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Friday, January 22, 2016

Hi!! Happy FRIDAY!!! 
How has your week been?  Our's was good! 

Yesterday morning, I had my glucose test (I don't know if there is much worse than chugging a sugary orange drink at 7:30 am- HA!) and then had an appointment with my doctor- I heard the baby's heartbeat and that just NEVER gets old!! :) Next week marks the beginning  of my third trimester with Baby L#5 and I am kind of having a hard time believing it!! :)

Okay- so in the past couple weeks I have started using a few new health and beauty products- all of which I happen to LOVE so I thought I would share them with you today!
So here are some of my FAVORITE new health and beauty items I have been using lately!!

At my last few dentist appointments I have been encouraged by the dental hygienist and my dentist to get an electric toothbrush.  I have some pretty bad gum recession from brushing too hard (oops!) and they said a rechargeable toothbrush would help so much!!
Well, just last week, Aaron got us both a new Oral B electric toothbrush and I am LOVING it!!  I have to admit- at first- I was kind of aversive to the idea of using an electric toothbrush- I am a traditionalist and just like a good ol' fashioned toothbrush! HA!  But after the first time brushing with my electric toothbrush- OMG! My teeth had never felt that clean (minus when I go to the dentist for a cleaning)!! The toothbrush Aaron got us has a "pressure sensor" for when you are brushing too hard and it has been a great feature for me- since I have a problem with that. 
I know A LOT of people LOVE the Sonicare toothbrushes- which have AMAZING reviews...but for us- we needed something lower in price. Aaron got our's at Sam's Club and got 2 toothbrushes for $80! So- if you are looking to start using an electric toothbrush- you might want to check out Oral B's line of them! We our totally sold on our's!! 

Aaron got me a new body spray for Christmas- I was wanting something light, that I could wear every day, versus my "special" perfume that I like to save because it is so expensive (which in case your wondering- my two all time FAVORITE scents of perfume are Light Blue by Dolce and Gabana and Chanel Chance Fraiche by Chanel :) Anyway- he got me this body spray by Victoria Secret (but purchased it here on Amazon) and it smells SO GOOD!! I just love it!! It is my new FAVORITE because 1) it comes in a plastic bottle which is so great for traveling (I always get so worried about packing a glass bottle of perfume!) and 2) it has the perfect LIGHT but very DISTINCTIVE scent.  And because it is a body spray- it doesn't go on heavy at all- and is perfect for every day!
My skin has been all kinds of special this winter and because of that- I really needed to get a new foundation to wear that could even out my skin tone but also be really hydrating when I put it on.  In the past, I have NEVER worn foundation...but just in the last year- I have noticed how much better my face looks when I apply some before putting on the rest of my makeup.  So...when I was at Walmart last week looking for a new foundation- I seriously had NO idea what to get.  There are SO many!!  I ended up getting this Dream Velvet foundation by Maybelline and it is just PERFECT!  I decided to go with the Dream Velvet foundation because right on the front of the bottle it says, "soft matte hydrating foundation." BOOM. Exactly what I was looking for!! And luckily- Maybelline's marketing ploy has proven to be true for me- as I find it very hydrating and I think it provides the perfect amount of light- medium coverage- which is exactly what I was looking for!  It is a small bottle- but seriously- a LITTLE goes a LONG way! I use only about a pea size amount of it to cover my face.  
If you are in the market for a new foundation- you might want to check this one out! It is definitely a FAVORITE of mine!

Speaking of horrible skin...last week I asked all of you to help me find a gentle, moisturizing, NOT expensive cream for my face :) I got so many AMAZING suggestions and I seriously appreciated all of you sharing with me the products that you love!! I ended listening to my FAVORITE friend Laura, who suggested I just stick with the Cetaphil brand (she uses the facial wash and lotion) since it works so well with highly sensitive skin AND it is very affordable.  I did a little research and decided to go with the moisturizing CREAM versus the moisturizing lotion- the cream is thicker and more hydrating and it can be used on your whole body- including your face. I have been using this cream for a week and my face is totally back to normal!!! I could tell an immediate difference just after the first night of applying it to my face.  It does an amazing job moisturizing my face- which is SO dry and it has completely helped with the red, blotchy, irritated parts of skin that I had around my eyes.  
At both Walmart and Target- this huge tub is just under $12.  I can guarantee you this is going to last me at least 6 months- if not longer!! And I love that I can also use it on my horribly cracked and dry hands.  SUPER excited that I have found my new FAVORITE face cream!! And thank you so much again for the suggestions!!

And totally not related to health and beauty products :), yesterday marked the one year anniversary since I started writing this blog!! I honestly had no idea what I was doing (and pretty much still don't! HA!) but I did know that I wanted to share my journey and thoughts as a wife and mother- and it has ended up being such an amazing, FUN creative outlet for me.  I have "met" so many wonderful, supportive women and I just LOVE having a space where I can ramble on and on about random topics. 
When I write a blog post...I seriously feel like I am just having a conversation with a group of girlfriends! Your comments, emails and kind and supportive words have been so uplifting and I appreciate them SO much.
Hope you have the BEST day and a wonderful weekend!! 

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  1. Happy Friday! I love that quote! Enjoy your weekend!

  2. I've used Cetaphil for years and I love it!!

    1. Hi Linsley! I have been so happy with the results in the just the short time I have been using it! Good ol' Cetaphil to the rescue! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I'm glad you were able to find good moisturizing lotion! And I am with you on packing perfume in glass bottles, I hate it! I'm always afraid it's going to break. I hope you have a fab weekend, Justine!!

    1. Hi Johannah! I am so glad too! The skin on my face was getting so bad!! And yes- one of my packing nightmares is having an expensive bottle of perfume break all over my clothes. Its never happened-but wow...that would be one strong smelling suitcase! HA! Hope you have a great weekend too!!

  4. Stopping by from the H54F linkup :) I'm due the end of April as well! That Cetaphil cream and VS Noir Tease are both favorites of mine, as well! So glad to find your blog through the linkup!

    Mariah @ Faith & Fashion

    1. Hi Mariah!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!! So fun that you are also due at the end of April!! It isn't too far away!!! :)

  5. Yeaaa for a blogging anniversary!! I think you are a great blogger! ;) Jonathan uses the sonic-care toothbrush and loves it, but I just can't hang! I gotta use traditional!

  6. Happy blogiversary! I love the Cetaphil cream, and it's recommended by a lot of dermatologists.


  7. I love Cetaphil and just repurchased it! Happy Blogiversary!


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