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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Hi!! Happy Thursday! Hope you are having a great week...we are so close to the weekend!! :)

Today I am talking about BB Cream.  So- I know I am super late to the party and this stuff has been on the market for quite some time...but I have never used it! But lately I have been kind of intrigued by it and with winter coming, my skin gets so I was thinking maybe now would be a great time to try it out and see if it is something I need to add to my beauty regimen!

I found what I think are to be 3 really good choices...but PLEASE- let me know what you think! I love receiving beauty advice! :)

Here is the first one I found- Garnier's Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream.  It has great reviews (4.5 stars!), it is for combination skin (that is me!) and it is supposed to have all day lasting power (which I desperately need!)- and it is under $10!  This BB cream looks like it would be a really great choice!

The next BB cream I found is from, and it is by a brand named, Flower- which I have never heard of!  However- with almost 22 perfect 5 star reviews and a price tag under $13- I am thinking this might a be BB cream I need to try out!  What I liked about this cream is that almost every review said it provided enough coverage that concealer was absolutely not needed- but that it did not go on heavy or look cakey.  Which is such a hard balance to achieve!  It comes in 4 different shades- I am thinking for the fall/winter months I would get "shade 2."
**Just FYI- it appears there is a pretty extensive line of cosmetics by Flower on and every single product has at least 4 stars ratings and crazy affordable prices!! I am thinking I may have to do an independent study on some of their products and let you know what I think!! :)

So the next BB cream that kept on popping up in all of my searches was this one by Urban Decay.  It has 4 star ratings and for 0.5 ounces, is $14.  Definitely a little higher in price than my other two picks- but- obviously not out of control either :)  What I liked about this BB cream is that it not only provides (light to medium) coverage, has 20 SPF in it- but it also has ingredients that are helping with wrinkles, evening skin tone and just overall helping with getting your skin back in shape.  You can get this cream on and as we all know, they have such an amazing return policy.  I am curious though, if I used this cream a couple of times and wasn't happy with it- could I still return it?  I need to call customer service to find out their policy on that.  Definitely going to be investigating that!

Okay- now it is your turn! I really need your help!! Should I be using a BB cream? Do you use one?  If so- what is your favorite brand?? 

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  1. The Flower line of cosmetics is from Drew Barrymore and carried only at Walmart. I haven't tried it yet, but I know it has won several beauty awards. I'm currently using the Elf BB cream and really like it. It seems to be a fuller covereage than most BB creams.

  2. I am no help here - let me know what results you have!!


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