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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Hi!! Happy "One Day Away From Friday!!" :)

Soo...the other day I was on Instagram and Kelly, from Kelly's Korner-  posted this picture of two SUPER cute sets of Valentine's she picked up from the Target Dollar Spot.
And while I had planned to go our traditional route of hitting up the dollar store and letting the girls pick out their box of Valentine's- the sets she posted from Target were TOO CUTE not to check out!
So- I do what I always do- I enlisted my husband to scour the Target Dollar Spot on his way home from work, with strict instructions to call me when he got there :)  
Momma doesn't have time to take her party of 4 plus one large baby bump through a snowy, slushy parking lot into Target after a long day at school. HA!

Anyway..... :) because we have 3 girls, who all have VERY strong opinions and who sometimes want the same as another sister and sometimes want to be totally different- Aaron picked up 3 of each available Valentine set and we let the girls decide which one they wanted to keep to give out to their classes!

Here is what is currently being carried at our Target...but I know each Target is different! In Kelly's picture on Instagram- the two kits she got her girls were not available at our Target. 
So hopefully- if you like any of the ones I have pictured- they will have them in stock at your store!! 

First up is this set of 16 animal valentines and it is hard to tell from the description on the box- but I think you get a sticker to put with each valentine card. 
These are a great gender neutral option!!
 This kit was a favorite in our house! It comes with 30 cards and 30 erasers (foxes and raccoons) and says "Best Friends Forever." At $3- this is a STEAL to be able to get 30 cards PLUS a little treat to include with each Valentine! Again- perfect gender neutral set! Both of my older girls picked this set because they each have 15 kids in their classes and that means they get to give each friend TWO erasers. They are VERY excited about this! HA!
 I just LOVED this kit!! It is a set of 8 mini toy cars and 8 cards that say, "I like the way you roll Valentine." AHHH!! SO STINKIN' CUTE! These would be perfect if your son (or daughter if she loves cars) is in MDO or a little preschool class and is having a Valentine's party. The only thing I didn't like about this set is that it is $3 for only 8 cars/cards- so if you needed to get several kits- that could get a little pricey- but still a fairly good deal since you are getting a "treat" and a Valentine card!
 Another super cute option are these fortune cookie valentines!!! You get 8 felt fortune cookies and message sheets to write a love note on- then you insert them in the cookie!! I think I am going to keep this kit to use for my girls' little Valentine treat! I could see a little girl in 1st or 2nd grade really loving these- again- the only "bummer" (and I use that term VERY loosely) is that this is a set of 8- so you might need to pick up a couple kits depending on the size of your child's class. 
 And finally- there was this kit, which my youngest daughter picked to give out to her class! It is a set of 16 bracelets, 16 cards that say, "You have my HEART Valentine" and a roll of cute black and white striped washi tape to secure the bracelet onto the Valentine! UM. SO PRECIOUS!!! Such a great deal at $3!!
Another kit our Target had, but my husband didn't pick up- was one with little aliens in it- which I am sure is super cute too!!!

I don't know if this shows how easily excited I get about stuff- but I am SO pumped about these adorable Valentine's kits!! 
These are the PERFECT solution if your school requires you to do a non-food item "treat"- which our school does. They are unique, inexpensive and my girls and I just thought they were the cutest things EVER.
So- if you haven't already picked up one of these precious kits- get yourself to Target sometime in the next few days and pick up as many kits as your kids will need!! I can almost guarantee these will sell out super quick because they are just so darn CUTE! 

** after re-reading this post I realized I said "cute" probably 50 times- but when you are talking about things related to Valentine's day...well it is kind of hard to avoid that word- HA! So just bear with the "CUTE." **

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  1. Those are so CUTE! I grabbed some for my guy at hobby lobby. They are Paw Patrol, tattoo valentines. Im thinking all the other moms may hate me, whoops!


  2. Seriously these are really cute!!! I need to get Emma's for her for school =)

  3. I saw her post too!! They are really cute and a different take on a valentine. They help those of us that struggle to make original Pinterest projects cute - by doing it for you! Love that!

  4. Those are so cute! I love every single thing from Target though, they just kill it with everything! How fun to have three girls-total opposite of my world, I love seeing how different things are between girl moms/boy moms :-)

  5. Hi! I picked up the felt fortune cookies. The only thing is...I can't figure out how to insert the fortunes into the felt cookies. Help?

  6. Hi! I picked up the felt fortune cookies. The only thing is...I can't figure out how to insert the fortunes into the felt cookies. Help?


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