Weekly Walmart Finds: Bedding for Our New House!

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hi!! Happy Wednesday!! We are officially a little under 3 months away from moving and Aaron and I are pretty much constantly talking about something that has to do with our new house or the move!

I have been having a lot of fun planning out how I want to decorate our new house.  My plan is to re-purpose almost everything we currently have- but use it in new rooms or different parts of our new house. For instance- we have a huge mirror that we have hung in our living room, in the past 3 houses we have lived in. In our new house- I am going to put it in our entry way! I love the mirror- I just don't want it in my living room anymore! :)

As far as our bedrooms go- the only new furniture we are getting is a dresser for each of the kids' rooms. The girls will be sharing a room (they really want to- so we are going with it! :) and the boys will be sharing a room. 

The only thing I really want to get NEW for everyone is bedding. I feel like something as simple as a new comforter and some pillows can completely change the look of a bedroom- and I want the kids to feel extra special in their new rooms!

So- of course- you know I have been shopping on looking at all of their bedding options- and I am so excited to share with you today some things I have found!

First up is this ruched comforter set by Better Homes and Garden for our master bedroom.   I have had my eye on this comforter for about a year now and cannot wait to put it on our bed!! Our bedroom furniture is pretty dark and rich- so I think the pop of this fresh white comforter is going to look fabulous! It has incredible ratings and can you even believe a king size set- which includes the comforter and 2 shams is only $44.96?? Done and done!
Moving onto the girls' room! The girls want their bedroom painted a light, purply pink and we are happy to oblige with that request! Aaron is turning Cora and Celine's twin beds into bunk beds and Charlotte will remain in her full size bed.

The cheerful, bright colors in this Pretty Medallion Bed in a Bag Bedding Set make me so happy! and I think this comforter set would be SO fun for Cora and Celine's bed! 

I like the idea of the two twin sized beds having a comforter with a pattern and then Charlotte's comforter being a solid color. I don't think I want to have all three beds have a patterned comforter- just because I think that might be too much- thoughts?
How gorgeous is this lavender ruffle comforter set?? This is another one by Better Homes and Garden and I think it would be perfect for Charlotte's bed!  I love the texture of the ruffled fans and I like the fact that this has a more "older" girl vibe to it...because my first baby girl is growing up! ;)
I am LOVING this BOHO Patchwork comforter set by Better Homes and Garden for Cora and Celine's beds!! I think they would love the bright colors- and I like the fact that it is not super "little girl-ish" and I could see them liking this funky mis-match of fabrics for several years! 
Look at this amazing, embroidered accent pillow that comes with the comforter (and a sham)!! I mean- I kind of want this for MY bed!! For a twin set- which includes the comforter, a sham and this gorgeous, decorative pillow- it is only $48.78!
I plan on doing the boys' room in a patriotic theme. I have red curtains and a big wooden American flag that Aaron has made, that I plan on hanging in their room as a focal point.  
I want to keep their bedding simple and classic!

 I love the preppy look of this patchwork comforter!! This Mad Plaid Blue Bed in a Bag comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, comforter and 2 pillowcases and 2 shams (if you are getting the full) for $39.98!! What a steal!! The colors are perfect for the red, white and blue theme I am planning on in the boys' room and I just really like it :)
 This striped quilt by Mainstays is super simple and could be totally perfect for the boys. Unfortunately it is sold out right now...but I just might have to stalk it online and wait to see if it comes back in stock!

My only concern with this bedding set is that James might hate the stars in a couple years. Momma does not plan on re-doing rooms until the kids are nearing junior
 high- so I really want to be mindful and pick items for their rooms that are more timeless and can grow with them. BUT- I LOVE the stars! HA! And it totally goes with my "America" theme!
And there you have it! I am so excited to decorate all the rooms in our new house- especially our kids' rooms! They are always the first rooms we set up when we move and I can't wait to make them fun, fresh and cozy for them!!

You gotta love Walmart for having the kind of prices that allow you to give each of your bedrooms a mini-makeover for such an affordable price!!

Hope you have the BEST day friends!


  1. Oh I just love all of the sets that you have found! I like the patchwork girls set just a smidge more than the medallion one, but I don't think you can wrong with either. Andddddd 3 months?!

  2. I love all of these picks, and totally agree that WM prices allow you to give a room a mini makeover for next to nothing. The white comforter set is a classic that I have seen featured on many blogs. The quality of the BHG sets is supposed to be top notch. I also love the multi colored sets for the girls, since you could always put different throw pillows and accents out to pull out different colors in the set. And you can't go wrong with red and blue for boys. I had a denim quilt on Jack's bed (I think I bought on for most of his preschool/elem years. I had blue sheets with stars to go with it. A classic look. I'm so excited for your move, and can't wait to see the new house!

  3. Oh that white is so pretty!
    I LOVE both of the patchwork sets for both the girls and boys.
    I know you are just having a blast planning and decorating your new house. ☺️

  4. I love the pop of color that bedding can bring to a room. I can't wait to see your new home.

  5. Our three girls share a room and so do our boys. For the girls I found a bedding that was the same but different colors. So, one bed is light pink, one light blue and the other light purple but the same pattern. I like it because each girl has their own color! I painted wooden monograms to match each of their beds and their dresser knobs as well! The boys have a matching striped bedding, although the crib bedding doesn't match now!

  6. I love your real life blogging AKA not buying all new everything when you move. Thank you!

  7. Wow!! I love your visions for all of your bedrooms!! The bedding you showed for your girls is SO sweet. It's perfect for them now and it definitely would be great for older girls. Love that they coordinate, but aren't all the same. Good call! I also love your white bedding and the patriotic theme for the boys!! Is the star quilt reversible?? So if either boy gets tired of the stars you could just turn it over? Love the price points and can't wait to see how you pull it all together :)

  8. I've had a white ruched duvet cover on my bed for 15 years. I don't think it ever goes out of style. Also, I absolutely love the star quilt! That is so darn cute. Maybe as he grows it could be folded at the end of his bed with a plain blanket if he wasn't into it as much anymore? I think even my 10-year-old boy would like the stars, though. I can't wait to see how you decorate the new home. Eek!

  9. I have a very similar white ruched set in our guest room that I got at Target a couple years ago. I LOVE the crispness and cleanliness that white bedding gives off! Love the patchwork options for your boys and little girls..especially with Charlotte's all lavender set..SO PRETTY!! I love seeing all your house planning come together!


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