What's Up Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016 is the last Wednesday of the month...which means it is time for a What's Up Wednesday Post! It has been a hot minute since I have done a "What's Up Wednesday" post- so I am extra excited to be joining MelShay and Sheaffer for their super fun link up party today!

What we're eating this week...well- this week is a little different- because the kids and I are visiting my parents and Aaron is back at home. My mom always makes super delicious meals AND the fact that I am not the one having to cook- well that's making me pretty happy! HA!
Next week- once we're back home- I plan on making some easy ground turkey + black bean enchiladas and some meatballs to have on hand for meatball subs and to go with pasta and red sauce. If I am going to the trouble of cooking- I always try to make a double batch of whatever I am's so easy to do that and I am always SO happy when I have a couple "go-to" meals stocked in the freezer!

What I'm reminiscing girls not being so little anymore!! When we were setting up our garage sale a couple weekends ago, I got SO emotional going through all of their precious clothes!! When they were younger, I dressed them alike ALL THE TIME and it brought back so many fun memories to see all of their cute little matching outfits again! 
I mean...can you even handle this amount of cuteness???? 
What I am loving....SUMMER! Pool Days! Super early morning runs where I get to see the sun rise! My little Marshall's smiles, coos and the beginning of him laughing! Having all of my kids with me during the day and not having to be anywhere at any specific time :) 
All things I am currently LOVING. 

What we've been up to...It has been a full month for us!! We went on a 10 day vacation to North Carolina and Virginia Beach at the end of June and got back July 3. I then promptly got a HORRIBLE cold which ended up turning into bronchitis. NOT fun. But I am all better now (modern medicine is AMAZING)! Two weeks ago- we had a huge garage sale- it went great- but it was also a TON of work. Last Thursday, Aaron had surgery for a torn ACL- so this past weekend was spent keeping the kids busy while he rested and was laid up in bed. And now the kids and I are in Illinois visiting my parents! PHEW! I am looking forward to having a couple weeks of "normalcy" before the girls head back to school in the middle of August! :)

What I'm dreading...if I am just being completely honest- I am kind of dreading school starting up again. I LOVE my girls' school. They LOVE going to school. I DON'T love getting all 5 of my kids out the door for school at 7:05 am Monday-Friday. I have gotten really accustomed to our lazy summer mornings and I am just not ready for them to go away yet!

What I'm excited about...well...for starters- tomorrow I am getting my hair highlighted! YAY! I always get my hair done when I am back home- because I LOVE my stylist and her prices are SO affordable compared to expensive Indianapolis. And she does such a great job!! On Friday, I am seeing one of dearest friends- we haven't seen each other in almost 4 years and I can't wait to catch up and give her a big hug! And on Saturday, my mom, my sister and I are attending a wedding shower for my cousin! It's always busy when I come back "home," but I love being able to see so many friends and family members!

I am also excited to be teaming up with Erica and Leigh for our monthly link up – Pinspiration Wednesday!  Our next link up is Wednesday, August 3- which is next week! Our topic for August is: Favorite Crockpot RecipesWe would love it if you would link up with us and share your best crockpot recipes that you have found by "pinning" on Pinterest! August is a busy month for most people with school starting up again and I know we could all benefit from having some great crockpot recipes to help make dinner time a little bit easier! :)
What I am watching/reading...I am SO embarrassed to admit this- but I am watching NOTHING. I am also reading NOTHING (except my morning devotional books). By the time we have all the kids in bed, it is about 8:30 pm...and then I usually have to finish cleaning up the kitchen from dinner time...and then this ol' lady is BEAT. HA! I usually plop on the couch with Aaron for about 20 minutes...but then it's time for bed for me! And while I would love to be reading a good book right's just not the season for me. The little pockets of time that I have available during the day are spent doing household chores, prepping meals and playing with the big girls (while the boys nap). And I am totally fine with that!! There will be plenty of time for TV and good books once Marshall is a little bit older. Right now- I am loving the place in life I am RIGHT NOW- even though that means I am completely out of the loop as far as TV and good books are concerned :) 
Side note: I just saw a preview for a new fall show called: "This Is Us"- UM. it looks SO good! You can bet I will be watching that come September!! :)

What I am listening to...Kidz Bopz and the local country stations on the radio. Also- loving my running songs I have on my shuffle....the faster the beat- the better!

What I'm wearing...Just yesterday I posted about my current favorite outfit- it includes a t-shirt that only costs $2.87!! Check it out: HERE!
What I'm doing this weekend...Attending a wedding shower for my cousin on Saturday and driving back to Indianapolis with my 5 kiddos on Sunday!

What I'm looking forward to next is starting and I guess I am kind of excited about that- only because my girls are so excited :) I am most looking forward to celebrating my precious Cora's sixth birthday! She wants to have a little art party with her sisters and a couple of girlfriends from school. It should be a super fun morning celebrating what a sweet girl she is!

What else is new...nothing that I can report on as of yet :) We have some exciting things happening regarding the future...but for now- that's all I can say about that! HA!
I hate when people do stuff like that...cliffhangers are SO annoying. so sorry about that!! :) HA! But really- as soon as I can share- I promise I will!!

BONUS QUESTION: What was your favorite part about summer?
Hands down- the favorite part about this summer was spending a week at the beach with my family and Aaron's side of the family. 
To be completely honest- I was a little unsure of how it all would go...traveling 12 hours with a 7 week old + 4 other small children...being gone for 10 days???...but it was such an AWESOME vacation and we had the BEST time! 
So thankful for our week together at the beach!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today!! I hope you have the BEST day!!


  1. Enjoy all of your time with your parents!

  2. I love your beach pics and can't wait to hear what your exciting news is. And yes, you will have plenty of time to read later on when your babies aren't so little! I'm with you...this summer went by so quickly and I'm not quite ready for school to start again! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  3. I have to admit that while I like the idea of some free time while C is in school, I'm not exactly eager for the early mornings. I can't image doing it with 5 little ones.

  4. I LOVE all of your beach photos - did you ever blog about your trip??? You had a busy July, I hope you get a few weeks of summer left before school starts! Enjoy your time with your mama!!

  5. UGGGHHH....the vague cliffhanger!! Let the blog stalking begin. haha. I swear every time you post pics of your girls and all there matching / coordinating outfits, I get a tad more excited about what's ahead for us. Can't wait to watch these sisters develop their friendships like yours have!

  6. Enjoy not having to cook this week! That's seriously the best! XOXO Love your adorable family pictures!


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