Hello Monday!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hi!!! Happy Monday!!
How was your weekend??
We had a great weekend...the weather was awesome and we had a super successful garage sale!
The girls did an awesome job and sold every last muffin they made and were really big helpers with the sale in general.
 Sooo..yeah...we actually made the exact amount of money we were hoping to make- which is so awesome! I will tell you what's NOT so awesome- our silly garage sale completely dominated our lives for two days! HA! I am SO behind on laundry and other chores- I feel like I need ANOTHER weekend to get ready for this week! HA!
Once we closed up "shop" on Saturday- we were still left with SO many baby/kids' clothes! We dropped a TON off at Goodwill, we are donating two huge boxes of baby clothes and some maternity clothes to a women's crisis center by Aaron's hospital and then we have a couple of boxes that we are going to take to a consignment store. We had some REALLY nice stuff that didn't sell- so I am going to try the consignment center route and see how that turns out.  All this to say- nothing that we had out in our garage came back in the house- in fact- we actually got rid of MORE stuff when we did our donation drop off to Goodwill.
While the whole process was super time consuming- I am so glad we did it and it is now checked off of our "Master To-Do List!"

Our Sunday was spent going to church, getting groceries at Aldi and playing outside. 
The kids haven't been riding their bikes much this summer (we have them hanging up in the garage so Aaron can pull his car in)- so we got them down and they had SUCH a blast!
Especially my little Celine! She is still using a bike with training wheels- but she was tearing it up! HA! Out of all 3 of girls- she is the one who is the least interested in playing outside/doing really active stuff- so it was super fun to see her so happy riding her bike! I have a feeling we will be doing a lot of bike riding from here on out!
(Please know that Marshall is totally safe in this picture :) Charlotte's had her kick stand down on her bike, both feet planted on the ground and she was securely holding him :) Just wanted to throw out that disclaimer!! )

And now we are back to Monday...I planned out our meals for the week...but decided not to post them as they are pretty boring, unoriginal meals- HA! Aaron is having surgery later this week and I am FINALLY starting to feel better (I ended up having bronchitis) - so I am trying to keep everything super simple when it comes to our meals this week!

We have big plans to hit the gym this morning- it will be Marshall's first time going to the childcare center!!! And then I deemed this afternoon: CRAFTERNOON. The girls are PUMPED. There is talk of painting, necklace making and so many other fun projects!
Fingers crossed- while the boys are sleeping and the girls are crafting- momma can be washing laundry and putting away the mounds of clothes that got neglected this weekend!! HA!

And one more thing...apparently there is this thing called the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale?!? I guess it's going on now....and it also "starts" on this Friday if you don't have a credit card with Nordstrom....not sure if you have heard about it or not- HA HA!! ;)
Anyway- while I love Nordstrom and they definitely have beautiful, high quality items- even on sale- most of them are too rich for this momma and her teeny-tiny budget. 
Sooo...if you are in the same boat as me- you might want to check out Target's online clearance...because right now- there is a promotion where you can take an extra 20% off the CLEARANCE price!
I found this top- it's $8.04- plus another 20% off..making it $6.40!!!
How cute would this be with leggings or skinny jeans and tall boots?!? I am thinking I might get it to wear in our family's simple- but the neckline gives it that something special :)
Hope you have the BEST day and an AWESOME week!!

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  1. I'm so glad your garage sale was successful! Yay!

    And that picture is fantastic of your bike crew!

  2. So happy all your hard work paid off with the garage sale. We can't have them in our neighborhood, and I really wish we could. We donate a lot of stuff to Goodwill etc, and it would be nice to sell some of it. I'm glad you are feeling better and hope Aaron's surgery goes smoothly!

  3. Looks like you had the cutest helpers at your garage sale!!

  4. Garage sales are always more work than you realize but it looks like you had the cutest helpers!

    1. You're totally right Erika- but the kids had a blast!! So worth it- for that reason alone! :)

  5. So glad your garage sale went great!! And you are feeling better.
    Praying for Hubbys surgery!
    Cutest Bike crew I have ever seen!😀

    1. Thanks friend!! I love the bike picture too :)

  6. I know you are thrilled to have all of those items gone. Simplifying feels so good. I hope everyone cooperates with you this afternoon and you get that laundry out of the way.Hope your week is great!

  7. Yea for a successful yard sale. I am cracking up at your photo disclaimer - is it weird I didn't even notice him until you pointed it out?? And I am with you on the Nordstrom taste on a Target Clearance budget. Many times just because I KNOW clothes are not worth the price they are sold out - I just can't spend that much!!!

  8. I am with you on the crazy prices! Once I followed the link for a pair of jeans; the blogger said they were a great price. They were nearly $100! That's a great price ha?!

    1. Kim- I am equally confused on what some people think qualifies as a great price- HA!
      I am such a CHEAPO!!! :)

  9. Crafternoon sounds PRETTY great if you ask me!! Hope Aaron's surgery goes smoothly later this week...I'm sure your kiddos will have him back on his feet in no time!

    1. Erica- you would have loved Crafternoon with the girls!! They made the biggest mess with beads, glitter and glue and had the absolute best time! You are going to have so much fun crafting with your girls!!! :)

  10. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Target clearance! I got a tee I'd had my eye on for $5.60 today! They have the best deals. As for the Nordstrom sale, I purchased some things, but they were all on the cheap end of the spectrum for Nordstrom.


    1. Tif- you are always dressed so beautifully- so awesome to know you are a deal shopper!! And you are totally right- there are some pretty good deals, on the lower end of the price spectrum, included in the Nordstrom sale! I actually have my eyes on a few things- just need to decide what I actually "need" versus just "want." :)

  11. Yay for a great yard sale!! It makes it all worth the effort it takes to make those events happen. Doesn't it feel so good to sell and then donate all that stuff?? I love that bike picture of your kiddos. You need to frame that and pull it out every summer. I love Marshall posing in the bike basket. It's so sweet to see your big girls love on him. Thinking of your family and praying Aaron's surgery goes really well.


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