Recipe Club: Weight Watchers Friendly Taco Bar!

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hello!!  Happy Wednesday!!

So- my brain has been foggy the last couple of days and I had planned on sharing some fun Walmart finds with you today- UNTIL I realized it was the 3rd Wednesday of the Month...which means it's Recipe Club day (I plan on sharing my Walmart finds tomorrow)! 
My blogging buddies Johannah and Heather host this super fun link-up and it's one of my favorites to participate in every month!
Today, I am not necessarily sharing a recipe, as much as I am a "method." 

I don't know a person out there who doesn't love tacos/burrito bowls. We are BIG fans- and we have some form of tacos EVERY Tuesday night!
Taco salads and burrito bowls are two of my favorite things to have for dinner because they are healthy, customizable and fit great within the Weight Watchers plan. 
So- today- I thought I would show you how I make my Weight Watchers friendly taco salad!

I start off by cutting up several peppers. I LOVE red, orange and yellow peppers! They come in a bag of 3 at Aldi for around $2.89.
I spray the peppers with olive oil cooking spray, sprinkle some salt, pepper, garlic powder and maybe a little cumin if I feel like it- and put them in the oven at 450 degrees for about 30 minutes. They roast up beautifully and they are SO good. These peppers add SO much "oomph" to my salad and are 0 Smartpoints!!
While my peppers are in the oven roasting, I dump a bag of cauliflower rice in a microwave safe bowl and cook it. I buy these bags of riced cauliflower at Trader Joes- they are in the fresh produce section. I freeze them immediately when I get home and 1 entire bag cooks up in the microwave in about 5-7 minutes! I like to season my cauliflower rice with some salt, pepper and a couple spoonfuls of salsa! This is another 0 Smartpoint food!! 
I shared last week about my two favorite kinds of ground turkey. I use the same kind for our taco night. I don't always have the Jennie-O 99/1 ground turkey on hand- just depends if I have picked some up at Super Target or not. I always pick up a couple packages of Fit and Active 93/7 ground turkey on my weekly shopping trip to Aldi because I use it for everything- tacos, meatballs, turkey burgers- you name it! 
I brown up my ground turkey using this DIY Taco Seasoning and then put it in a tupperware so it is easy to reheat it when it is time for dinner! 
Five ounces of the Fit & Active 93/7 ground turkey is 4 Smartpoints! (I use a food scale to measure how many ounces of ground turkey I put on my plate :)
As I have mentioned many times before, I do not eat dairy products- so no cheese or sour cream for me! My two favorite toppings are guacamole- I get this kind of guacamole at Aldi and it is SO good! It is 2 Smartpoints for 2 tablespoons. It is also Whole30 compliant if you happen to be following that plan!
Finally, I top my taco salad with some salsa- this is our favorite kind (you guessed it- it's from Aldi- HA!) 2 tablespoons of this salsa is 0 Smartpoints! If you have more than that- it is no longer '0' and you have to account for it :)
And here is my super YUMMY, HUGE taco salad!! You can see some sliced chicken breast on the side of my salad- on this particular night- I added that to my salad because we had some leftover in the fridge. 
This big plate of food is 7 Smartpoints!! (I am not counting the chicken- that is an extra 2 points).
A lot of people ask me if I make myself and my family different meals. And the answer is a big NO. HA! Every meal I plan out totally works with Weight Watchers and that is another reason why I love being a WW member so much!
Aaron has this exact same taco salad- except I give him more ground turkey and he might crush up a few tortilla chips on top of his salad. I also add a little bit of shredded cheese and light sour cream on top of his salad.
I make the kids "Mexican pizzas" using tostada shells! I melt some shredded cheddar on the tostada, top with some ground turkey and they get a side of corn and applesauce. 
Super easy!!

And there you have it- this is how our family does taco night!!
I would love to know- do you have taco night or make burrito bowls regularly at your house?
How do you make them?
To change it up sometimes- I will make shredded salsa chicken in the crockpot or we might use left over shredded pork tenderloin in place of ground turkey! We also love to add refried black beans every once and awhile!

Hope you have the BEST day! 


  1. We love tacos around here!! It's our favorite!! I will have to try that cauliflower rice!
    Thank you for sharing and linking up with us!

  2. Oh my gosh! Now I want tacos! haha These look delicious!! I recently bought the cauliflower rice at our grocery store and Emma and I loved it =)
    Thanks for linking up with us =)
    Have a great day!

    1. I saw that you she liked it when you posted it on your Instagram!! That is awesome! Such a great way to sneak in some extra veggies!! And I always want some form of tacos/burritos- they are just SO good!

  3. YUMMY! I have been wanting to try the riced cauliflower. I am going to try your method when I do. This looks so yummy and lite. Thank you for sharing. We love having salads and bowls like this because everyone can customize their own dinner and my kids love that. Also, looking forward to your WalMart finds post! Have a great day!

    1. Yes Jenna! The fact that the kids can customize this type of meal makes it especially great! I usually give my girls a choice of tortilla chips, soft taco shell or crunchy taco shell...they love getting to pick :) Hope you're having a great week!

  4. So I make a batch of "taco" or "fajita" meat..whether it's beef, turkey, pork, or chicken...lay all our of our toppings beans, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, onions, salsa, rice, etc then we typically end up assembling in various ways. We may do salads, nachos, tacos, quesadillas, bowls, burritos...whatever we're feeling. 99% of the time we don't end up with the same meal. I love making food like this though, because we can eat on it for days and still feel like we're getting a different meal if we fix it as nachos for dinner, then a salad the next day and so on. And now I want to try the riced cauliflower! Have a great day friend!

  5. This all looks so good!!! Trader Joe's sells frozen organic riced cauliflower too that I have grown to love even more than the fresh stuff! I found the kind in the produce section wasn't as good of quality as their frozen and the frozen even tastes more like rice to me! It can sell out super quick so I usually stock up and buy 3 or 4 at a time but it might be something to check out if you're popping it in the freezer anyways :)

    1. Hi Laura! Yes! I have bought the frozen riced cauliflower many times before- but I have started buying the fresh and freezing it because you get more for a less price! I do agree with you that the frozen cauli rice has a milder, more "rice" like taste to it! And it's crazy how its almost always sold out!

  6. Tacos are a favorite at our house too! These look yummy!!!!

  7. Your taco salad looks so yummy! I will have to try roasting the peppers soon.

    We like to squeeze a little fresh lime juice on taco bowls/salads for a flavor kick.

  8. This look SO good!! I just noticed this week that Sams carries Cauliflower rice. I'm going to have to try it in a smaller bag before I commit to a HUGE bag :) Love your idea of going heavy on the sweet peppers, too! Looks delicious!


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