Weekly Walmart Find: A Fun, Functional Gift Idea!

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Wednesday!!

I have a fun Walmart find to share with you today!
It's actually an item I have already previously shared with you- but I wanted to show you it again- because I think it's that good :)

The Mainstays Outdoor Blanket is one of my FAVORITE things ever. I have had mine for a little over a year now- and keep it in the back of my van, so it's always handy when we are out and about!
It is a GREAT size (60X70), machine washable, has water repellent backing, zips up into it's own carrying case and is $9.97!!!
 I always like to get my daughters' teachers a Teacher Appreciation/End of the Year present- and I was having a hard time thinking of what to get them this year. 
Then I remembered seeing the outdoor blankets at Walmart and decided they would be the PERFECT gift!
I always try to give gifts that are not only FUN, but functional.
This blanket totally fits the bill- it comes in so many colors- look how adorable and cheerful this watermelon pattern is- and it's something that is so useful!
I used this blanket when we went to the beach for a week last summer and it was SO great. We didn't have to set out a bunch of random towels, it's made of a material that repels water on the back and the top of it drys SUPER quick. It really is a MUST have item if you spend a lot of time outside!!
Isn't this pattern SO pretty?
This outdoor blanket would be such a great gift for so many different occasions.

How fun would it be to get this blanket and pair it with a thermal bag like this one, add in some fun plastic plates, cups and silverware, a couple bottles of wine and a gift card to Whole Foods or another upscale grocery store- so they could pick up some yummy "picnic" food- and give the whole "bundle" as a gift to a bride at her bridal shower or a newly married couple?!?

Or get the blanket, a couple fun magazines, some cute flip flops and a gift card to Jimmy John's or Chipotle for a graduation present!! 

I love the idea of getting this blanket and pairing it with a gift card for pizza and dropping it off to a family with a new baby (especially if they have other kiddos). 
A fun night, spent enjoying the fresh, summer air + a night of no cooking/clean up = every mama's dream!
Since I had 6 teachers I needed to buy gifts for, the blanket was at the perfect price point for me. And I feel like the blanket, even by itself, is a very lovely gift!

I bought several different patterns of the blankets and let the girls decide which one their teacher would like. They LOVED getting to do that :)
We picked up some super cheerful gift bags from the Dollar Tree (I LOVE that place!!) and they made handmade cards for their teachers. 

Such a fun, happy "THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING" gift!
Do you have one of these outdoor blankets??
If you don't- trust me- you should get one :)

Our local Walmart had all of the patterns that are online, available in the store.
And remember- if you spend $35- TWO DAY shipping is FREE!
(that is seriously such a game changer for me!! I just ordered a bunch of household items/toiletries we need on Monday and they are getting delivered today!)

Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. I just bought one yesterday! The girls love to be outside and I was just taking beach towels out and throwing them in the yard for them to sit and play on. I saw this and and threw it in my cart with NO hesitation! haha. Love all your gift ideas for it! Such a great and functional gift!

  2. What a fun gift!! I love this idea and love all the cute options. I think I'd say the watermelon one is my favorite. I would have definitely loved to get this as an end of the year teacher gift. Great finds!!

  3. Oh my gosh...what a great idea!
    We are heading to the beach soon! I need to grab one!! Heck and maybe a few to start saving for next year's gift.

  4. I picked one of those great blankets up a few weeks ago! I love it! My store didn't have the watermelon print, but I am tempted to purchase it online. BY the way, I love your Walmart posts! :)

  5. What a great gift idea!! And all the patterns are so pretty. I have a blanket from WalMart like this from a couple of years ago and we love it!!


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