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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!! 
Not going to lie- when my alarm went off this morning- I was totally confused and really thought it was the weekend for some reason! HA! I quickly remembered that we are NOT on Christmas break anymore and I better get my booty out of bed! HA!

So- it is a New Year and I know a lot of people are prioritizing a more healthy lifestyle. 
Well...if you plan to start hitting the gym more and just start  moving more in general- you definitely need some new, fun workout clothes!!
Walmart is one of my FAVORITE places to get workout clothes. When I am not pregnant, I almost exclusively wear workout clothes from Walmart. My drawer is full of leggings, capri pants and tops from Walmart's activewear. 
Workout clothes can be really expensive- and while I fully support investing in some good quality pieces, especially if you plan to wear them often, you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to get some really well made, sturdy workout gear! 

Let's start with some workout bottoms :)

In the winter, I am all about working out in a good, sturdy pair of leggings. These Danskin Now compression leggings are AWESOME! They have 4.6 out of 5 star rating and are currently $12.00!!

If you are looking for a printed legging, check these out! They are $12.96 and are very similar to the much more expensive printed Zella legging you can find on Nordstrom's website!

These Danskin Now Capri Tights are my FAVORITE!! Don't let the word "tights" scare you :) They are just a well constructed, fitted pair of workout capris! They are $12.96! I have 2 pairs of these and I pretty much exclusively wear these during the summer months as my go-to workout capris!!
They have several different patterns you can pick from- but the main portion of the leg is a solid black or gray color- which I like!

Okay- now moving on to some cold weather workout tops!
I think this purple color is gorgeous (it comes in several other fun colors + black and gray) and is only $9.86!! This top would not only be great as a layering piece to wear to the gym- but perfect for a day when you are wearing your yoga pants and running a bunch of errands! Put a vest over it and you are good to go!

If you are looking for a great hoodie- check this one out! It has a 4.6 out of 5 star review from almost 40 people!!
I think this hot pink color is so fun and I also love the black/gray combo that is available! It is only $10!! I have looked at these hoodies in the store and they are so well made! Super soft and not too heavy- but because they are made of polyester- it is going to keep you super warm and dry!

I LOVE this long sleeve cowl neck pullover!! It is $11.00 and comes in several really pretty colors!! I personally would totally wear this paired with some workout leggings or yoga pants on just a regular day- to me it is totally not just a workout top! If you go to pilates, yoga or barre class- this would be perfect to layer over your tank top- not too heavy at all- but still you still totally covered and look super cute!
Finally, if you are looking for a good workout tank top- once you have peeled off your cozy hoodie or half zip pullover- check out this tank! (P.S. isn't it the worst to have to strip down to your t-shirt/tank top once you are actually in the gym ready to workout during the winter?!? I HATE being cold and usually stay in my long sleeve pullover for the first half of my workout unit l am nice and toasty! HA!) 

And how cute is the back of this tank?!?
So what do you think?? Do you own any activewear pieces from Walmart? 
One of the great things is that you can order several pieces from (spend $50 and you get free shipping!), try them all on at home and whatever doesn't fit or work for you- take back to the store! 
I always order a couple sizes in both leggings and tops- just because workout gear can be more fitted and sometimes you can wear your regular size and sometimes you need to go up a size!
Hope you have the BEST day and if you end up trying out any of these leggings or tops- let me know! I would love to know what you think!


  1. I also love Walmart workout clothes. Great quality and every year they keep up with the latest trends. Thanks for another great WM post. Hope you are feeling well!

  2. I got some new tights and pullovers from Old Navy for Christmas and love them --- but also love the hoodie and cowl neck sweatshirt you featured - great finds!!

  3. Wow! thanks for sharing nice gym wear clothes.I got more fashionable dress from your blog.If you want related inform please check my official page workout clothing mens.

  4. I bought these to run in and they stay up, didn't have to pull them up. The alo yoga are on the heavier side and the black color were not see through. I tend to favor the darker colors and will look to buy more.


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