Friday Favorites!!

Friday, April 7, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Friday!!

I can't believe the end of the week is already here!!! We have had such a fun spring break...the weather has not been the best- but we have made the most of each day and have had SO much fun!!

How has your week been?? I sure hope it's been a good one!

Time to share some random FAVORITES from this past week!!

I got a coupon for a free item at Bath and Body Works, so on Sunday afternoon, the girls and I went to go pick out a new lotion! These girls definitely can bring the sass and drama- but oh my goodness- most of the time they are just the sweetest little girls and I just LOVE spending time with them! We spent a good hour just walking around Bath and Body Works, smelling EVERYTHING and very carefully and thoughtfully deciding on a scent for our free lotion. We ended up picking "Magic in the Air" and the girls have been putting it on every night after their shower :) They are seriously the cutest!
On Wednesday, I gave an update on how everything is going with our new house! If you missed it- you can go HERE to read it :)
Anyway- you guys gave me the BEST suggestions regarding lighting choices- THANK YOU!

Also- I have to give a HUGE shout out to my new friend Andrea because she was kind enough to take the time to email me and let me know that Walmart carries the exact faux wood blinds we were planning on ordering from Home Depot. They are by Better Homes and Garden and have INCREDIBLE ratings.  They are on sale right now- putting them about $1.50 cheaper per set of blinds than Home Depot's (that doesn't sound like a lot until you are ordering $500 + worth of blinds and then it really ADDS UP!) AND there is a rebate offer where we can get another $6 back on each set of blinds. Which means we will end up saving about $150 by ordering the Better Homes and Garden blinds!! Thank you SO much for letting me know about these blinds Andrea!! 
We went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum on Tuesday as one of our spring break adventures and had the BEST time. Poor little James didn't get to come with us as he came down with a really yucky virus and had a 102 degree fever and the chills :( 
Aaron was able to stay home with him and the girls, Marshall and I went to the museum. 
I plan on doing a post about our experience at the Children's Museum....there is a reason it is rated one of the BEST Children's Museums in the world- it is truly an AMAZING place!
(P.S. Marshall looks seriously angry in this picture- but I promise he was happy! HA!)
Ok- so this is SUPER random- but I just had to share my FAVORITE way to take care of unwanted facial hair. I KNOW. Not the most fun topic to throw out there (HA!) but- a girl's got to do- what a girl's got to do- RIGHT??
Anyway- about every 4 weeks- I use one of these wax strips and in a matter of minutes- the unwanted hair above my upper lip is gone! I get mine at Ulta and really couldn't recommend them enough if you are looking for an easy, at home waxing solution! (NO heat required!!)

(And I just realized I took a picture of the side of the box that is in French! HA!)
They are called: "Parissa: Natural Hair Removal System: Wax Strips"- you can get them HERE!
Along with most of the country, our weather here in central Indiana has been NUTTY lately. This past week it has been sunny and warm, windy and overcast, and rainy and super cold.
The forecast for this weekend is calling for temperatures in the middle 60's-low 70's and NO RAIN. I am SO happy we will be able to spend our last couple days of spring break playing outside!! Sunshine, the screen door open and spending every moment possible is always my FAVORITE type of weekend :)
Hope you have the BEST day and a WONDERFUL weekend!!

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  1. Have a great weekend.

  2. We have finally gotten some sunshine this week and it has been wonderful and now the rain is back for the weekend. We have soaked up all the outside time we can. Your week looks fantastic! I am so excited for you all and your new home. What an exciting next couple of months for you all! Happy Friday!

  3. Our weekend is suppose to be beautiful as well! I'm so ready!!
    That was so awesome of Andrea to email you that info about the blinds. High five for savings.

  4. You are such a fun mama! We are expected to have a beautiful weekend and I for one can't wait. We have an Easter egg hunt tomorrow and then we are going to do a little shopping and go out to eat. I'm sure we will spend a lot of time outside in the dirt as well. Have a great weekend!

  5. The Indianapolis Children's Museum is great! Glad you had a nice time.


  6. What a fun shopping trip with your girls! I can just picture all the back and forth trying to decide on the perfect scent. I've heard the Indy Children's Museum is amazing, but I haven't been since I was little. I'm thinking it would be fun to get a pass when my kids get older. Can't wait to hear more about it. Thanks for the tip about those BH&G blinds! We still need to get blinds for our play room and a couple of other rooms so I'm going to have to check these out. I'm like you and am not interested in spending tons on blinds while my kids are little and constantly pulling on them to look out :) Glad you had such a fun spring break and I hope James is feeling better!


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