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Friday, October 9, 2015

Happy Friday!! All day yesterday, it kept feeling like Friday to me and I had to keep reminding myself- "YOU HAVE TO GET UP TOMORROW MORNING!" "CHARLOTTE HAS TO GO TO SCHOOL!" HA!  The good news is that I got right up when my alarm went off at 5:00 might be a different story ;)

 I hope you have had a wonderful week!  Here's a little rundown of we have been up to and what has made my "FAVORITES" list this past week!

The girls had a Walk-A-Thon at their school last Friday and while it was very windy and really cold (obviously being a little bit of a drama queen here :) it was such a fun morning!  The kids have to go to multiple stations throughout the day and the "big" activity is walking/running a 2K!  Celine, Cora, James and I walked the 2K with the preschoolers...Charlotte didn't do her run/walk until later that day.  We were able to hang out with Charlotte for part of the morning and that was definitely my FAVORITE part. Love these four crazies SO much!

Did you know Hobby Lobby carries pre-made accent pillow covers?? They are beautifully made and when they go on sale for 50% off they become the steal of the century!! You can get a beautiful pillow cover with a zipper for about $5!! I told my mom this, who is an extremely accomplished seamstress and she said there is no way you can make a pillow cover with a zipper, on your own, for that much!  Anyway- I have been wanting to spruce up our living room for fall and the pillow covers went on sale last week (!!!) - so I went and snatched up several new covers and I am just loving our "new" look!  I definitely went a little different than I normally do with colors and patterns...but I feel like they really brighten things up AND my husband approved!  He actually said, "I really like those!" That's huge for Aaron! HA! And here is a fun fact- in a couple of the patterns that I wanted- they only had one pillow cover in stock. I spoke with a sales associate and she gave me a raincheck for the sale price of the pillow cover AND ordered me the cover I wanted to buy.  I had to do this with a couple of covers- and while I had to wait a couple days for them to get to the store- the process was so easy! Also- I thought that was so nice they were willing to go above and beyond to get me the pillow covers I wanted.  Always and forever, Hobby Lobby will be a FAVORITE :)

This past Tuesday, James and I had lunch with Charlotte!  Oh my gosh- it was the cutest thing ever.  We arrived about 5 minutes after they had started eating lunch and when I walked into the cafeteria, she waved at me and said, "Mommy! I save you a seat!!" I had the best time sitting next to my biggest girl and chatting with her and her first grade friends!  James happily sat and shoveled goldfish into his mouth the whole time :)
Such a fun time spent with Charlotte- it was definitely one of my FAVORITE parts of this week!  
And just in case you were wondering after seeing this picture, James had a small run-in with the sidewalk last week :)  His battle wounds are still healing :)

Date night!! Aaron and I went on a little date last night and it was a ton of fun!!  We had an event to attend at our local hospital.  I really love doing life with this guy....he is always making me laugh, he "gets" me and I happen to think he is smoking hot:)
So thankful our friends Katie and Bryan watched our 4 hooligans so we could get out for a couple of hours...time with just Aaron is one of my all time FAVORITES! :)

Sooo...last night at the event we were at...they were doing several raffle of course we registered our names and then went about the evening.  Right before we were getting ready to leave- they started announcing the winners of the raffle prizes and YOU GUYS- I won a MASSAGE!!! 1) I NEVER win anything. HA! 2) I absolutely LOVE getting massages, but rarely get them as they are such a splurge and definitely not something that fits into our regular budget.  Let me tell you- I got overly excited when they called my name to pick up my massage certificate!! SO MUCH FUN!!

So that's what has been going on for us this past week! 
This weekend Aaron is on call and we have several things going on tomorrow...but after church on Sunday, it is going to be all about CHILLING OUT :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I'm so glad you posted about the pillow covers from Hobby Lobby! I can't begin to tell you just how many times I have looked at them. I wondered if they were really made well enough, but you've convinced me to buy a couple =) Our living room needs some "sprucing" up if you will, and I think these covers would be perfect! How fun that you and your hubby were able to go out for a date night...and you won a massage!!!! Exciting!!!!
    Have a great weekend, Justine!

  2. Ah that's awesome you won a massage AND had a date night!


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