Bits of Cheer!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Hi!! Happy Christmas Eve Eve!! Aren't these last couple of days before Christmas just so much fun?? Actually, I love the week after Christmas too...especially since we will be visiting my parents this year! :)
Even though yesterday was the official day to link-up AmyJess and Alisha for their Bits of Cheer Holiday link-up party...I am going to be a rule breaker and link up today.  I thought it was the perfect way to share about some happy holiday moments around our house these past couple of days!

Soo....if I had to pick my favorite "area" of Christmas decor in our house this year...I am pretty sure it would be our mantle!! I love the way it looks during the day, very simple and festive, but at night, with the glowing lights twinkling in the garland...well it just makes me happy!! I downloaded the "Joyeux Noel" print several years ago (for FREE!) and my husband made a new frame for it this year. I got the two cone, silver sparkle trees in the Target dollar spot this year (they were $3/each) and I love the way they just add that something "extra!" And of course...the handmade stockings my mom has sewn for each of my kids. They are so precious to me!! Next year, Aaron and I will probably have to be demoted from the mantle to make room for Baby #5's stocking! HA!
Last night, we piled up in our van and did one of our favorite family Christmas traditions (you can read more about our Christmas traditions here): went and looked at a local Christmas lights display!! We had on our Christmas jammies, I brought a Christmas cookie for each of the kids and blasted Christmas music!! Probably one of the worst pictures EVER of our family- but major props to my husband for even getting us all in the picture without even being able to see what he was doing! HA!
The Christmas lights display we go and see (this is our 2nd year going to look these particular lights) is set up by a local John Deere company.  They put up lights all around their company's property and the lights are free for anyone to come and see. There is always a HUGE line to get through and see them- but they are SO awesome- it is worth the wait!
My favorite part of the lights display are the ice skaters they have set up on a pond.  Doesn't it totally look like they are skating on ice?!?
And my biggest "bits of cheer" are these 4 crazy kids.  I am totally obsessed with dressing them in fun, Christmas clothes throughout the month and my two older daughters are definitely getting to the point where they are kind of "over it."  I have had to "let it go" and compromise that they don't have to wear a Christmas outfit EVERY day they are home on break- but they have been dressing up every Sunday for church in their Christmas outfits! I can't "let it ALL go" just YET! HA!
So thankful for all these special moments we have had this month, celebrating such a BEAUTIFUL season!

I hope today is great and the next few days spent celebrating Christmas Eve and Christmas are joy-filled and full of special moments with the people you love the most. 

Wishing all of you the Merriest Christmas!!! 


  1. You have the sweetest family! That light display is awesome!

  2. Looks like you've had some fun! Merry Christmas!

  3. What a beautiful family!! And the lights - so very pretty!! We may go out tonight...hubby is so not interested, but I may make him "take one for the team"! Merry Christmas Friend!

  4. Linking up today is totally not breaking the rules! ;) I love, love, love your mantle. I have always wanted a fireplace (and in both of our houses it just didn't work) but at Christmas time... I REALLY want a mantle. Yours is beautiful. Christmas + Holiday attire + matching your children's clothes is pretty much the best thing ever in my book. I would do it for as long as humanly possible. The girls will get it, one day! The light show is AWESOME! I wish that was in MN - the skating one is perfect! Thanks so much for linking up! Merry Christmas!

  5. You have a beautiful family. The Christmas lights are awesome--the skaters do look like they're ice skating. I love your children's Christmas outfits too. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


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