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Friday, May 25, 2018

Hey friends!!!!

Happy Friday!!!

It's been a go-go-go type of week at our house! I worked more than I normally do, we had an end of the year party, a preschool graduation and construction going on at our house!
Lots of fun stuff going on!!!

I sure hope you have had a great week!!

Here's a few fun FAVORITES of mine from this past week!

Sunday afternoon, the girls and I went out to run some errands. We went to Ulta and while I was looking around and waiting in line to make my purchases, my girls were busy giving themselves makeovers!!
They LOVE trying out ALL the different colors of eye shadows! HA!
They are so sweet and fun and getting to spend time with them is one of my FAVORITE things to do!
Okay- I think I might have a problem with feeling the need to try EVERY brand of dry shampoo Walmart has. Seriously. It's an issue! HA!
With all the brands I have tried...I have found one that I LOVE and plan on sticking with (at least until I get bored and want to try out something new! HA!).
I am loving the OGX brand of dry shampoo AND this hairspray by OGX!
I got mine at Walmart- but I have also seen it at Ulta and Target!
I was previously using Kenra hairspray (which is SUPER pricey) and picked up the OGX bodifying + bamboo fiber full big hairspray on a whim. I ended loving it more than my $25 bottle of Kenra now it is my "go-to!" 
And I LOVE the way this dry shampoo smells! It does not leave a white dusty film on my hair- which is a major plus for me since I have dark hair.
Both of these are under $7 each- so totally worth trying out if you are in the market for a new hairspray or wanting to try out a new brand of dry shampoo!
Saturday Aaron was working all day...but we were able to come over to his office and have donuts with him!
There is a picnic table in the back of his practice for the staff to use for their lunch we picked up some donuts and a muffin for daddy and surprised him with a quick visit!
It was short and sweet- but the kids loved getting a chance to see daddy on his busy day of work!
These are my 6 most FAVORITE people in the whole entire world...I am so thankful for each of them!!
Memorial Day
While Memorial Day weekend represents the start of summer, pools opening, back yard barbecues and picnics, the day itself has an extreme heaviness to it for many families. Many people think that Memorial Day honors ALL service members who have been in the military- but Veteran's Day is actually the official holiday that honors all individuals who have served in our Armed Forces.  
Memorial Day is the official holiday in our country remembering and honoring the people who have died while serving in the Armed Forces.  
So knowing that, it is impossible for me to say "Happy" Memorial Day.    

I don't share these thoughts to be a huge downer about the fun long weekend many of us have planned...but I do feel it is SO important to be informed about this holiday and I just want to encourage you to have an attitude of deep gratitude and remembrance on Memorial Day (and maybe be a little bit more conscientious about wishing everyone a "Happy Memorial Day!!")
We live in the most amazing country in the world and it is because of the sacrifice of many men and women's lives that we have the freedom and privilege to live the lives that we do!
THE WEEKEND. I am sure glad it's here!!!
 We have some FUN things going on and I am SO excited about the next few days!!
Hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a WONDERFUL weekend!

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  1. I wish Ulta was closer to my house...well maybe not! I would be there to often! HA
    I need to try that dry shampoo! I haven't found one yet that doesn't leave white junk on my dark hair! HA
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I'm definitely trying that hairspray and dry shampoo. I hate the white stuff! Thanks for the reminder about Memorial day. I remember the day of remembrance in November in England was such a somber day, with everyone wearing pins (poppies) and a moment of silence. I think having war on your own soil or so close to home made it a much more serious day for them. In the US, it just seems to be about flying a flag or having a bbq!

  3. Dry shampoo is my jam, like every day all day.

  4. Thanks for those hair product recommendations! They sound great and the price tag is just right. I'm excited to see if I can find them. Hope you had a nice weekend. I love your thoughts on Memorial Day and appreciate the reminder. So much to be thankful for!

  5. How do you get 5 children to sit still and smile?! I can't even get 1 to do that! haha!!


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