Pinspiration Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!!
It's the first Wednesday of the month- so that means that Erica, Leigh and I are hosting our Pinspiration Wednesday Link-Up Party!
This month's theme is: Pinterest Inspired Summer Cookout Recipes!

I don't know about you- but during the summer months- almost all of our meals are cooked on our grill. It just seems like everything tastes SO good when it is cooked over an open flame AND it means less mess in the kitchen!! Which makes me a very happy person. HA!
We have already hosted a few cookouts this summer and we plan to have a few more! I am excited to use these recipes that I have "pinned" for our next summer cookout!
We are having a cookout for all of the residents in Aaron's program in a few weeks and I am thinking I want to do several different types of kabobs on the grill. I love how easy kabobs are to prep ahead of time and they are a very "casual food." You can use your fingers or a fork! HA! When I saw this grilled steak, potato and mushroom kabobs recipe on Pinterest- I knew I had to pin it right away! These look SO delicious and I think my husband would be one happy guy if these were part of our cookout menu!
To go along with the more "traditional" steak and potato kabobs- I thought these Hawaiian chicken kabobs looked SO GOOD!  
What's a cookout with a couple, yummy side dishes?!?
This corn, avocado, and tomato salad looks SO yummy and fresh!! 
And it takes just a few ingredients to put it all together! 

We love grilling sweet potatoes at our house! They are so easy to prep ahead of time and are such a delicious, no-fuss side dish to have with burgers, steak or chicken. Loving this recipe- which calls for some cilantro and lime zest- YUM!

I am not a huge fan of heavy side dishes- especially ones with lots of mayo- when we are cooking out. That's why I think these prosciutto/asparagus wraps would be a perfect side dish- they are light, easy to eat with your fingers and I just love any vegetable on the grill!
You could totally substitute the prosciutto for bacon if you wanted too!

And what's a cookout without dessert??
I mean- that's the only reason my kids eat get dessert. HA!
How amazing does this no bake peanut butter oreo delight look?!? AHHH!! 
Seriously. YUM-MO.
I don't know many people who don't enjoy the combination of chocolate and peanut butter- so this seems like an obvious winner :) And again- SO easy to prepare ahead of time! Are you seeing a theme with how I cook?? HA! I basically plan my menus around recipes that can be made during nap time :)

Okay- now I am hungry. It's only 5 am- but I am ready to fire up our grill and start cooking! HA!
I would love to know- what are some of your favorite summer cookout recipes??

Hope you have the BEST day- and if you are linking up with us today- thank you SO much! I can't wait to read all of your posts!!


  1. I think kabobs are the perfect idea for a summer cook out! They may take a bit of prep for you before hand, but will be great for the actual party day!

  2. My post today was all about kabobs! They are just so fun and easy!! I "pinned" the same Hawaiian Chicken kabobs! I hope they are on our grill this weekend!!
    Love this link up party! Thank you for hosting!!

    1. They are seriously SO yummy!! And I love the way they look on a serving tray!! Too funny we both pinned the Hawaiian chicken kabobs...they look SO good!

  3. Kabobs are the BEST!!! There are so many different variations you can do any they are simple. The corn salad looks delish and so fresh!! =) Have a great Wednesday!

    1. They really are great- and I love the ones you have made and shown on your blog- any time you want to come over to my house and make them- you are welcome to! HA!

  4. Everything looks delicious! I also actually pinned the Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs - they must be really popular right now. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  5. Kabobs for the summer win!! Even my kiddos love them so I call that a double win!! I am a hosting failure...forgot to put our button on my post. DOH!!! Gotta go update now! :) Love hosting with you friend!!!

  6. I made those steak and potato kabobs last weekend. Word of advice...cook the potatoes and steak on separate skewers because it takes a lot longer for the potatoes to cook than it does the steak. We ended up with perfect steak bites and hard potatoes.

    1. Shelby! Thanks so much for the words of advice- that totally makes sense!

  7. Ok, I've never heard of grilling sweet potatoes! Where have I been?!?! We love sweet potatoes at our house, we will definitely be trying this!


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