Tuesday Talk!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hi friends! Happy Tuesday!!

How was your weekend?? Did you have a fun St. Patrick's Day??

Our weekend was pretty good! We did a lot of organizing and cleaning- which wasn't the most fun- but it was necessary and great to get done!

The weather was pretty yucky on Saturday- so we were pretty much stuck inside all day- which was NOT fun. HA! the spirit of "keeping it real"- I will tell you- almost everyone in our family (when I say 'almost everyone'- I mean EVERYONE but precious Marshall) needed a major attitude adjustment by lunch time on Saturday. There was a lot of disobedience and overall MAJOR sassy behavior happening from the girls, James was just being SUPER special (think lots of hitting and screaming the SECOND things didn't go his way) and Aaron and I were NOT having it. Like totally over it. HA! We started out the day really trying to be chill and unaffected by the kids' attitudes- but we quickly let them affect OUR behavior and things just weren't very warm and fuzzy at our house. And if I am being totally honest- this isn't the first time this has happened and it certainly won't be the last!  

A couple years ago- heck- even a year ago- I would have thrown my hands up in the air, called the day a complete wash and put my kids in front of the TV so everyone would just CHILL OUT. Aaron and I have since realized that is pretty selfish of us- and that as the parents AND adults- we need to figure out a way to positively change the trajectory of the mood/vibe in our house. 
I thought I would share some SUPER SIMPLE activities/actions that we have found help our family re-group and essentially encourage us to push the "re-set" button. 

- Share a couple reasons why we love another person in our family.
This past Saturday we were all sitting in a circle in our playroom, so to avoid who was going to pick who- because everything can turn into battle, am I right?!? HA! We shared about the person sitting to our right. Aaron and I encouraged the girls to look into each other's eyes when they were talking to one another and it was really precious to hear the kind words they shared! This can also be done by everyone coloring a picture for someone else in the family! Or you can put everyone's name in a hat and each person takes a name out and that is the person they share about. Lots of different options for this- but the point is to speak positive and encouraging words to each other. This is SO simple and SO powerful. 

- Play a game. We like to play cards, charades and Headbandz. While it was a little tricky for Celine, we taught the girls how to play Spades and they had a blast learning a new game!

- Have a dance party. I mean- how can anyone stay in a bad mood when you turn up the tunes and just let loose?? I got extra silly and was "dabbing" like a totally professional- which by the way- by girls and Aaron had to show me how to dab- ha! I had NO IDEA what it was. The girls got such a kick out of seeing me be a nut job and I had a blast dancing with them and James!

- Get out of the house. Somehow. Somewhere. HA! Our go-to solution to getting everyone out of a funk is to get outside for a walk or a trip to the park. Or just straight to our backyard for everyone to jump on the trampoline. Well...when it's yucky weather outside- you gotta have a Plan B. For us- we like to take the kids to walk around Home Depot (they love it!) or my beloved Walmart ;) Target is another fun option- the girls LOVE perusing the Dollar Spot. Our local library is another great spot- and we are very fortunate to also have a (FREE) indoor playground right down the road from us at a local church. If all else fails- just getting everyone loaded up in the car for a drive can work wonders! Pack everyone a fun snack, turn up some good tunes and go look at a couple neighborhoods you have always been curious about!

SO SO TRUE...Am I right?? HA!
These are just a FEW ideas that have worked really well for our family- but obviously there are so many others things you can do when everyone needs an attitude adjustment!
Reading books together, building legos, baking cookies, looking at family photo books, the list goes on and on. For Aaron and I- the biggest thing is realizing that we are being just as yucky and crabby as our kids- and FIXING that ASAP. 

When it comes down to it- these 5 crazy kids are the best thing that have ever happened to Aaron and I - and we are just SO grateful for the Grace God pours over us in the moments where we are weak, selfish and not the best version ourself. 
Parenthood is messy. and challenging. and crazy. and sleepless. and giving. and UNBELIEVABLY beautiful.
Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. Such great suggestions here! I think anytime you can lighten things up with some silliness and laughter things are bound to get better. And YES to getting outside. Even in the teen years, some exercise and fresh air can turn things around! Have a terrific Tuesday!

  2. YES...even with my kids older. They still need a change of scenery every once in a while!
    Parenting is rough sometimes but the best reward!! :)

  3. Thank you for the link up party. :)

  4. We try to do something new each day. When I say new, it can be something we haven't done in a while so it seems new. This really helps us connect and gives us something fun to do when we've been stuck indoors. Ohio weather can cause a person to go stir crazy.

  5. Loved coming across your blog!!

  6. Great tips!! LOVE that last picture - the boys are cracking me up!! I have used your tip of change your scenery many times with my kids. The fresh air and new surroundings always improve our moods. I love your idea of sharing something you love about someone else, playing games together and the reminder that the parents are so important in setting the tone at home. I had to remind myself of that one on vacation. My mood really impacts everyone else for good or bad.


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