Friday Favorites!

Friday, October 16, 2015

Hi!! Happy Friday!! This week went by FAST! And I am not complaining about it! :)
We have a fun weekend ahead of us, starting off tonight with "trunk or treat" at our church. I am totally unprepared for it- I have NO candy bought, pretty much no decorations for the back of our van and I still need to double check the time that it starts! HA! I just need to make a quick trip to Walmart (and who am I kidding...I am going to sweetly ask my husband to go :) and we will be ready! The girls are so excited to dress up- and so am I! It should be a fun night!

As I always do on Friday, I am sharing some random tidbits from my week that were my "favorites" and that just made me happy!  Here we go!

I changed the decor on my shelves and my mantle to more of a fall/harvest theme and I am loving it!  I kept it pretty simple and just added a few things I had down in my "decor" tupperware storage tub in the basement.  I did pick up the two greenish/gold pumpkins on the mantle this week at Walmart and I just LOVE them!!

Last Saturday, I got an email from Old Navy (I get like 10 a day from them- GEEZ!), saying their frost free vests were on sale for $15 for ONE DAY ONLY. I have a bright pink North Face vest- which I absolutely LOVE- but have been wanting a black vest that I could wear with more of my clothes.  I ordered several sizes of the vest and got them this week.  I have to say, I was a little skeptical- because I do NOT like too puffy of a vest- I feel like it makes me look puffy :) and this vest ended up being perfect!! It is not too puffy at all, is super warm and I have worn it the last 3 days in a row! And yay for getting it at such a steal! Currently they are $24 and you can get 30% off outerwear (and free shipping with a $35 purchase) using the code: THREEBIE.

Last week I wrote a post about my new favorite "brand" of candle.  The line is called 719 Walnut Avenue and Walmart makes them! LADIES. You must try one of these candles!! They are identical to the Bath and Body Works 3 wick candle and they are only $5 ($4.93 to be exact)! So here is the deal- they only have a few different scents on line- but they also carry them in the store and the scents vary by store.  I texted this picture to one of my favorite friends, Laura (who doesn't have a blog- but she should :) because I was so excited about this Classic Flannel scent! And here is a tip- look for these candles over by the air fresheners/glade plug-ins in the laundry aisle- NOT the candle aisle that is usually by the home decor stuff!

I usually always have some sort of cookie, cupcake or cake made- but lately I have just not been baking! The other night- Aaron and I were talking about how there was NOTHING sweet to eat in the house. We are so deprived- HA! So the next day, I went and picked up some chocolate chips and made my FAVORITE chocolate chip cookie recipe. Check it out here!! Seriously- they are so good!! I like my cookies slightly warm, after they have been out of the oven for about 10 minutes....Aaron will take them any way he can get them- piping hot out of the oven or rock hard solid from the freezer- he doesn't discriminate :)

Recently, one of our really good friend's parents gave us their huge, outdoor trampoline!! Seriously- they are the NICEST people.  The girls absolutely LOVE it and from the minute they get home from school until it is time for dinner- they are jumping on it.  They especially love it when their daddy gets on the trampoline with them and plays, "Monster." Which I really have no idea what the "game" entails- but there is always a lot screaming and squealing when they are playing it :)  SO thankful for this gorgeous fall weather that is allowing the girls (and James!) to still be playing outside!!

It has been a good week :)  

I hope you have a FABULOUS Friday and a wonderful weekend!! 

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  1. Love your new decor :) Its so darling
    So glad to find your blog
    Chelsea @

    1. Hi Chelsea!!! Thanks for your sweet comments!

  2. Your mantle looks adorable! Love it!! So I stopped into WalMart the other night, and I was sooo disappointed that they didn't have those candles!! However...I did not check the air freshner area!! So tonight...i'm there!!! LOL Have a GREAT weekend!!!!!

    1. Johannah! Definitely let me know if you were able to find the candles in the air freshener aisle!! And if you did- what scents you ended up picking up! I am currently burning pumpkin waffle :)

  3. What size did you get in the old navy vest???

    1. Hi! I got an XS. I like my vests to be slightly fitted and I find that Old Navy's outerwear runs a little on the bigger side. I am able to wear a sweatshirt/fleece under the vest with just enough room to be comfortable!

  4. Thanks, friend ;) I enjoy reading your blog too much...I wouldn't have time for my own, ha! The pumpkin waffle candle came this weekend and made the house smell delish while we cozied up due to the frigid temps. Happy to be back to 60's this week so it feels more like fall and not winter. I will be stalking that flannel candle and it is on my list once I burn the pumpkin one. I'll also report back on the boots and vest your forced me to purchase. Also, I love the fall decor, especially the branches that flank your double shelves. Very pretty!

    1. Friend- okay- if you don't want to start your own blog- maybe you could do some guest posting on my blog?? You have done too many amazing parties not to share your amazing decorating skills!! And I can't wait to hear what you think of the boots and vest!!

    2. I think I could definitely handle a party share....although my photography skills aren't great...your readers would have to deal with my iPhone pictures since I am too cheap to invest in a DSLR. Maybe Santa is reading and could surprise me?!


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