Show and Tell Tuesday!

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!!
I hope your week is off to a great start so far!!

I am linking up with Andrea for her super fun Show and Tell Tuesdays series!!
Today is all about "re-introducing" here we go!
If I were to meet you in the line at Walmart today or at story time at the library- the first thing you would find out about me is that I am the wife of Aaron and the momma to my 4 precious children, Charlotte, Cora Maye, Celine and James.
 I grew up in a small town, smack dab in the middle of Illinois and went to Southern Illinois University for my undergraduate degree and then decided to have an adventure and move across the country for graduate school! I went to Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ and got my Master's degree in Clinical Speech-Language Pathology.  
After that...I spent several months living and working in San Diego, then moved to Chicago for 2 years and theeennnn....decided I needed to make a BIG change in my life- so I moved to Austin, TX!
I moved to Austin (which I might add is one of my most FAVORITE cities in the whole entire world) knowing no one- so I decided the best way to meet some new friends, and by new "friends"  I mean a nice guy, would be to join  Three weeks into my one month membership, I got an email from a guy (who I thought was a tad weird) and a week later we went out on our first date. 9 1/2 years later, we are getting ready to celebrate 8 years of marriage, have been blessed with 4 babies and are getting ready to expect our 5 baby at the end of April!!
Aaron is not only my husband- but truly is my best friend. Our marriage is such an incredible gift and I am so thankful God blessed me with him!!
 Here are those 4 precious kiddos I get to call mine :)
Charlotte is 7 years old and in first grade. She is my little right hand girl, a HUGE help, LOVES to organize things and gets excited about EVERYTHING.
Cora Maye is 5 years old and is in her last year of preschool. She is HYSTERICAL, extremely strong willed, crazy smart and wears her heart on her sleeve. She gives the BEST hugs!!
Celine is 3 1/2 years old and also goes to preschool. Despite the fact she has a younger brother, she is still our baby girl :) She is the PERFECT mix of sugar and spice. She LOVES to play pretend anything and out of all of my girls- she plays independently the best. She is a HUGE fan of anything sweet and has the CUTEST voice I have ever heard!
James is our precious baby boy- he is 1 1/2 years old and a complete TORNADO. He is so LOVABLE and equally rough and tumble. I literally cannot take my eyes off of him for 30 seconds or he will be trying to remove a plug cover from an outlet or he will be on top of the kitchen table trying to blow out my candle. He is PURE joy and seriously makes everyone in our family SO happy!
At the end of April, we will welcome our 5th baby!! We don't find out the gender of our babies- so we are anxiously to find out if a little boy or little girl will be joining our family.  My oldest daughter is ADAMANT we are having another little boy- but if you ask Cora or Celine- they will tell you it is ABSOLUTELY a little girl. 
Aaron and I will take either one :)
Just a few fun facts about me: I LOVE coffee and summer is my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year. I am my happiest when I am at the pool with my family for the day. 
Aside from my husband, my mom is my best friend. 
I am a Walmart (vs. Target) girl and LOVE finding awesome deals there!
Sunshine and fresh air can snap me out of a funk quicker than anything else :)
My faith and teaching my children about God's unconditional and never-ending love for them is my number one mission in life.

I am SO thankful for the beautiful, messy, LOUD and joy filled life I have been blessed with!!
Along with "re-introducing" myself, the second part of today's "Show and Tell" theme is New Year's Resolutions. I actually wrote a post about my goals for 2016 yesterday :) Click here if you are interested reading it! 
We have a big year ahead of instead focusing on changes I need to make in the next 12 months- I am taking a little bit at a time :)
This month- I want to read more, be on my computer less, keep moving and exercising, and be joyful and practice patience..not just when it is easy..but when the going gets tough too :)
I am so excited and expectant for all that this year holds for our family!

I am so happy you stopped by my little corner of the internet and if I haven't "met" you- HELLO! :)
Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. So glad that I got to learn a bit more about you! Have a great day!

  2. I LOVE LOVE this series -- and totally missed it was today!! Boo...but love rereading your story and seeing your beautiful family!!

  3. I loved this! And I as well totally forgot about it today! Maybe i'll link up with them tomorrow, a day late ;) It's fun to learn more about our favorite bloggers!!

    1. Hi Johannah! YES- definitely link up tomorrow!! It is such a fun way to learn about everyone!! :)

  4. What a beautiful family! I love reading all of the link-ups.

    1. Hi Emily!! Thank you for commenting and your kind words! So glad you stopped by!

  5. Nice to "meet" you!! Congrats on your new little! Your family is precious!

  6. so glad to have met you! this is such a great post! hope you check my blog out as well!

  7. What a great story! and #5! I bet you have the best mothering (er...survival!) advice! Nice to "meet" you!

  8. I love this! I found your blog through the momfessionals link up, it is so nice to "meet you" :) you have such a beautiful family! Happy Tuesday <3

  9. We didn't find out the gender of our babies either!!! So fun!
    I have a friend that went to Southern Illinos University. When did you graduate?
    Here is my post:

    1. Hi Mel!! LOVE that you keep your genders a surprise!! And SO fun you have a friend that went to SIU!!! I graduated in 2002!!

  10. I love this post, your family is absolutely beautiful!
    Thanks for introducing yourself, I can't wait to start following along. I love finding a blogger that from reading one post I feel like we would be great friends if we lived in the same place, loved that I got that feeling from you blog! :)

    1. Thank you Lauren!! And that is SUCH a lovely thing to say!! And I totally know what you are talking about- I get that same feeling from certain bloggers!!! :)

  11. Found you through the link-up. What a beautiful family!

    1. Thank you Stephanie!! I appreciate your kind words so much!!

  12. Stopping by from the link up! Beautiful family!


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