Thoughts for Thursday!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hi!! It is Thursday and I am so happy we are just a day away from the weekend starting!! This week has been fairly busy for us and I just kind of feel like I haven't been able to catch up! 

I have some really BIG, lofty goals for today: drop my two older girls off at school, go to the gym, and pick up the disaster zone that is my house :)  I KNOW. Major stuff going on for me today. HA! My kids play really well together and get very creative...but they also make one heck of a mess.  Some nights- Aaron and I are really on our game and get the house picked up...other nights- we look at each other and say, "What's the point...they are going to destroy this room again as soon as they wake up." And then we just leave it and go to bed. HA! Please tell me we are not the only ones who do that?!  Anyway- with the help of my lovely children, we are getting our house in shape today!

Since I started off this post nice and random...I think I will just stick with that theme- which is really that there is NO theme at all to this post- HA! :)

My birthday is in December, and I always feel pressured from my mom and Aaron to have gift ideas for both my birthday AND Christmas! I started a Pinterest board, entitled "Gift Ideas for Me," (I KNOW- I am about as clever as they come) and every time I see something that catches my eye, I pin it! My mom and Aaron are going to have nice little list of items they peruse come December :)  Anyway- I recently pinned these earrings because I think they are SO pretty!  I LOVE the size of them and even though the crystals are fairly large- they would be a great "every day" earring.  Fingers crossed my hubby is reading the blog today and bookmarks these earrings! HA!

I ordered this vest for James yesterday and I can't wait to get it!!
I mean...chubby baby boy...puffer vest...PLEASE. The level of cuteness is going to be off the charts!  It comes in orange and navy...I ordered both because I couldn't decide.  Love the fact that Old Navy has free returns- at the store or just mail it back!

I posted our menu plan for the week on Monday and linked to a sloppy joe recipe by Shay at Mix and Match Mama.  I have made the recipe before- and it is SO good- but it is also definitely on the sweeter side and my husband is not a huge fan of "sweet" savory food.  So I did a quick search for another sloppy joe recipe and ended up following Rachael Ray's super sloppy joe recipe and they turned out REALLY yummy.  My husband and I were huge fans and at least one of my daughters gave me double thumbs up :)  (I consider that winning since I have 4 precious little people who give me their very honest opinions about dinner...every.single.night.)  

I saw this e-card and thought about printing it, framing it and hanging it over my coffee pot. This is SO me.  It never fails...right around 3:00 pm...I always want a coffee. I try to be good and most days just keep chugging my water...but there are just some days that call for a little pick me up....sometimes that 3 pm coffee is what gets me through until I tuck my sweet babes into bed at 8 pm! HA!

And for the best news of all...Aaron and I are going out on a little date tonight!  We haven't been on a date in at least 5 months (which is just pathetic...but not much we can do about it) and while we are attending an event and may not have a ton of "alone" time with each other...I am just so excited to have it be just me and him for a couple of hours!  One of our best friends is watching the kids and the girls just ADORE I know they will have a blast while we are out- which always makes it so much more fun for me! If I know my kids are having fun and being well taken care of- I can totally relax and enjoy myself...which is exactly what I plan on doing tonight! ;)

Now your turn...what's random in your life?? How has your week been? I would love to hear what's been going on for you :)

Have the best day!

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  1. Totally agree with that vet.. Chubby boys and vests are the best! Haha now I just need to find a photo of chubby boy in question! Here from the link up!! Xo

  2. Awe, super cute vest!

    Just found out you are my fall swap partner! Excited to read your blog, and get to "know" you better. :)

  3. Have fun tonight!! I love those Old Navy vests, I used to buy them every year for my boys. How do kids destroy a house so quickly! Sometimes I'm actually impressed with the destruction my 16 month old can create in under 10 minutes. None of our puzzles may be complete ever again!


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