Tuesday Talk: New Favorite T-Shirt!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Hi!! Happy Tuesday!!
I hope you had a great weekend and your week is off to a good start so far!!

Before I dive into my post for today- I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of your kind thoughts and prayers for Aaron!! His surgery went perfectly and while the recovery hasn't been super fun- he is doing just fine :)  He has had to have his leg in a HUGE brace which has really made any kind of movement difficult and awkward...but as of yesterday he was able to get a different brace that allows him to be much more mobile- which makes him a lot happier...which in turn makes me happier- HA!  
Anyway- so appreciate all of you thinking of him- THANK YOU!

Okay- now on to the fun stuff!!
Walmart. One of my FAVORITE stores. I know it's not for everyone- but I have an absolute blast shopping at Walmart- in the actual store and online!! Most of you already know this about me...but I just thought I would re-iterate this fun fact- HA!

So- I have a new favorite t-shirt that I wear- everyday- and you can find it at Walmart for $2.87. Yup. That's right- less than $3 for a super soft, perfectly long, comfy t-shirt!!
I know several people who have these t-shirts, including my friend Amy and they love them just as much as I do!!
At my Walmart- they are up in the front of the junior's section. How cute are my girls?!? I asked them to pretend like they were presenting the t-shirts on a TV show...HA!
On, you can find the t-shirts HERE.
My Walmart has a WAY better selection of colors that the t-shirts come in versus the options they have online. I have a lemony yellow one, a cotton candy pink one, a melon colored one (pictured below), navy, black, and turquoise. For sizing..I typically wear a small in most tops- but this is from the junior's section- so I am wearing a medium in them. They are fitted- but not crazy tight. I wash and dry my t-shirts in the dryer- and they come out beautifully- no shrinkage at all! If you like your t-shirts to be on the looser side- 
I would say maybe even go up 2 sizes...but it might be better if you just tried on both sizes and decided what you prefer :) Sizing can be funny sometimes! :)

So- here I am wearing one of my FAVORITE $2.87 t-shirts, layered with an Old Navy cami underneath it and a pair of city fit 3 inch chino shorts from J.Crew (I usually get mine from J.Crew Factory-  but I picked up this green pair from J.Crew on super sale a couple months ago). This is my MOMIFORM.
Colored shorts + layering tank + colored t-shirt. 

Unless I am wearing workout clothes- this is what you find me in everyday of the summer!
And you know what I love about these t-shirts from Walmart...besides the fact they come in such fun, cheerful colors...if I happen to get a huge spit up stain (or better yet- baby poop stain- HA!) or a smear of chocolate ice cream from one of the kiddos on them- I don't stress out. If the stain doesn't come out (which is usually does with my beloved Dawn :) I am only out $2.87!!! And I can just go pick up another one at my store.
They are perfect for this super messy, sweaty, and sometimes very dirty season of motherhood that I am in!

I will never claim to be super stylish or "on trend" with the latest fashions...but I am ALWAYS comfortable and try to dress in a way that fits my personality!  Love my $2.87 t-shirts!! :)

Do you happen to have any of these t-shirts from Walmart?? If so- do you love them as much as I do??
If you don't- you better go see if your store has any!!! I am telling you- they are AWESOME!!

Hope you have the BEST day!! And Happy Shopping! :)

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  1. You are just to cute!! Love those shirts. I don't have any. But found similar ones from Target but of course cost more:(

    1. Thanks Heather!! I have several of the same style t-shirts from Target too...but honestly- I prefer the Walmart ones!! I like the way they fit better! Definitely check them out the next time you are at Walmart!

  2. Yes, so yes! I have, are you ready for it, 2 white, a coral, hot pink, light blue, navy, black & green. haha!

  3. I'm a Target gal so I don't have any of those tshirts, but I literally wear the same thing you do every day- JCrew chinos, and a t or tank and rainbow or reef flip flops. Living in Florida it's just too hot to wear much else (except a swimsuit!). I know everyone likes fall/winter clothes, but I was trying on some new booties so I needed to put on jeans and I thought "ugh, I'm so glad I live in a place where I only have to wear jeans for 3 months. They're so uncomfortable!" Give me summer clothes anytime!

    1. Aja! Love that we have the same "momiform!" I also have several of similar t-shirts from Target- I've had them for several years and they still look great! I SO wish it was summer most of the year where we lived...I like a little bit of chill in the air- but only for like 3 weeks and then I want it to be warm again! HA! Hope you have a great day!

  4. I'm glad Aaron is recovering well, and hopefully he'll be getting back to normal soon. I love Walmart Tshirts! I bought several Faded Glory v-necks for around $5 each at the beginning of the summer. They are great quality. I really prefer them to the Target T's. I think they are a little more structured or maybe thicker material. I find the Target Tshirts a little too clingy for my figure! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  5. That color looks amazing on you and the girls are so cute presenting them!

  6. So glad Aaron is doing well and able to be a bit more mobile now!! I love that shirt - and outfit!! You are right, for that price it is a perfect summer T that could just last one summer and you would still wouldn't break the bank. Love your Walmart tips!!

  7. What a great deal! I never go to Walmart anymore, only because I hate the traffic where it's located, but I'm seeing so many great deals being posted today!

  8. Those shirts are on sale at my Walmart for $2.oo!! Can't beat that! Thank you for posting about them. I love cheap, inexpensive clothing for this season in mommyhood :)

  9. I love this tees. I actually wear them to sleep in. I like that I can get ones to match my patterned Old Navy pajama pants.

  10. I've been really impressed with WalMart clothes the last year or so. Maybe they're getting better, or maybe I'm getting less picky in my "older" years. I saw those shirts the other day and some workout tanks that I want to go back and look at when I have the time to browse. I did find that I had to go up a little in sizing, too, with some shorts I bought there for my teenage daughter. She normally wears an XS, but I had to buy a medium.

  11. Wow!! What a deal! I love that you always look cute and that you're comfortable. I feel like I'm a better mom when my outfits are cute AND comfy :)


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