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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!
I hope you have been having a great week!!

I am so excited to be back for another "edition" of Weekly Walmart Finds!! A couple weeks ago, my fabulous friend Laura texted me a beautiful magazine picture, styled with tableware items all by the Better Homes and Garden line from Walmart.  The picture was from a page in her magazine and when I saw it- I was like, "Wow!! What beautiful things!!" And then she texted me- "this is ALL at Walmart."  Even as a pretty die-hard Walmart shopper, I had a hard time believing all of the holiday candle holders, plates, etc were from Walmart!!! But it's true and they are SO SO pretty!! 

First up is this deer mercury-esque glass candle holder.  Laura was SO right- and said this looks totally like a Pottery Barn item!! You can find it here online- but unfortunately right now it says they are only carrying it in stores. I have only checked one of my local Walmart stores and I did not see it.  BUT- if you want to look for it- you will most likely find it in their seasonal aisles that are usually close to the front of the store.  There is an aisle totally dedicated to the Better Homes and Garden line of holiday items.  This candle holder is only $7.93 and looks like it could be at least $20! Aside from being very on trend with the whole rustic/deer theme that is popular right now, it is a candle holder that you can leave out pass Christmas- which I just love!

I am SO excited about these holiday plates!! I am going to give the bad news first- they are sold out online :( Just for reference you can find them here, here and here.
I thought for sure, since they were sold out online, that they would be very hard to find in the stores, but just last week, I went to my local Walmart and walked over to the housewares department and there they were!! Of course, I immediately texted my friend Laura :) We have many a conversation while I wander Walmart! HA!
These plates are SO pretty in person. Seriously- they would look SO lovely layered with your other holiday china/plates and would add the most festive touch to your Christmas table!  My two personal favorites were the dotted plate on the left in the picture below and the silver Christmas tree plate.  Also, they had a snowflake plate- I forgot to take a picture of it- but it was so pretty too.  I think it would be beautiful to just buy 8 of one plate OR buy several of each plate and have more of a mis-matched look.  Either way- these plates would be the perfect touch if you are looking for a way to make your holiday table a little bit more special! They are only $3.42 each. Which means you could add a little pizazz to your table set-up for less than $32!! YES. PLEASE.
 How pretty would this plate look layered on top of a red charger plate, a white dinner plate and then this on top?!? 
 While I was looking at the fun holiday plates, a few other things caught my eye, including this beautiful natural colored table runner! It is a cream color, but then it has grays, browns and gold thread running through it!! It is SO pretty. It would go perfect with the holiday plates picture above or serve as the perfect backdrop to a more neutral themed table. How beautiful would this look paired with golds, silvers, burlap, maybe even some natural wood serving pieces?? And again, huge bonus- this could be used for a Thanksgiving table or any kind of special table set up- it does not scream CHRISTMAS at all!
Aside from the holiday plates, these gorgeous metallic snowflake cloth napkins were my favorite find.  I could not find these ANYWHERE on the Walmart website and of course, I forgot to include the price of the napkins in the picture- but you get a set of 2 and I am almost positive they are right around $3.  I am SO mad I did not pick up 3 sets of these- they would go PERFECT with our wedding china!! And my older girls LOVE using cloth napkins- they think it is SO fancy :)  So- I am definitely going back to pick these up (and 8 of the holiday plates) to have for our "fancy" Christmas dinner table!!
 Shifting gears a little bit from the more dressed up table to just plain fun- I LOVE these adorable ceramic Santa plates!! These were right next to all the Better Homes and Garden holiday tableware items and I think they are so CUTE! How fun would it be to have these plates are your Christmas eve or Christmas morning breakfast? Or set out for when you have a cookie exchange or Holiday open house.  They are only $2.12 a plate and again- I am kicking myself for not picking up some! You can find a set of 6 for $11.88 right here on!! I think I am going to go to my local store and get 5 plates- one for each of our kiddos :) What a fun tradition to set our breakfast table on Christmas morning with these plates!!

Online, they also had these ADORABLE plates- set of 6 for $14.88! You could keep the whole set for your family- or- how fun would it be to gift friends/neighbors some homemade cookies on one of these plates?? Such a fun, thoughtful (inexpensive) Christmas present!

And finally, online, they have these adorable snowman plates, set of 6 for $11.88!
These would be so fun to set out if you were having a cookie exchange or maybe if you were having a "Frosty the Snowman" themed party- these would be perfect!

After writing this post, despite the fact it is only 6:00 am- I am SO ready to go to my local Walmart and pick up some of these pieces!! HA!
Have you seen any of these items in your local store? 
Any items you have seen that I didn't feature here- but that are worth mentioning??

Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. Girl, you get me every time! I have to make a return to Kohl's tomorrow by myself {we got Cash one of the same gifts as my parents...ha!}, I may just have to stop at Wal-Mart. :)

  2. Your weekly finds are awesome!!! I love the reindeeer and dot plates! They would be perfect for Christmas dinner!! And the cloth napkins are so pretty! Have a great day!!! Oh, and I hope that Celine is feeling better today!

  3. The Christmas plates are all great! I love the Christmas tree ones! Good finds :)

  4. I am going to have to stop reading this!!! :) Just kidding - ohhhhh I want them all!!! But I don't NEED them!!

  5. I love their better homes and gardens Christmas plates! I buy a few each year and just love them!

  6. You are right - those plates are so pretty in person!! My Wal-Mart was fully stocked with them earlier this week and I was seriously tempted to buy them. I was really impressed with the Better Homes & Gardens throws for under $20 - they look so plush and expensive and would be the perfect Christmas gift :)

  7. Went there today and got my 8 plates. I love them!!! I was able to order the deer hurricane online last week. I also think the Christmas sheets are cute! My kids get a huge kick out of holiday sheets and I laid down some cash in years past at pottery barn kids. There were several cute choices under $15. I think the biggest issue is that the holiday stuff is out of stock online so I actually have to haul myself to the store. Definitely worth it though!!!


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