Thursday Confessions!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Hi!! Happy Thursday!!
Is it me or has this week gone by super fast??
Between getting back from vacation Sunday evening and the next day being 4th of July...I haven't been able to keep my days straight! HA!
Whether your week has gone by fast or slow...I sure hope it's been a good one so far! :)

It's Thursday-so that means I'm joining my friend Leigh for her Thursday Confessions link up! 
We are "detoxing" from being on vacation and out of our routine for the past 10 days and it has not been pretty. HA! My kids did SOOOO good while we were traveling! They are very adaptable and LOVED playing with their cousins. Now that we are back home- totally different story.  Whining, tantrums and talking back are in full effect and I confess I haven't been the nicest or most patient mommy. UGH. I have a few things I plan to do to get us ALL back on track...I am crossing my fingers they help and I can make it through the day without wanting to crawl into the corner of my closet with a frosty margarita and hide from my kids until they realize I have snuck away. HA!
Speaking of being on vacation....while I didn't go nuts and completely fall off the wagon...I definitely ate differently and consequently...gained a few pounds. BOO!
It's totally no big deal...but it's no fun back tracking and RE-losing weight that you just LOST. Does that make sense?? HA! Anyway...what's done is done and I confess- the big plate of fries that came with my 2 crab cakes...well they were DELICIOUS and totally worth it! HA!
Now it's back to lacing up my running shoes every morning and avoiding the urge to eat big spoonfuls of peanut butter (one of my biggest weaknesses)!!!
I couldn't agree more with this sentiment! HaHa!!
I confess I am already starting to dread the idea of my kids going back to school!!! AHHH!!
They go back in 5 weeks- which seems like such a short time away! 
I haven't been to Walmart in a couple of weeks, but I can guarantee they already have their school supplies out! And as much as it pains me- I need to take my girls school supply shopping earlier rather than later because I feel like all the good folders and other required items get picked over really quick. I am SO SO thankful for my girls' school and that they love it there....I am just not ready to go back to our "school grind!" 

June was a busy month for us. We were out of town for a combined 15 days! Pair that with a newborn, 4 other kids to take care of AND a husband who happened to tear his ACL running on the treadmill during what was supposed to be a "regular" workout (and has to have surgery on it later this month- WAAHHH!!) and I confess that I am a smidge tired. Like if it was healthy- I would only be drinking coffee. ALL.DAY.LONG. HA!
If anyone is interested in coming over to watch my kids so I could sleep for 24 hours...that would be ggrreeaaattt. HA!
In the meantime- I will just keep chugging as much coffee as I can!
Um. YES. Exactly how I feel!! HaHa!!
Hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. Oh my! Will your parents be able to come help when Aaron has his surgery?

    Cash starts school this Fall & I'm already feeling like I should e-mail them asking when the school supply list comes out. haha!

  2. Oh no on Aaron's surgery. Praying for y'all!
    This has been a crazy week! Holiday weeks throw me totally out of whack.
    I'm really tired of food having calories too!!! Haha.

  3. Oh poor Aaron! That really really stinks. And well poor you too! I love all the memes =) They defiantly made me laugh!!
    Have a great Thursday, Justine!

  4. Coffee just came out my nose when I scrolled down and saw the meme with "whinese". I've got one at home that can barely get through a sentence without adding that high pitch to it. AAAhhhh. This week has been brutal. Sorry to hear about Aaron's injury. I've heard that is super painful and not to mention....inconvenient for you all.

  5. So sorry to hear about Aaron's injury and surgery! Definitely NOT what your family needs right now, but hoping you all get back into the routine after such a fun vacation. Have a good Thursday!

  6. Yikes - Aaron!! Doesn't he know dads aren't allowed to have downtime either??? We start school August 8th...and just got our school lists yesterday. I am in denial! You will get those pounds back off, glad you were able to enjoy your vacay!

  7. I couldn't agree more with every one of these!! We were on vacation last week too, and I have the exact feeling about my kids. They were troopers for seven days, but this week has been rough! It's like they grew accustomed to being entertained and this week was like one huge wrestling match between the two of them.
    I just went to WalMart this week and glanced down the school supply aisle, and my first thought was about those stinking folders. In a few weeks, I'll be searching for eight different colors of folders WITH pockets AND brads. Why do they even make the other folders? No one needs those!
    Hope you have a restful weekend! :)

  8. Oh man, I was nodding in agreement to so many of these. It's so fun to travel with your family, but it's soooo exhausting. It's especially hard when the vacation high is over and you're trying to get back into your routine at home. Hoping the kids sleep great for you so you can get some rest. Glad you got to enjoy some treats on vacation and I know you'll be back on track in no time. Your commitment to exercise is inspiring! School supply aisles are definitely making their way to stores. I'm with you on scoping out things early so you get first pick. Can't wait to see what folders your girls pick out. That was always my favorite part. You mentioning the school schedule makes me extra thankful of our school free days for a little longer. I'm really trying to soak up the days where I'm in complete control of our schedule. Poor Aaron and poor you for his upcoming surgery. Praying it goes great and he has a quick recovery. Thinking of you and sending you energy filled vibes :)


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