Show and Tell Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hi!! Happy Tuesday! I hope your week is off to a great start!
Today, I am linking up with the wonderful Andrea and joining her Show and Tell Tuesday party.  The theme today is all about sharing your Halloween costumes from years past!  
This was such a fun post to put together!!
While I dressed up for Halloween almost every year when I was in college and graduate school....those pictures just aren't anything I feel the need to share with the public- HA!
So- we are going to start off with Halloween 2006.  Aaron and I had just met about 6 weeks prior to this!! He dressed up as Clark Kent and I was Lois Lane. We went out on the town in downtown Austin and seriously had the time of our lives! It was so much fun!! 
I am not sure what we were doing for Halloween 2007, but I couldn't find any pictures of us. So fast forward to Halloween 2008!  We were newly married AND about 2 months away from expecting our first baby!  Aaron dressed up as a wanna-be doctor :) and I made a cliche' pumpkin shirt for my baby bump.  Our beloved Hunter dog was a pumpkin.  Hunter was a huge chocolate lab that weighed about 100 pounds and all I could find him was a size medium pumpkin better believe we managed to squeeze him into it! HA!
Halloween 2009!! We had just moved to Cleveland, OH and had our precious little Charlotte! She was the sweetest bumblebee! We found this costume on a whim at a local Goodwill store!
Halloween 2010- aaahhh...the year Charlotte refused to look at the camera! HA! Charlotte was a precious little ladybug :)
 And our precious 8 week old baby Cora Maye was a bat!  Seriously- cutest costume ever! I think it was meant for a boy to wear...but the costume I had planned on her wearing, a baby pea pod, was too small!! She was a CHUNKY baby! 
 Halloween 2011- We had a beautiful Sleeping Beauty Princess (costume borrowed from my dear friend Laura!!) and we recycled that super cute bee costume and had Cora Maye wear it!! 
 Halloween 2012!!
Charlotte was a "purple butterfly girl"- her words not mine :)  Cora Maye was Pocahontas and baby Celine was a caterpillar!! She seriously looks so uncomfortable and awkward in this picture- but I assure you she was happy and warm- which was a must when trick or treating in good ol' Cleveland!
 Halloween 2013- We had a Tinkerbell Fairy (my mom made Charlotte's costume out of one of my old prom dresses!), the cutest lion ever and a sweet lady bug!
Not sure if you seem a theme yet to our costumes- but there is a lot of wearing the same costume multiple times :) Also- about 90% of our costumes are hand-me-downs!! So thankful for generous friends and an awesome sister-in-law!
 Halloween 2014- our first Halloween in Indianapolis, in our new house! Wouldn't you know it- the weather was ABSOLUTELY terrible! There was hail, 50 MPH winds and it was about 35 degrees outside.  My girls are serious about getting candy though- so Aaron took them out for about 30 minutes and they came back, soaked, freezing and with a bagfuls of candy! HA!
 So...James was just cute and didn't really have a costume last year- but we did slip an eye patch on him- and BOOM- cutest baby pirate ever!  Celine wore our very loved ladybug costume, Charlotte was a Pirate Princess :) and Cora was the CUTEST cowgirl!!

I just love Halloween.  We don't take it too seriously and just have tons of fun dressing up in a cute costume.  Obviously- the best part about Halloween is the CANDY! :)  
My in-laws are going to be visiting us from Texas for Halloween this year- so that should be extra fun to have Nana and Poppy at our house for all the festivities!
As far as costumes go- I think 1/2 of our crew has decided on what they are wearing and the other half "just doesn't know what to be!!"  Which I am totally fine with because the girls know their costume selection is comprised of the Halloween bin down in the basement and the 10 princesses dresses up in their playroom.  Momma isn't buying a darn thing! HA!

Hope you all have the best day and thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet :)


  1. Such a cute crew ! We are recycling costumes for the first time this year, kids just don't seem to care :)

  2. So cute and such dedication to trick our treat in that weather! My kids like to come home, organize it all and then eat! But this year, they asked if we could just pass out candy! Ha!

  3. Your kiddos have some really cute costumes!!! I love the Bat costume!!! Wayy cute =)

  4. Oh my goodness! They are all so cute! That bee one is my favorite :)

  5. All these pictures are adorable but the baby bumble bee just kills me! I LOVE little bumble bee babies. My favorites :-)
    -Erin (No Bohns About It)

  6. Ahhh so cute - the caterpillar cracks me up!!

  7. I forgot about the princess dress, too cute! Can't wait to see those babes bundled up this year.


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