Menu Plan Monday!

Monday, January 18, 2016

Hi!! Happy Monday!!
How was your weekend? 
Our's was really good! We didn't do anything major- but Aaron got the storage side of our basement totally cleaned up and organized (THANK YOU BABE!!) and as of last night- the only laundry in our hampers were the clothes we wore yesterday. YES! You and I both know how short lived an empty laundry basket I am totally going to soak up having a day "off" of doing laundry today! HA!
My girls are off school today and it is going to be frigid here. The high is supposed to be 12. 
Basically all I want to do when it is that cold is snuggle up on the couch, take naps and watch copious amounts of Food Network and HGTV. 
I knew there was a reason I loved Ellen!!

My kids don't find my desire to stay warm and under the covers as thrilling as I do- so we are going to brave the cold (and I am SO not happy about it! HA!) and go to the gym this morning, then the library. Most likely, we will go back to the YMCA this afternoon so they can play some more and I will walk for a little bit on the treadmill. It definitely takes a little more effort- but I really try to get my kids out and about in the winter time- or else they go stir crazy!!

Anyway...enough rambling- it's Monday and because I am a creature of habit- I am posting our meal plan for the week!
I am trying out a new recipe and I am crossing my fingers my family enjoys it!

Monday: Turkey and Vegetable Soup. Salad and Rosemary Bread
On the way home from church yesterday, it was 8 degrees outside (I promise I will stop talking about how cold it was once Spring is here- HA!) and I was telling my husband how good some hot, vegetable soup sounded.  He was like, " That DOES sound good. I'll make you some soup!" So I found a recipe while he was putting gas in our van and then he ran into Aldi to get the ingredients.  He did an AMAZING job and it turned out SO good! We had it for lunch yesterday and then I had it again for dinner.  The recipe made a TON- so we have several containers in the freezer and enough for our family to have it tonight for dinner!
When Aaron was in Aldi picking up the things we needed to make our soup, he also grabbed this loaf of rosemary bread. It is part of Aldi's Simply Nature line and oh my goodness it was SO delicious!!!
 You bake it in the oven for about 15 minutes at 425 degrees and then you have the yummiest bread ready to enjoy! We just spread a little butter on our slices- but this bread would also be SO good if you served it with some seasoned olive oil, maybe as an appetizer or part of a pasta meal.  Either way- give it a try if you are at Aldi and you see it in the bread section!!

Tuesday: Peppercini Pork and Refried Black Beans Burrito Bowls
In my menu plan last week, I made the Pioneer Woman's Drip Beef recipe- but I subbed out the beef for a pork loin. I froze the leftovers from that meal and this week I am going to use the pork alongside some black refried beans I made last week and we are going to have burrito bowls!  I will make some spanish rice (super easy- from a rice packet mix), chop some lettuce, set out some cheese, salsa and sour cream and dinner will be ready!

Wednesday: Kids' Choice Dinner!
Aaron has a late work meeting on Wednesday, so I am going to let the kids pick what they have for dinner. That could be peanut butter sandwiches and applesauce, bowls of cereal or pancakes! It is all about easy and minimal clean up when daddy is not home for dinner and bath time!! :)

Thursday: Swedish Meatballs over Mashed Potatoes with Steamed Broccoli
So- the new recipe I am trying this week is from one of my favorite food blogs: Damn Delicious. If you have not checked out Chungah's recipes- you totally should!! They are easy, healthy, super yummy and her photographs are beautiful. I love looking around her blog for meal inspiration!! I am making her recipe for swedish meatballs and I am excited to see how they turn out! I am going to serve them over mashed potatoes with some steamed broccoli. I will definitely let you know what my official taste testers think of this meal! :)

Friday: Pizza Night!
No explanation needed here! Cheese pizza for the kids and pepperoni and mushroom for Aaron. Even though this is the meal we have pretty much EVERY Friday night- my kids are always excited about it!! I just love that :)

Saturday: Nachos!
I am going to take the remaining leftover peppercini pork and black refried beans and make oven baked nachos for an easy and casual meal.  I just line a cookie sheet with foil, lay out a bunch of tortilla chips, put some beans, pork and cheese on top of each chip, and put them in the oven at 500 degrees for about 5-7 minutes. Aaron likes salsa and sour cream with his nachos- the girls like their's without any "white and red stuff." HA!

Sunday: Cheesy Chicken, Rice and Broccoli Skillet
For our Sunday dinner, I have an easy, filling and comforting meal planned. I am going to cook about a pound and a half of cut up chicken breast in a skillet. At the same time, I am going to prepare two broccoli and cheese rice packets- I get mine at Aldi- but I know at "major" stores the popular brand is Knorr. So once my chicken is cooked and my cheddar and broccoli rice is done- I am going to mix the rice in with the chicken. I will steam some broccoli and throw that in the with the chicken and rice and sprinkle with a little bit more cheese. And dinner is DONE! Obviously not an original meal idea- but one that I know my family will enjoy and will provide enough us food for a leftover meal! 

And that's what our family is having for dinner this week!
What do you have planned for your menu? Are you trying out any new recipes?
Share them with me!! :)

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. I haven't meal planned yet for this week. I'll have to squeeze that in during naps today! Love the idea of vegetable soup! I may steal that. and I definitely need to check out damn delicious...mainly because of the name! It's a high of 25 here. ugh! Stay warm!

  2. I'm with you! When it's cold I just want to stay in bed! haha =)
    So the Swedish Meatball recipe sounds good!! My family (my side) is Swedish and my grandmother came here from Sweden and she used to make the most amazing Swedish meatballs. I have her recipe and it's it's very similar to this recipe you are going to try. I remember going to her house and she would ask me what I wanted for dinner and it was always without a doubt Swedish Meatballs! Now that you posted this, I think i'm going to make her recipe tonight with mashed potatoes =)
    Have a great Monday, Justine! =)

  3. That rosemary bread sounds delicious. I actually picked up some french bread from there to go with our potato soup & it was mouth watering delicious. Even my mother-in-law commented on how good it was! You know that's a win!

  4. I happened to check your blog this morning right before grocery shopping. Perfect timing! I got all of the ingredients for the Swedish meatballs and made them this evening. First of all they make an enormous quantity! For my family of four it was enough for a full meal +2 freezer leftover meals and a little for tomorrow's lunch! I left out the allspice because I only had the whole pieces and was too lazy to grind it down. Hub LOVED them and the kids gobbled them up. Thanks momma! That Rosemary bread looks delish.


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