Weekly Walmart Find: BEST Summer Black Dress EVER!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hey friends!! Happy Thursday!!
This week has felt fast and slow at the same time. Not sure if that makes any sense at all...?!?! But I know I can't be the only gal who feels this way! HA!

Okay...sooooo...while everyone else is blasting your feeds with all the BEST deals to be had at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale...I have a $5 dress from Walmart to share with you today!
Big surprise, right?? HA!

I bought this Faded Glory Easy Knit Shirred "Flip Flop" Dress from Walmart a couple months ago- but just last week, finally wore it for the FIRST time! I am almost always a shorts and tank top or t-shirt kind of gal...but I have been wearing sundresses more since moving down to the land of 1,000% humidity ;)

This dress is SO cute, ridiculously comfortable and extremely flattering.
You can wear a regular bra with it and it's not super short- so no worries if you have to bend down to pick up your son's sippy cup he keeps dropping, ON PURPOSE, for the 100th time, while you/re strolling through Walmart (or wherever else you like to shop :)- or maybe that's just MY son?!?! HA!
I have this dress in black and bought it at full price ($9.97) which was still crazy inexpensive- but guess what?? It's on sale for FIVE DOLLARS right now on!!
And they have it in black and 3 super fun patterns- almost all sizes in each color/pattern are available.

How cute will this be with wedges and a fun yellow or hot pink necklace paired with it??
I also love that this is a perfect dress to transition into the fall with...just add a denim jacket or a cute cardigan and you are good to go!
As most of you know- I am kind of allergic to taking "selfies" of I had my precious Cora Maye get in this picture with me so I wouldn't be AS awkward as I usually am. HA!
Anyway- how cute is this dress??
I am wearing it SUPER casually- but it could easily be dressed up with some fancier sandals and some fun jewelry!
And here's a close up of the "shirred" part of the dress. It's just the tiniest bit of gathering around the waistline- and it has such a slimming effect!! Gotta love that, right!?!
I haven't checked my (new) local Walmart to see if they still have this dress in stock- so you might look the next time you are at your Walmart to see if your store carries it!

No guarantees though that it will be on sale for $5 like it is on right now!
I would go order one in your size ASAP- and if for some reason you don't love it as much as I do- just take it back to your Walmart store! SO EASY!
P.S. To save on shipping costs- if you are only ordering the dress- have it shipped to your local store and shipping is free!

Hope you have the BEST day!

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  1. What a cute dress! I love the gathering in the middle! I can't believe it is only $5

  2. I LOVE your Walmart finds!! You find the cutest things for the best prices!! Thanks for sharing! P.S. I love your kitchen!!!!!

  3. This is just... WOW! Definitely doing the store pickup. I'll definitely wear this in the fall with a cardi, leggings, boots. Perfect. thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Thanks for the tip...just ordered one for Grace. Their clothing clearance deals online right now are on FIRE! :)

  5. I love love your clothing finds. And I don't know how to say this other than just saying it... I am so shocked that you find quality clothes from there. You've really changed my opinion of their products.

  6. Cute dress, but let's talk about your new kitchen! Looks great!

  7. What a fun find! I love that dress on you and I can't believe the price tag. I noticed that my Wal-Mart had so many racks of things on clearance this week. I was in a hurry otherwise I would have scoped things out. Maybe it'll still be there this weekend.


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