Weekly Walmart Finds!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Thursday!!!

It's been awhile since I have done a "Weekly Walmart Finds" post and I am SO excited to show you some goodies I found this past week while my girls and I were walking around our local Walmart!

First- please look at these absolutely adorable boys' chino printed shorts!!! AAHHH!
I can't even handle them! They are so preppy- they are such nice quality and are very much like shorts from J.Crew's Crew Cuts line! They are $8.88 and you they come in several patterns- you can find them HERE!
(FYI- these shorts are in the Boys' Section- they start at size 4 and go up to size 18).

How cute would these shorts be paired a red polo shirt for 4th of July?? I just love them!
 While I was in the boys' section, I also saw this pair of swim trunks. I LOVE the patriotic stripes- again- these look (and feel) like they are from a higher end children's store! They are $7.88 in the store- but currently on sale online! You can find them HERE! I have bought James his swimsuits from the OP line at Walmart for 2 years now and have been SO happy with the quality! These are an absolute STEAL!
 I LOVE the 'George' brand Walmart carries. I have bought my girls' Easter dresses from the 'George' brand multiple times over the past 5 years and have always been SO happy with them! They are extremely high quality, the fabrics the dresses are made out of are SO pretty and because of that- I keep coming back each year to get my girls' Easter dresses from Walmart!  Look at this beautiful dress I found! I am in LOVE with the blue/white color combo!! It is $17.88!! You can find all the Easter dresses Walmart currently has by the 'George' brand by going HERE! And if you're curious- this is the dress I got my girls! It's online and in the stores!
 Okay- so this is the "find" I am MOST excited about!!
My husband LOVES colored chino shorts and his favorite place to get them is from J.Crew Factory. On sale- we can usually get them for about $22-$25- which is totally reasonable in my opinion!! Well...I stumbled upon this colored chino shorts by Faded Glory in the Men's section and automatically put this super fun turquoise pair in my cart- because I knew my husband would love the color. They are a great length, have a really nice weight to them and they are super soft! My husband LOVED them and we ended up getting him 2 more plates- one in kelly green and another in a slate color. Friends- guess how much these shorts are??? SEVEN DOLLARS. Yup. And they feel like they should be $30!! You can find them online HERE or look for them in your store! 
Just FYI- my husband is a little over 6' 3" and these shorts hit him just right above the knee. Also- he is between a size 34 and 35 waist- and went with a 36 in these shorts!
 The best beach/pool/picnic blanket is BACK! If you did not pick up one of these last year- GET ONE! They are only $9.97 and seriously the best outdoor blanket ever!! One side is water resistant and they wash up beautifully in the washing machine! We keep our's in the back of our van and it is SO handy to have!! I think I am going to get another one- since 5 kiddos with all of their lunches can get a little crowded ;) You can find this AWESOME blanket HERE online- but here's the deal- they are pretty much all sold out AND they are $5 more expensive online! So if you are wanting this blanket- definitely pick it up at your local store!
 And finally- I had to include some of the ADORABLE Easter decorations Walmart is currently carrying! I am telling you- this past year- Walmart has REALLY stepped up their game in their seasonal decor. Everything they have looks very "Hobby Lobby-ish" and is SO cute. I am in LOVE with this "Happy Easter" carrot!! How cute would this look hanging from a burlap wreath! I didn't get it- but I think I am going to have to pick it up this weekend :) It is $6.98! Also- to the left of the big carrot- do you see that adorable "Easter" sign made out of wooden carrots?? The one in front of it says "Welcome." They are $5.98 and would look so great on a front door!!
 Here's another snapshot of some more things they have- I LOVE that bundle of burlap carrots!! They are $4.84! My husband was picking the girls and I up- and he arrived at the store RIGHT as we started looking at the Easter decorations- so I know there is a lot more to mention- I just didn't get a chance to look at everything! DEFINITELY check out the Easter aisle at your local store- there's SO much cute stuff!!
What have you picked up from Walmart lately that you are loving??

I was in need of a green shirt for St. Patrick's day- so I picked up one of my beloved No Boundaries t-shirts for $2.87 and I am set to go!! They have new colors in stock along with the usual classic gray, black and white. If you haven't tried out these t-shirts- you MUST! They are in the junior's section or you can find them HERE (FYI- they have more colors in the store than they do online)!

Hope you have the BEST day (and happy shopping)!!!

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  1. I have a million of those t's, which I just love. I have to actually take Cash with me to the store this spring because I have no clue what size shorts he will be in. Still toddler section or have we moved up to the big boys, I have no clue. Shirts we have moved up, but he is just so skinny. haha! I'm adding that blanket to my list this weekend!

  2. WOW. You found some amazing finds! I swear you always have the best luck at Walmart! I find nothing! HAHA
    Those are really CUTE Easter decorations! I'm pulling out my Easter/Spring decorations this weekend and I may just have to stop by Walmart and pick up some of those carrots! Super CUTE!
    Have a GREAT day!

  3. Great picks.

  4. Such cute finds! I was there today and couldn't find the boys stuff at all! I did get the burlap carrots- super cute. Stayed away from the girl section do I wasn't tempted. Right now the women's shoes have some awesome sandals!

  5. SO many fun things!! Love those boy shorts and the price tag!! I really need to get one of those picnic blankets for my car. I know we'd use it a ton. You're so right about the Hobby Lobby feel to Wal-Mart's seasonal decor these days. They really have greatly improved it. I'm sure your hubby was thrilled to find those $7 shorts! Such a great color for summer. I'll have to send Kevin there to check out their selection. I'm excited to go and look for some colored jeans for myself. Wal-Mart always and forever :)


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