Show and Tell Tuesday!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!
It's Show and Tell Tuesday!
I joining Andrea today and sharing the Christmas decor I have up around my house!

Let's get started by checking out my front porch :)
I seriously have SO much fun decorating our little front porch for all the different holidays and seasons!  We picked up this pre-lit tree on super clearance (we are talking $7) last year after Christmas and I was so excited to put it on the porch this year!
 Cozy, fun and festive :) The perfect holiday tri-fecta! HA! :)
 Moving onto the kitchen...I do not have many decorations up in the kitchen- mainly because  James is ALL over the place and I need the kitchen area to be free of all distractions- HA!
I did hang up this ornament wreath over our big sliding glass doors that lead out to our backyard and I LOVE it! I got it on crazy clearance last year at Jo-Ann fabrics and honestly had forgotten about it! I was so excited to see it when I pulled out all of my Christmas decorations this year!
 Next up are my two favorite shelves that I decorate for all the different holidays and seasons!  I went nice and simple this year and I really like it! Eventually, I would like to layer a little bit more with some open, distressed frames- but for right now, I decorate with what I have and really avoid going out and buying more stuff.  I am saving that for when we settle down into our own house!! (*FYI- We are currently renting the home we live in :)
 Here is my mantle!! Oh how I love my fireplace and mantle!!
Again, pretty simple- but very festive! And those amazing stockings you see hanging up- well my mom HANDMADE all of them (minus Aaron's stocking and my stocking)!!! She is SO awesome!
I totally broke my own rule of not buying any more Christmas decor items and picked up two of these silver trees from the Target dollar spot (they were $3 each).  I added them to either side of my mantle and I love how they add just "a little something more!" :)
 Here is our real tree we have up in our living room! I totally did not mean to do a red ornament theme only....I got these non-shatter proof ornaments on clearance last year in preparation for when James would be a crazy toddler (which he is!) and didn't think to get any other colors! first I thought I should go get some silver ornaments to break up all the red...but Aaron really likes it and it ended up growing on me too! :)
And here is our tree all lit up at there anything better than being snuggled up on the couch, having your Christmas tree all lit up??? It is one of my favorite things EVER!
 One of my most prized possessions is a nativity scene my grandmother painted for me before she passed away.  I still have it in the original box she packed it up in and the original paper towels she wrapped each nativity piece separately in.  That not seem like a big deal, but every year, when I unwrap my nativity, I think about her taking the time to paint each piece for me and then carefully wrap it up.  It is just VERY special to me :)
 And kind of a fun fact...that beautiful angel you see...I made that in Girl Scouts when I was in 6th grade!! Isn't it SO pretty?? I am so thankful my mom took such good care of it and was so excited when she passed it on to me! It is one of my favorite pieces of Christmas decor!
 We have a little half bath on our main floor and I just put up a few fun things in it- one of them being this canvas painting Charlotte made last year! I LOVE it!!
 This is a little shelf hanging up in the bathroom. Our neighbor from when we lived in Cleveland gave us that little bird and the girls always call it "Miss Jan's bird!"
 And finally, if you were to head upstairs you would see the kids' Christmas tree they decorated ALL by themselves :)
I let them have free reign with it- and that included my little Celine hanging up headbands and necklaces- HA!
It is precious :) The kids also have 3 nativity sets and I keep them under their tree so they can play with them.  One of our favorite things to do after bath is set up their nativity scenes....and then James' favorite thing to do is come by and bulldoze them over! HA!

And that completes the tour of Christmas decor around my house!
It is definitely nothing out of a magazine or straight off of Pinterest...but it is festive and pretty much everywhere you look, there is a little touch of Christmas :)
And I just love that!

Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. I love your decor! So pretty! There is nothing better than a Christmas tree lit up at night...or the early morning. ha!

  2. LOVE! Your red front door - the best! Also, pretty sure the older santa stocking is VERY similar to my stocking I grew up with - was it made from a kit??

  3. Your front porch looks great!!

  4. Love all of these! Your front porch looks like something out of a magazine!

  5. Can I just come live on your front porch?!? GORGEOUS!!!

    1. Oh wow! You are so sweet Kimberly! Thank you!! :)

  6. How PRECIOUS is that nativity. Love the story of legacy behind it. I recently made two shelves in my kitchen dedicated to seasonal decor so I loved seeing yours as inspiration! :)

  7. I LOVE all of your decorations and the all red tree is PERFECT. I may look at doing something like that next year. I have literally done red and green for MANY years now and could use a change up! :)

  8. I love the all red tree! Yes, Christmas decor and toddlers do not go well together!

  9. Love your front porch! And, love the red tree! Gorgeous!!

  10. Everything is so pretty! My favorite part of unpacking Christmas is discovering something I bought on sale the year before and completely forgot about it. So much fun! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


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