Friday Favorites!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!

How has your week been?? I sure hope it's been a great one!!
It's been a fun, busy, HOT week at our house...we basically have been living at the pool! 

Time for some FAVORITES from this past week!

Going to the library is one of our FAVORITE activities. The kids have so much fun looking up books and checking them out. Whenever Celine finds a books she wants to check out- she asks me if she can "buy it?" SO.STINKING.CUTE.
Anyway- the other day- I was walking around the library making sure the kids were all ok...and this is what I saw. Big sister reading to her little brother. 
First- please note my crazy, frizzy hair. WHOA. HA!
More importantly- please look at my precious baby. Marshall will be 15 months old at the end of this month and I just can't handle him. He is giving hugs and kisses when we ask for them and signing "more" and "all done." He is an absolute JOY. So thankful for this precious baby boy!
Speaking of precious boys- look at my James. Looks REAL happy, doesn't he?!? HA!
I had a coupon to Sports Clips and he was in desperate need of a haircut, so last Saturday afternoon, while Aaron was working, the kids and I went to get James a fresh new cut. I got all the kids slushies from Sonic and was just really feeling like on was on top of my mom game. Um yeah. That lasted about 2.2 seconds- because upon walking into the salon James started FREAKING out, threw his slushy, it exploded everywhere AND Cora set her slushy down to go use the restroom and when she came back her's had leaked onto the floor. I used a million baby wipes to clean everything up and the crisis was averted ;) 
I had to sit in the chair with James- but we finally got his hair cut and now he looks like such a BIG boy. 
LOVE this wild, ornery boy SO much.
Sometimes you forget your wallet at the library check out desk and you take your daughters in their jammies to go pick it up and then decide the best way to end a crazy day is by getting 1/2 price milkshakes at Sonic ;)
Hands down one of my FAVORITE moments of this week.
I treasure these little girls SO MUCH and can only hope and pray 10 years from now, they still want to run out with their mama on a random Thursday night to go get milkshakes.

P.S. If you are a peanut butter fan- try the peanut butter oreo shake from Sonic- it is CRAZY good!
Tomorrow we are headed to the beach for a day trip and we are SO EXCITED!!
We are meeting my brother, sister-in-law and my niece and nephew there- which is equally amazing. To be close enough to the beach to make a day trip there- and to be close enough to family to meet up with them?!?! It just makes my heart REALLY happy.
Hope you all have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. I'm s jealous you live close enough to the beach for day trips! Have fun!

  2. I just love the "mini" size shake from Sonic. It's a nice treat without being too huge. It sounds like y'all are having the perfect summer mix of library, slushies, pool and BEACH! How fun to go to the beach just for the day!

  3. Enjoy your weekend! It will be so much fun! That picture from the library is so precious. What a sweet moment.

  4. Love the library picture! Seems like we live there in the summer time. Happy Friday!

    Amy (

  5. Milkshakes are always a good idea. And libraries- you just can't beat old fashioned printed books. Happy weekend!

  6. Hope you all are having a blast at the beach!! It's so hot and humid here that if you aren't in the water, there's no need to be outside :)

  7. What a week! So glad you're getting to enjoy new places in your area and keep cool. How does your pool compare to your old one? We have been hanging out at our local library and museum in this heat. I have yet to take either of my kids to a real deal hair salon. Fletcher's hair grows crazy fast so I'm thinking I should just buy some clippers and try to DIY his hair for now. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. I'm craving a Sonic shake now :) Every flavor I've ever tried is so good!

  8. What a week! Hope the beach was AMAZING!
    Oh my goodness about the slushy incident! But we have all been there!

  9. Ohh I need to try that shake from Sonic! Yum!


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