Weekly Walmart Finds: Christmas Cards!

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!
How is your week going so far?
Last night we had my two youngest daughters' preschool Christmas program. Oh my. It was SO cute!! Tonight, is my oldest daughter's Advent program and then our week begins to wind down :) 

Okay- so I am really excited to share my "Weekly Walmart Find" with you today!
Up until last year, I had always ordered my Christmas cards from places like Minted, Tiny Prints or Shutterfly- all of which are wonderful companies and have BEAUTIFUL cards!
Well...last year was my first Christmas I was working with our new "resident salary" and I started to explore other, less expensive options for our Christmas cards.  I really couldn't afford to spend close to $100 on cards, especially when I still needed to spend another $30-$40 on stamps!  
Enter in Walmart's Photo Center! I started looking around Walmart's photo center online and saw they did everything that Shutterfly and Snapfish does.  So, then I went and started perusing their Christmas card selection.  I was SO IMPRESSED with their designs!!
And then I got really excited when I saw their prices!!

So, I decided to order our cards from Walmart last year and was SO happy with the final product.  Once again, this year I ordered our cards from Walmart and they turned out beautiful!
Okay- enough talk- let me show you some of their cards and then I will show you our Christmas card for this year!! :)

But first- because I always like a good comparison- here is a lovely card from Minted
You can get 75 of these cards (use the code WINTER15 for an extra 15% off) for $137. 
If you wanted to add text or a picture to the back of the card- that is another $28. Minted will print your recipient addresses for you free of charge- YAY!- but will charge you to print your return address on your envelopes.  Right now- they are charging $7.95 for shipping that will get your cards to you in about 6 days- so you are looking at a total of $145 for 75 cards + recipient addressed envelopes.

So now- let's take a look at a few Walmart cards and talk about their pricing!
Here are just a few of their card options- there are seriously SO many beautiful cards to choose from!!

Now, let's talk pricing.  if you were to get any of these cards pictured above printed on regular photo paper- they are $0.28- $0.48 per card- depending on their size. That comes with envelopes- which Walmart will do your RETURN AND RECIPIENT addresses for FREE!  

Now- if you are like me- then you are probably interested in a card printed on a heavy card stock type of paper. 

This is a 5 X 7 photo card.  To get a 5 X 7 card like this printed on high quality card stock paper, PLUS customize the back with another picture and a caption, PLUS get your RETURN and RECIPIENT addresses printed on your envelopes- it is $0.87 per card. YES. I am serious. And right now Walmart is offering FREE 2 Day Shipping (order your cards by tomorrow to get them by Christmas) on all Photo orders!! And P.S.- you can always have your photo products shipped to your local store for free or if you spend $50 or more- shipping is always free.
So for 75 cards it would cost you about $70 (including tax)!! That's a pretty amazing price!! 
And here is our Christmas card for this year!!
This is a 5 X 7 card, that I had printed on their highest quality card stock paper, plus I added a cute baby announcement picture on the back of our card :) It is hard to tell- but the "Merry" text on the card is gold and shiny :)
I absolutely LOVE they way our cards turned out!! 
(And I know our picture looks very blurry- it does NOT look blurry in person- I had a really hard time saving the image and had to take a screen shot of it and blah, blah, blah! HA!)
I got 55 cards (plus envelopes) and with tax I paid $59. I could not have afforded to get this card (with the fun extra picture on the back of the card) through Shutterfly, Minted, or Tiny Prints!

So- I would love to know what you think! Have you ever ordered a photo product from Walmart's photo center? Were you happy with the quality?
I know most all of you probably have your Christmas cards done and in the mail- but maybe if you still need to get them printed- Walmart might be an option for you- especially with their current FREE 2-day shipping option!!

Hope you all have the BEST day!!


  1. We've ordered from Walmart in the past & I've always been pleased. Actually, that first Walmart card you showed, we got from friends this year. :)

    We ordered from Vista Print. For 50 cards it was about $25 or so with coupons. I was pleased!

  2. Did they give you plain white envelopes? I ordered from there three years ago and was so disappointed when they arrived the envelopes were stamped with Walmart in blue. So I had to go out and buy plain white 5x7 envelopes for 100 cards - and the money I had saved using them went right out the window!

    1. Hi Jenn! Yes- the last two years I have ordered from Walmart I have gotten plain, white 5 X 7 envelopes. I get our return address printed on them- and it is in black ink in a nice, simple font. That really stinks you got blue Walmart envelopes when you ordered them! I would have had a nice conversation with customer service if that had been me :)

  3. Beautiful!! We don't have a good photo yet this year as our scheduled photo session was repeatedly delayed, so I am hoping to capture a good one over Christmas and send New Years cards!

  4. Minted has some great cards and they are really beautiful, but I just can't see spending that much money on Christmas cards. Your walmart options are awesome!! And seriously what a great price! I ordered ours this year from Snapfish. I ended up getting them 50% off so I got a really great price on them. Your Christmas card this year is beautiful!!!

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment about our card :) 50% off is such a great deal! I made a photo book for dad for Christmas and was able to get it at 50% off on Shutterfly's site. But then they charged me $8 for shipping. GRRR. HA! Even with paying for shipping though- it was a reasonable price so I went with it. That's one thing I really like about Walmart- they have great options for free shipping!

  5. These are great options from Walmart. I have also printed cards (both photo paper and cardstock) at Sam's and Costco with great results.

    1. Tanya! I have heard great things about both Sam's and Costco! I am actually going to print out a large photo print from Sam's that I want to frame. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out! Thanks for the tip!

  6. WHAT?! I will have to look into WalMart for cards next year! I always try to wait for Shutterfly to have a huge sale to order cards. I refuse to spend more than $50 on cards alone. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes!! Definitely check out Walmart next year! I have been so happy with my cards the last two years!! :)


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