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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hi!! Happy Thursday!! 
Do you ever have weeks where they go by slow and fast at the same time??? Yeah. That has been my week :)  It has been busy and fast because I have been getting ready for my in-laws to visit as well as doing a Halloween project for my oldest daughter's party tomorrow....but the days have also felt like they have been dragging due to yucky, rainy weather and a majorly sick baby.  Good news is James is doing better and tomorrow is Friday! YAY!

A couple weeks ago, I was shopping for my niece Layla's birthday.   She is only 3 weeks older than my daughter Charlotte, so you would think it would be super easy to come up with a gift idea! Totally not the case though!  First- of all- we don't live in the same town as my sister and her kids- so I really don't know what Layla has in regard to toys and stuff.  I also know that she is a very well taken care of little girl :) and has a TON of stuff (just like my girls :) She is turning 7 and at that age where she is starting to have more specific likes and dislikes- and while buying her a My Little Pony would be fine- it would basically just be 
adding another toy to her collection.  All this to say- I wanted to get her a birthday gift she would LOVE and USE.  Just like my girls, Layla is all about crafts, coloring and art projects.  So I came up with the idea to make her a craft box!! 

I first started by getting her some fun writing paper, a pack of construction paper and a big sticker pad.  

I got this Sterilite container from Walmart to use as her "craft box." We have a couple of these containers and I LOVE them!  We keep our crayons and markers in them.  They are great because they have tons of room, the girls can lock the lid on themselves and the handle is perfect for carrying them from our craft area in the pantry to the kitchen table where the girls like to color.  

 Then- I started picking up things to fill up the craft box!  I had SO much fun doing this!!!  I got a couple things, including the fuzzy balls and one of the packages of foam stickers at Walmart. The rest of the items I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  Everything I got was on sale, minus the glitter glue- and I used my 40% off coupon for it.  With Christmas coming up, I thought it would be fun to include a few Christmas crafts and winter themed stickers too! 
I put everything in her box, along with the construction paper and sticker pad, put it in a Cinderella gift bag and DONE! Perfect gift for the sweetest little girl!

I know this isn't a crazy original idea- but it really has a lot of possibilities as far as tailoring the "box" to the child you are buying for.  You could do a specific theme or get things in their favorite colors! Again- I love the fact that this gift is activity related and gives the child a chance to be creative!  
I had such a blast putting this box together, I have decided that one of my girls' 3 Christmas gifts is going to be a craft box.  They were totally in awe of Layla's box and I know they would  LOVE to have their own box filled with crafts and goodies!!  Also- since we are cooped up so much more in the winter months- new, fun art projects will be perfect for those afternoons on the weekend when "there is NOOOOTHHIINNGG to do!!" 
(Please tell me my kids aren't the only ones who say this!! HA!)

Have you ever put together something like this?
If you have kids, are they all about art projects and crafts?
If you have any fun, creative ideas you have done with or for your kids- share them with me!! I would love to hear about them!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. First of all, I hope James is feeling better! I also can't stand when weeks drag on and on and on. But good news, tomorrow is FRIDAY!! =)
    This craft box is seriously so awesome! I've never done one of these, but it's such a good idea. Emma would love to put a box like this together for her cousins for Christmas. And trust me...your kids are not the only ones saying "there is nothing to do". I must hear this all the time from Emma! Then I bring her into her room and show her all her toys and say "Tell me again there is nothing to do" HAHA =) That's the mean mom in me coming out! hehe Happy Thursday, Justine!

  2. I can totally relate to your feelings regrading the pace of the week. One more day, though. Hope your little one is feeling better soon!

    I love your gift idea! I think I might use that idea for our niece for Christmas. She's 10 & is so hard to shop for. This is a genius idea!

  3. Love this idea!!!!! This is such a fun gift plus really you could tailor it to any age and personality! Thanks for sharing! :)


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