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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!
I hope you're having a great week so far!!

Today I am linking up with my girls Johannah and Heather and sharing one of my favorite recipes that I make ALL.THE.TIME!
COWBOY COOKIES! Or you might call the "Monster" cookies!
Whatever you call them- they are DELICIOUS!!
 I originally posted this recipe back in the winter of 2015- so I thought it was worth sharing again!  

This recipe is a tad bit messy- but that is half the fun of baking! :)  This is a great recipe to have your kids help with because it is a lot mixing and dumping- but it is fool proof!

Now here is where you can have some fun with the recipe-
You don't like coconut? Leave it out! Just add another cup of oatmeal or rice crispy cereal in its place!

Substitute 1 1/2 cups raisins for the chocolate chips- best oatmeal raisin cookie you will ever have! 

Or- use a mixture of chocolate chips AND raisins- LOVE that combo!
One of my daughters doesn't like chocolate chips (I know- she is a weirdo :) So when I make this dough- before I add the chocolate chips- I will separate some and add white chocolate chips to half the dough and put regular chocolate chips in the other half.

A mixture of peanut butter chips and chocolate chips would be SO good!
My husband's favorite is when I add M & M's to these cookies. I make the dough as mentioned above with the 12 oz package of chocolate chips.  Then right when the cookies come out of the oven, I will put several M & M's right on the top of the cookies.  It is important to do this right when they come out so they stick to the top of the cookie.  By putting them on top after the cookies have been in the oven, the M & M's stay nice and pretty and don't lose their color (sometimes when you bake the M & M's directly in the dough they lose their bright color or they crack). 
 This dough freezes beautifully- and the cookies do too!
Sometimes if I am in a hurry- I will make the dough, bake a dozen cookies and just freeze the rest of the dough for when I have more time to bake all of the cookies at once.
These are a great dessert to bring to a cookout, potluck dinner or to drop off at someone's house if they need a little cheering up! 
You can't go wrong with cookies. EVER :)

Hope you have the BEST day and Happy Baking!


  1. Those cookies look delicious! They would make a great after school snack.

    1. YES! And they are a lot of fun for the kids to help make them!! :)

  2. These look really good =) And very customizable! Emma would love these!

  3. Yum!! These cookies look so good! My kids would love to help me make these!

    1. They are SO good- and your kids will love helping with all the "dumping" of ingredients!! :)

  4. You know these are a new favorite in our home!!! YUM - I have them bookmarked now for next time I need to make something delicious!!

  5. I just pinned these; they look so tasty! I will for sure be baking this when we need a good cookie fix :)

  6. Yummmmmm!! I make monster cookies, but they don't have as many ingredients as these cowboy cookies. I'm not a raisin fan so I love that you can customize this recipe for your family. Can't wait to give these a try. I've never made cookies with rice krispies in them :)


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