Confession Session :)

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!!
I hope your week has been going well...the weekend is almost here! :)

Since it's Thursday, I am linking up with my fabulous friend, Leigh, who hosts a super fun link up party called "Thursday Confessions!" 
//1// I love to watch QVC. Yup. I sure do. But I have NEVER bought a thing from QVC!! I just get a kick out of watching the show hosts just go on an on about the most random items. 
I particularly enjoy the fashion and beauty shows and Cooking with David. Any other fellow QVC watchers out there?!?! 

//2// I didn't buy anything from the Nordstrom Annual Sale. I looked at a few items that other bloggers linked to- but that's about as far as my #NSALE experience went. HA! I just CAN'T spend money on fall clothes right now. It's too hot!! Just give me my $2.87 t-shirts and I am one happy gal :) I will say- I have had my eye on these candles...I have heard AMAZING things about them- and for $15- it is quite a steal to be able to try them out- or I was thinking I could get them to split up as little gifts for people. What do you think? Do have experience with these candles? Are they as amazing as everyone says they are??

//3// Speaking of shopping...I confess I have a HUGE problem when it comes to buying clothes for my kids. I have no problem not buying new clothes for myself- but oh my goodness...I have to use SO much self-restraint when it comes to getting stuff for the girls and James and Marshall!!! Belk has the CUTEST little boy outfits right now (their exclusive store brand j.Khaki is my FAVORITE place to get fun, unique boy clothes) and I am constantly getting emails from Southern Tots and Lolly Wolly Doodle (I know- I should just unsubscribe from them) and I want to buy ALL THE THINGS for my girls!! I have two things helping me not go off the deep end- 1) I would be in big trouble with my hubby if I went on a spending bender :) and 2) my girls wear uniforms- so there really is NO point in buying a ton of fall/winter/spring clothing...because they just won't wear it! But I still "shop" all my favorite websites anyway and my "carts" may or may not be full of outfits that I really am never going to buy! HA!

//4// I have gotten into a really good groove of working out again- which makes me SO happy. I confess, though, I absolutely DREAD the days I do my Jillian Michaels Ripped in 30 DVD. It is only 20 minutes long- but I am still pretty out of shape and Jillian is NO JOKE. Seriously- I am drenched in sweat and sore by the time the workout is over. I am always so glad I pushed 'play' on the DVD player and just powered through the workout- but wow...leading up to it- I just think about every excuse to avoid doing it! HA!

And on that note- it's time for me to go sneak in a run before the kids wake's NOT a "Jillian Day!" YAY! HA!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

Also linking up with Annie and Natalie today!


  1. I bought leggings from the anniversary sale but that was it!!
    I have fallen off my work out schedule but hopefully getting back on a routine will help me!!
    I am with you on the full "carts" I do it all the time. Ha

    Hope you enjoyed your run! Happy Thursday!!

  2. I did buy some things from the Nsale, but as a Floridian it's a good opportunity to buy things they just don't sell down here and I have a Dec trip to NYC planned that I don't have the right clothes for! At least that's what I'm telling myself! Ha.
    I used to do Ripped in 30 before I started going to a bootcamp class, and that DVD is for sure a great work out! I was actually so glad for it because when I went to bootcamp (my first time ever in a class) I felt more sure of myself because some of the moves were familiar to me from the DVD. I still use it on the weeks my husband is out of town and I can't make my class (it's a 5:30am so no one home for the kids).

  3. Years ago, when I was super into scrapbooking, I loved QVC! David would do scrapbooking presentations with this famous scrapbooker and I would record or watch every one. Wish I could say I never bought anything from it. I couldn't begin to tell you all the things I've bought from QVC! ☺️
    I bought a few things from the nsale, but when the heat index is 110, it's kind of hard to think about winter boots!
    But you really must get those candles. I'm not sure if I've smelled those exact scents, but the voluspa candles are the best! I get migraines from cheap candles or even heavily scented ones from bath & bodyworks but the voluspa are light and so wonderful. I love them!

  4. Hi Justine, I also have full carts all over. I love just mindlessly browsing and adding things to my cart. I did not shop the Nsale either. I can't justify spending much money on clothes when I am a kindergarten teacher, plus a mom of two little kids. Hahahaha, Old Navy is about as expensive as I get. However, I do LOVE shoes and I did spy some booties that I wanted. I don't know what my husband would do if I added one more pair of boots/booties to my closet. :) Have a great day!

  5. Full carts - all the time, and I constantly get emails "don't forgot about what is in your cart"! I didn't buy anything from the sale either - not in my budget right now, but it is hard! You crack me up watching QVC...can't say I have ever done that?? Haha! Thanks for being one of my biggest supporters - thankful for you!!

  6. Girl...I am almost embarrassed to tell you how many things I've bought off of QVC...I said "almost"...I'll share a few with you, my king size mattress, my Vitamix, my cookware, a whole set of Temptations dinnerware, my steam cleaner, my laptop, and tons of those chocolate covered apples (they make perfect teacher gifts). I promise I'm not a hoarder...or a senior citizen. Ha!! David is my favorite, too. My daughter does a hilarious impersonation of him!
    I'm also a big Belk fan. I would say 80% of my clothes come from there. I'll have to check out the boys department this weekend. I have my eye on some kids shoes for school at Nordstrom & may check it out tomorrow. Have you seen T Dazzled Too Buy Group on Facebook? I've bought several of my daughter's outfits there. They are super cute and only $12.99. Definitely check it out.
    I feel the same about Jillian. She's a tough cookie!! You look great. :)
    Have a great rest of the week!

  7. It has been so hard to resist all those Southern Tot emails with Fall and Winter clothes!! I haven't picked up anything... yet :) I have heard that it's really nice when schools require uniforms bc you don't have to think about/plan out outfits. Do you like uniforms?? I didn't buy anything from the N sale either, but I did get some cute workout capris at Wal-Mart :)


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