Splurge Vs. Steal: Holiday Bedding!

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hi!! How are you doing?
Has it been a good week for you so far?
We had a busy day of doctor appointments yesterday...and now the rest of our week is pretty chill...fingers crossed I can tackle our out.of.control. laundry situation over the next few days! HA! let's talk FUN, FESTIVE, HOLIDAY bedding!
I don't know about you- but I love the idea of having special Christmas sheets to put on my kids' beds for the Christmas season.  It is obviously NOT a necessity by any means...but definitely a special "extra." 
Well...given that 2 of my girls sleep in full size beds and my youngest daughter is in a twin bed- I have not been able to even think about getting them some holiday sheets- because they are EXPENSIVE! Especially if you add in another set of twin sheets for James (because by this time next year he will be in a twin bed)!!
I was texting with my favorite friend Laura (the one who I have mentioned multiple times before:) and she let me know about the most ADORABLE and AFFORDABLE holiday flannel sheets at Walmart!! I was SO excited!! I was able to get my daughters their Christmas sheets- all for under $55. Not cheap by any means- but definitely doable.
So...then I thought it would be fun to do a comparison post of some higher end holiday sheets, a couple sets that are right in the "middle" and then some sets that I consider to be extremely affordable.
So here we go! :)

First up- are these PRECIOUS Christmas flannel sheets from Pottery Barn Kids. 
SO CUTE. In my opinion, they are also quite pricey at $54 for a twin sheet set. They currently do not have any other sheet sizes available.  FYI- they also have this precious flannel set in a twin if you are looking for a different "Santa" pattern! Now- I have never bought bedding from Pottery Barn- but I have only heard rave reviews- so although the price is steep on these sheets- they could definitely be looked at as an "investment." And right now- Pottery Barn Kids is offering free shipping all orders!
Pottery Barn Kids also has this super adorable set of penguin flannel sheets- that are much more winter themed and don't scream Christmas! They are also $54 for a twin sheet set.  If you are able to spend a little bit more- it might be a good idea to get a sheet set that you could use for the entire winter instead of it being just strictly for "Christmas." Although- who am I kidding..our Christmas sheets will probably be on the girls' beds until March- HA!
Moving onto to what I consider the "middle of the road" price point- are these flannel sheets from JCPenney. I could NOT save an image of these sheets to save my life and I am SO sorry! But- I had two favorites.  This ADORABLE polar bear theme sheet set- which I think would be so perfect for a little boy and also- bonus- it is another pattern that is more "wintery." And this fair isle pattern. This pattern is a little more "mature" looking- so it might be great for a teenager, a guest bedroom- or maybe even your own bed!  These sheets start out at $24.99 for a twin set, $33.99 for a full set and go up to $53.99 for a king set.  They have almost a full 5 star rating- so these are definitely worth checking out!!

Now we are moving into what I consider to be a very affordable price point for sheets (obviously this is just my opinion- you might think differently! :)
My friend Laura told me about these holiday flannel sheets that Target currently has on sale. 
For a twin sheet set- they are $15.99- which is so great!!  They have this fun deer pattern- again- I think this would be really fun for a boy or for a more rustic guest room- or maybe your hubby and you would like them on your bed?!?

They also have this more understated snowflake pattern that I thought was pretty.  Again- starting at $15.99 for a twin- and full size set is $19.19- under $20!!
I will say, while the price point is great and these sheets have a solid 4 star rating- I was not overly excited with the patterns being offered.  I feel like if you are going to get Christmas/Holiday sheets- they should be pretty fun and festive- these sheet sets are a little more on the subdued side...which is totally fine...maybe that is exactly what you are looking for?!?
 And now we are to my favorite sheets!!
Again- all the credit goes to my girl Laura for letting me know about these sheets!!
She picked her son up these absolutely PRECIOUS "holiday critter" patterned sheets- $14.96 for a twin set!! Here is the bad news- currently this pattern is sold out online  :( This is the EXACT pattern I want to get for James for next year- so I have been obsessively checking to see if they come back in stock. This pattern is not carried in either of my two local stores- but it might be in your local store!
 How fun is this snowflake pattern?!? I am considering getting this pattern for my husband and I.  I love the colors and I think the snowflakes are so pretty! We have a king size bed, so I could pick up these sheets for $24.96.  WHAT?!? A king sheet set for under $25? That is such a GREAT price!!
This the pattern Laura picked up for her daughter and I also got it for my 3 girls!
Okay- let me tell you- these sheets do not feel like they are "cheap" AT ALL. They are SO soft, the colors are SO vibrant and we just LOVE them!! They have an almost 5 star rating- and you can pick up a twin set for $14.96 and a full set for $19.96! Again- I know for some people's budget this is not considered dirt cheap- but if you have been wanting to pick up some holiday bedding and have some stricter budget constraints- these might work for you!
And finally, I HAD to feature this blanket my friend Laura picked up for HERSELF, but because it is SO cozy and soft, her husband has totally stolen it from her- HA!
It is by Better Homes and Garden- and it is $8.88!!! She told me it feels SO much more expensive and has become the most coveted blanket in their house :)
At $8.88- what a wonderful gift for someone! To make it even more fun, you could get this blanket, pick up a few magazines, some special coffee or hot chocolate and a big, festive mug and put it all together in a cute basket or gift bag!
What a special gift to give someone who maybe is elderly, recently just had surgery or maybe someone just like me- who just wants to stay wrapped up in a blanket all winter long! HA!

So what do you think?? Are you loving any of these sheet sets?
Have you recently bought a pair of Christmas/holiday sheets that you love?
Tell me about them!!

Hope you all have the BEST day!!


  1. Gah! I never think to look at Wal-Mart for sheets. Cash has those reindeer sheets from Target. He loves them!

    1. Oh how fun Amy!! I really thought the reindeer sheets were SO cute!! And they are perfect for all winter long!

  2. I have been wanting Christmas sheets, especially for the kids! Awesome information and super cute options!

    1. Hi Linsley! Yes- I was SO excited when my friend Laura told me about the Walmart Christmas sheets- you can't beat the prices...and the patterns are so cute!!

  3. I totally just ordered the Christmas Tree sheets for Emma's bed! I probably should have ordered another set for Alyx too =) They are soo soo cute. And I love the PB kids sheets, but like you I really can't justify spending that much money on a pair of sheets =( But they are super cute!!

    1. Oh YAY! Emma is going to love them!! They are seriously SO cute and soft. And yes- pick Alyx up a pair before they sell out!!

  4. Right now the Grinch sheets from PB are on Kate's bed but I can't wait for the trees to make an appearance when we strip the beds. Just wish I would've known about this option last year. Oh well. GIRL...I am telling you....that blanket?! Best 8.88 I have ever spent. A certain someone took it to bed from the couch and it is not bed is a throw! That's how cozy it is....hilarious. Also, loving those JCP sheets, I never think to look there. Great tip! I would like for you to share the girls' rooms so we can enjoy them decked out for the holidays. :) They didn't make your home tour.

    1. I know! I was pleasantly surprised about the JCP sheets too!! I would love to do a "room tour" of the girls' rooms...but there is not a whole lot to see- HA! They each have a tiny tree and a nativity set on their dressers...and their Christmas tree sheets...and that's it! :)

  5. CUTE options on the cheap!! I am really not good at doing Christmas sheets....mainly because of the cost, but once again you may have inspired me!!

    1. I am totally with you Leigh...they can be so pricey!! The Walmart and Target options really make them "doable!"

  6. Love those sheets and the blanket looks so soft!! Thank you for featuring such affordable options:) I love your blog!!

    1. Thank you Jen!!! I really appreciate your kind words!!

  7. Love all the choices! My favorite is the reindeer pattern! I have to say though, the Walmarts by us (and there are three within 30 minutes of me) are always out of stock on things. The aisles look like a tornado hit them. And I never have much luck online either---so many things out of stock. I wish I knew more about when they roll things out so I could check sooner but I never remember to check often. I have always been a Walmart shopper, but lately it's frustrating and I just end up at Target.


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