Friday Favorites!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!!

Whew! I have been a little quiet here on the blog this week...because..well...LIFE :)
All is great...we just seemed to have a little more than usual going on this week!!
I know you know what I mean ;)

So- anyway- here we's Friday and my girls are officially on Spring Break!! We are SO excited!! We were originally supposed to be heading to Chicago today for a little mini-vacation- but the weather is forecasted to NOT be good- and 5 kids in a big city with cold weather and rain does NOT sound like a vacation to me. HA! 
So- we are staying put here in Indianapolis and going to have a staycation! 
I am just VERY excited to have a little time off from the busyness that is our school schedule and have some time with all 5 of my kiddos at home!!

Okay- time for some Friday Favorites! In true Justine fashion- they are super random!! :) HA!

We took an impromptu trip to see my parents last weekend and it was so fun! We surprised the girls by picking them up a little early from school and we got to my parents' house by dinner (they live in Central Illinois- so we are about 4 hours from them). 
Aaron and I have gotten into a little "tradition" of making a big breakfast on Sunday when we are visiting my mom and dad- so we did just that before we headed back home. Our crew is looking pretty haggard (James is mad we aren't letting him eat the bacon! HA!) in this picture- but I love it because we are all in it! We get so few pictures ALL together- that any time we do- they are my FAVORITE :)
UM. Have you ever seen anything cuter than these bunny salt and pepper shakers?!?! My daughter Cora and I ran to the Dollar Tree a couple days ago to pick up a few things and when we walked through the Easter aisles we saw these little bunnies and HAD to get them. 
They are just TOO stinking precious and they were ONE DOLLAR. Cute and Cheap. Two of my FAVORITES! HA!
While we were at my parents' house, Aaron and I snuck out for a couple hours and had a little (early) anniversary date. We just went to a couple of stores and stopped off at Starbucks for a coffee. It was SO nice to have some one on one time with him and be able to finish our conversations instead of saying..."we can talk about this once the kids are in bed." HA!
We celebrated our actual anniversary this past Wednesday- 9 years!! 
It was a perfectly ordinary day sprinkled in with some beautiful flowers, a wonderful love note and a delicious steak dinner at home with our whole crew. This guy is a total gift from God and he is hands down my most FAVORITE person in the whole world!
FRIENDS. Aldi does it AGAIN! I was there on Monday getting our groceries for the week and stopped in my tracks when I saw these ADORABLE and VERY good quality rain boots for $9.99!!! My kiddos don't need rain boots or you could bet I would have been putting 5 pairs of these in my cart!! A couple of my best blogging friends have asked me for Aldi recommendations- and I have been completely delinquent (SORRY Heather!!!) in getting a list made with all of my FAVORITE Aldi items. It is on my list of 'things to do' this weekend and I plan on doing a post on EVERYTHING we buy and love from Aldi next week! Stay tuned for that!!
When I was at the Dollar Tree this past week, along with the cutest bunny salt and pepper shakers, I also picked up this pretty cross. I wanted a simple spring/Easter wreath for my front door and thought the cross would be perfect! I had plans to embellish my wreath with some greenery and flowers- but when I attached the cross to it- I just loved the simple look of the "L" and the cross! I am telling you the Dollar Tree has some awesome seasonal decor items!! They are one of my FAVORITE places to shop when I want some new decorations to go with things I already have!
And there's your daily dose of randomness. HA!
Hope you have had a great week and have some fun activities planned for the weekend!!

Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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  1. I love your randomness!! HA
    I can't wait for your Aldi list!! Those rain boots are awesome!!
    Happy Anniversary! So glad you and Aaron got to sneak out for a little date while at your parents!
    Y'all have the best weekend!

  2. Those are awesome Dollar Tree finds, and I can't believe those cute rain boots were at Aldi! I love the picture of all five of you, and the one of you and Aaron too. Glad you got a little date time. Have a wonderful spring break!

  3. God Bless.

  4. The Dollar Tree is a hidden gem. You never know what fun things you may find while shopping.

  5. I love the Dollar Store. You never know what you'll find -those bunny shakers are adorable.

    Sounds like you had a really good trip to see your parents. Enjoy your staycation as well.


  6. Love the tradition of making breakfast! Those salt and pepper shakers are so cute. The Dollar Tree has the BEST stuff!

  7. I scoured Aldi for rainboots in Wyatt's size, but they didn't go that low. I as so bummed! Happy belated anniversary!

  8. Love those bunny S&P shakers!! What a cute find. I'm so impressed with Aldi - they carry things like rain boots!?!? I had no clue and they're super cute. I'm so glad you had a great visit with your family. That's sweet of you to fix a big breakfast and I am with you - I never pass up an opportunity for a family picture.


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