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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!!

So- several of you have asked me to share more about what I buy at Aldi- which I TOTALLY want to to do! I will be honest though- the thought of writing a post like that kind of overwhelms me- because we literally buy EVERYTHING from Aldi. And Aldi has so many great products- I don't want to leave anything out!! 

Anyway- all that to say- I definitely plan on doing a BIG "what's in grocery cart at Aldi" post- but for today- I wanted to show you some items that you might not necessarily know you can get from Aldi!

We have a family member currently serving overseas and he follows the Paleo diet- so when we send him care packages I like to send him items that he is not able to get at his little base convenience store. 
Aldi has SO many great products that are compliant with the Paleo diet, Whole30 or if you just eat a "clean" diet!

 First up- this dark roast coffee. If you love coffee- this one is SO good! It's dark without feeling like you are going to start having nervous twitches from a caffeine over load. HA!
They also have this kind of coffee in light and medium roast version too! They also carry organic, free trade coffee!
Prices vary at each Aldi you go to- but this coffee is $3.99 for 12 ounces at my Aldi!
 Aldi carries a bunch of different kinds of nut butters! They carry your classic creamy and crunchy peanut butter, all natural peanut butter, organic peanut butter, and organic almond and cashew butter!
The almond butter is $4.99 for a 12 ounce jar which is an absolute STEAL. Cheaper than Walmart's organic version of almond butter by at least $1.
And it's SUPER yummy!!
These "Pure and Simple" Elevation Bars (almost identical ingredients to Lara Bars) are $4.49. They are $0.50 cheaper than Walmart's price for Lara Bars which is $4.98. Now I know $0.50 doesn't seem like A LOT of savings...but it really does add up! And I love knowing that I can get the same-ish bar at Aldi (for cheaper) instead of having to go to a different store to get them!
Aldi carries lots of different types of dried fruit- cranberries, cherries, apples and these banana chips!
 The banana chips are $2.19!
 Since our family member follows a Paleo diet- sending him snacks like pretzels and chips is not what he would prefer. He loves nuts and Aldi has an AMAZING selection of them!! Nuts can be SO expensive- but not at Aldi!
The cashews were $4.89 each, the almonds were 4.99 and the sunflower seeds were $1.99.
P.S. Those chili lime cashews are ridiculously delicious!!
 Unrelated to the items I picked up for the care package, I got this 6 pack of individual white cheddar puffs (almost EXACTLY like White Cheddar Pirates Booty) for $3.49! While it is cheaper for me to buy the bag of puffs for $1.99- I love having individually packaged snacks on hand during the summer for our many trips to the pool, park and for road trips! 
They always carry the big bag of white cheddar puffs- but these individual packs are considered "seasonal," which means they will just have them for a limited time. I picked up two packs to have on hand!
So there you have it! I know many of you shop at Aldi and have your "go-to" items you get there. Some of you have never been to Aldi and probably wonder- "I know I can get milk, egg and cereal there- but what about the OTHER stuff??" 
Aldi, in my opinion, really does have it all- even those more "speciality" items you might think you have to pick up at your regular grocery store!

If you are an Aldi shopper, what are some of your "speciality" items you love to pick up at Aldi?? 
They have an incredible cheese selection..I was thinking about my next post being about all of their awesome cheese/dairy products!! 

Also- I just thought I might share a couple of resources where you and your family could send a little love to a service member who might not have people sending him or her letters or care packages. If you have kiddos at home for the summer- having them write letters/draw pictures for our troops would be an awesome project!!

There are SO many more organizations out there that support our military- these are just a few!

Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. Thank you for the Aldi ideas. I really need to start making a trip to Aldi every few weeks. I am pretty loyal to our HEB, but these deals are so good! Also thank you for the care package idea. I am looking for service/volunteer ideas for the summer and this will be perfect! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. Why oh why don't we have an Aldi here?!?! Haha Such great finds!!!

    I have always loved the idea of sending care packages to our military over seas. We have done it a few times, and it's such a satisfying feeling when that package gets sent out. We did one at work last year for female military members. We sent them some more "girly" items that they can't get overseas, and we had so much fun putting it together.

    Have a great Wednesday!!!

  3. Every once in a while Aldi has a medley of barley, split peas, and lentils. We use it instead of rice or potatoes. It's delicious and much better for you. I make it with chicken broth then add a bit of Parmesan and it's risotto-like. Delish! My husband loves the raisin bran crunch in Aldi brand.

    If I can figure out how to make a profile.... this is Dr. D's nurse, Katie!!

  4. That's awesome!! Nuts are so expensive so I'm glad to know that Aldi has delicious and cheaper options. I'm also going to recommend the coffee and knock off lara bars to my husband. He loves granola bars, but the can be pricey. My goal for the summer is to familiarize myself with Aldi and all of their great deals.

  5. How many SP are the Elevation Bars?

  6. Aldi has my heart! We really love the sausages that they have. The chicken sausage is our favorite, but they also have spinach & feta & tomato basil, which are both good, too. We also like their flatbread pizzas. I just picked up some of their K-cups because I forgot to grab them from Walmart & I'm pretty sure that I'll be sticking with them. I just have to see what Luke thinks!

  7. I LOVE Aldi! One of our favorite things is their cheese selection - for summer happy hours we love their smoked Gouda and dill havarti! Their chicken sausages are a go-to for an easy lunch for my toddler and one of my favorite seasonal items is their teriyaki marinade!


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