our Celine is an official no training wheels girl!!!
Last weekend, on Saturday afternoon, she told us she wanted to learn how to ride a two-wheeler. She did SO great and by Monday afternoon, she was riding without any help and starting and stopping by herself. She is a rockstar!
Now, all she wants to do is ride her bike and she keeps trying to tell me that it's okay for me to let her ride by ALL BY HERSELF while I stay inside with her long as she stays on the sidewalk ;) 
Um. No Celine...but good thinking about staying on the sidewalk! HA!
We have a new FAVORITE treat at our house!
I posted a super simple recipe for these M&M cheerio bars yesterday- you can check it out HERE!
If you're headed to a cookout this weekend- and need to bring a treat- these would be perfect! They are a "no-bake" dessert and don't need to be refrigerated!
How cute is this Large Utility Tote in this starfish print??? This tote is seriously one of my all time FAVORITES and the uses for it are endless!! Just a friendly reminder...this super functional and cute bag along with the stand tall inserts are on special for just a couple more days! If you are looking for way to be organized when you head to the pool, beach or lake this summer- I can't recommend picking up one of these enough!
Oh my. The love of my life snuggling my angel baby. 
Not too much else to say about this one :) Love both of these guys SO much!!!
So- our neighbors must think we are total freaks. As long as the weather is good, we are ALWAYS outside. Making SO MUCH NOISE. And we have way too much fun on the trampoline :) This past Sunday we all piled up on the trampoline and Charlotte decided it was time for a "family selfie." We look like a bunch of nuts- but gosh- I LOVE my people. 
Life is BEAUTIFUL, hard, filled with so much JOY and can be so messy. 
I am just so thankful I have that man in the middle and those 5 crazy kids to be on the journey with me!!

I hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love that picture of you and your people on the trampoline...the BEST group. Much love friend xoxoxo Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. What a great and happy list of favorites from the week! Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Yea for summer being ALMOST here! I love the picture of y'all on the trampoline...selfies are so fun. With my teens, it's the only way I can get a fun, natural smile from them! ;)

  4. Love the family selfie! Precious!!
    Way to go Celine... no training wheels.
    Enjoy your long weekend.

  5. Your trampoline family selfie might be my new favorite family picture! Everyone looks like they are having a blast. Way to go Celine on her bike riding. That's awesome and hilarious that she's all grown up to ride her bike alone. haha Glad your pool is back up and running. I'm sure you all will log tons of time there before your move.


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