Friday Favorites!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy Friday!!
It is an especially fun day at our house for a couple of reasons- Aaron has been out of town since Tuesday and he gets home today! My parents are here visiting- which is always so special and fun! And it is Aaron's birthday! The girls are so excited to not only have Daddy back home today- but to get to celebrate his special day!'s going to be a super fun Friday for us :)

How was your week? I sure hope it was a good one...and if it wasn't the greatest...I hope this weekend can make up for it! ;)

Here are some fun FAVORITES of mine from this past week!

Last Saturday, Aaron was working, so I took the kids to the library in the morning so they could play and check out books and DVDs. Well- we just so happened to be at the library on a morning when they were having an event in the children's area- and they had DONUTS!
The girls were so excited!
They got to check out books, DVDs AND eat a donut- INSIDE the library??? 
Life pretty much couldn't get better. HA!
Love these 4 so much and I am so grateful to get to do life alongside of them...they are always showing me how easy it is to appreciate the smallest things! :)

SUPER RANDOM- But- for the past several months I have been using this hairspray by Pantene- and while it smells lovely- I have NOT liked it. Of course, I didn't want to waste it- so I tried to use it up as fast as I could- HA!
And then I went back to my tried and true favorite of many years- Tresemme' Tres Two Extra Hold Aerosol hairspray. It feels really good to be reunited with my favorite hairspray! :)
I have not really tried any higher end brands of hairspray- but I will say as far as "drug store" brands go- this hairspray is my all time FAVORITE! 
The temperatures "warmed" up this past Sunday and we went on a family walk! 
While I was still freezing- it was SO nice to get some fresh air and have the kids be outside!!
My kids are truly happiest when they can run around and play in the sunshine!
Definitely a FAVORITE moment to see such big, happy smiles on my kids faces while they ran around and acted like complete nuts! :)
We got the happiest package this week in the mail! One of my most special friends sent Celine a HUGE box of the most gorgeous Matilda Jane dresses, ruffle pants, and tops!!!
I seriously was SO giddy with excitement looking at all the beautiful things she sent us!!
And Celine could NOT get over all of the "gorgeous things" Miss Aurora (my friend's name is Laura) sent her. 
It was ridiculously generous of Laura to think of us and pass down such special clothes to Celine and we are SO grateful. Thank you SO SO much Miss Aurora!! We love you:)
And is my FAVORITE person's 37th birthday today!! 
I was just telling my mom last night how blessed I feel, everyday, to have Aaron in my life. He is not just my husband, but my very best friend, who I can talk to about anything and everything. We truly enjoy each other and always have the BEST time together. 
(And I don't say this to brag or be boastful...I am just so very grateful for our friendship and marriage :)
He is an amazing father and loves all of us so fiercely.
I can't wait to pick this handsome guy up from the airport this morning and go out to celebrate him tonight!! 
Happiest Birthday Aaron!! 

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Next week, as we prepare for the BIG GAME (Go Panthers!), we will be sharing our FAVORITE Super Bowl Recipes!  
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Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful weekend!!

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  1. I wish we had a box of great hand me downs to arrive!!! That's fabulous! Oh and the library having donuts, say what!?!?! Lovely! Happy weekend xo Amanda

  2. that hairspray is the best my friend! im glad i found your blog through the linkup and can't wait to follow your blogging journey! hope you'll stop by mine as well!

  3. Seriously what an amazing box of Matilda Jane stuff! We love love MJ! I hope you guys have a great weekend, and enjoy time with your parents, and Happy Birthday to Aaron!!
    I can't wait for your linkup!
    Happy Weekend!

  4. We love you too! Celine's smile is precious. Happy birthday Aaron :) have a great weekend celebrating a great guy!

  5. What an amazing friend to send over such a great box of goodies! Happy birthday to your hubby! You have a beautiful family :)

  6. Happy Birthday Aaron - sounds like a fun weekend with your parents in town too!! I am in awe of all the MJ clothes!! What a wonderful gift! I can't get enough of your kiddos pictures - SO cute!!

  7. Donuts make everything even better! Enjoy your weekend! Happy Birthday to your hubby!


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