Thoughts for Thursday!

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Hi!! Happy Thursday!  It is definitely a happy day at our house- because all of my kids are healthy and my older girls are headed back to school today! I mentioned on Tuesday, my youngest daughter was up all night and then started throwing up early in the morning :( Well when I went to pick up my other two daughters from school that afternoon, I found out my middle daughter Cora, had JUST thrown up in the hallway!! :( I felt so bad for her AND her teacher!  Well, at that point I just started to prepare myself for Charlotte and James to start getting sick.  We got home and I started washing and Lysoling EVERYTHING. And said a prayer that the stomach bug would go easy on us :)
We got through the night without anyone getting sick and I kept all the girls home school yesterday.  They were fine all day! I don't know if Celine and Cora caught a 24 hour bug or what- but we were spared from MAJOR yuckiness spreading throughout our entire house! SO GRATEFUL.  I can pretty much power through anything- but I have to say- cleaning up throw up is a TOUGH one for me- HA!

I was a little worried about how our day was going to go with having to be cooped up all day- especially since it was super cold and I knew we wouldn't even be able to get outside for some fresh air...but we ended up having a great day!
I mean, don't get me wrong, there was some solid screaming and arguing over who got to play with what Nativity set...but all in all- we not only survived- but THRIVED! YAY!

Soo...the weekend is just around the corner- which is always the BEST.
Do you have any big plans? 
We are going to Home Depot's Kid Workshop on Saturday morning. If you have kids, have you ever taken them?? It is seriously SO awesome!!
First of all- it is FREE. Major score. 
Every month, they have a new project for kids to make.  Each kid gets their own project (so there is NO fighting amongst siblings:) and you make your project right in the store. It is such a fun way to spend a couple hours on Saturday morning- especially in the winter when the weather is cold and everyone is cooped up inside more than usual!

On a completely different note- did you read Christina's gift guide for the men in your life ?
In my opinion- it was SPOT ON.
I have already got Aaron his Christmas presents...but the problem I run into is the fact his birthday is in January!! I use up all my ideas and creativity on his Christmas presents and then I am left with NOTHING come January.  So while her gift guide was for Christmas presents...I am totally using it as my "birthday gift guide." :)
He would love this hat she featured!

And I am totally intrigued by this Yeti Tumbler she mentioned (and I have seen featured on other men's gift guides)!  It is sold out or backordered everywhere right now- but I am hoping it will get back in stock in time for his birthday!!

And finally, to end this riveting post...I am so excited to get this top coat I ordered on Amazon the other day! I painted my nails the other night and by the end of the next day almost every single one of my nails had chipped! I have heard great things about this top coat- so I am hopeful it will allow my nails to look nice for at least couple of days!!

Well..that was nice and random! HA!
What's going on with you? 
Anything random you feel like sharing??

Hope you have an awesome day!!!

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  1. I'm sooo glad to hear that everyone is feeling better!!!! I've heard a ton about those yeti cups and I've thought about getting one for Brian for Christmas. Let us know how the top coat polish works! Happy Thursday!!

  2. That top coat is LEGIT! Usually my polish starts growing out before it chips - which is all but a miracle!

    1. Sarah! I am so excited to try it out!! :)

  3. SO glad everyone is feeling better!! Stomach bugs are NO joke!! The Yeti cups are all the rage --- and I have heard they really work for hot/cold for days!!

  4. Ok your hubby would LOVE a yeti!! Seriously they are amazing. My hubby got on in July and used it and loved it so much that I got one too. They are worth the $$$. Hope they get restocked so you can grab one!


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