Fall Blogger Swap!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!! 

I recently participated in a fun, Fall blogger swap hosted by my blogger friend Johannah and two other lovely ladies, Desiree and Bri!

I got paired up with super sweet Heather, whose writes over at Joshua's Girl!

It was so fun to know I would be expecting a surprise package in the mail!

Heather did such a GREAT job with the goodies she got for me!
She got me a super cute Fall "themed" notepad- which has already been used a TON! Some fun, Fall sticky notes (again- I have been writing notes on those things like you wouldn't believe! :), some super cute Halloween straws- which the girls love, a gift card to Starbucks to get myself a special drink and a Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm!

 She also sent a really nice black dish towel (perfect neutral color for my kitchen!) and a cute pair of socks :)  My girls thought the socks were so cute and funny!

 I really loved everything that Heather put in my package, but if I had to pick favorites- it would definitely be my new lip balm- seriously- SO IN LOVE WITH IT!! And my Starbucks gift card.  The only time I go to Starbucks is if I have a gift card- and it is such a fun treat for me!! I am going to save my gift card for my birthday....I always get a yummy coffee drink on my birthday- and it will be so fun to use my gift card from Heather!

Heather- thank you so much for the cute, fun and THOUGHTFUL package!!


  1. Great gifts! I love blogger swaps!

  2. Awesome gifts!!!! I love the socks =) Themed socks are awesome!
    This swap was a TON of fun, and I'm so glad you joined in! I'm excited to see what everyone else got as well!!!

  3. Fun!! I would be stoked for a Starbucks GC too!!

  4. So glad you enjoyed your goodies! That baby lips stuff is my favorite...I have so many tubes it's ridiculous. Haha!!! Thank you so much for my lovely goodies! Just put my post up. ;-)


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