Weekly Walmart Finds: Easter Outfits!

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hi!! Happy Wednesday friends!!
Hope you're having a great week so far!!

So...did you know that Walmart is now doing 2-day shipping??? YUP! It's true! If you spend over $35- and your item qualifies for 2-day shipping (which almost ALL items do!)- it will be at your doorstep in just a matter of a couple of days! SO fun for all of us impatient people out there! HA! Or- for moments like a special event being just a few days away and you realize you need a dress or your son needs a shirt or whatever! :)

And because Easter is this Sunday, I thought it would be fun if I showed you some Walmart "finds" that are PERFECT for Easter AND can be at your house in 2 days! 

Ok. If you have a baby girl- will you please buy this dress?!?! OMG. It is a good thing Marshall is a boy- because I just CANNOT handle all the precious baby girl dresses Walmart has right now!! This gorgeous dress is by the George brand and is on sale for $7.00!! It qualifies for 2-day shipping and it comes in sizes starting at 0-3 months all the way up to 24 months!!! I am OBSESSED with the beautiful bright floral pattern and just think it is the PERFECT little Easter dress!!

Look at this precious dress with lace detailing on the top and a tulle skirt!!! I love this classic shade of pink!!
It is $8.44 (and qualifies for 2-day shipping!) and would be SO perfect for Easter Sunday!! Get your sweet little girl a big ol' bow to match and you are good to go!! This dress comes in sizes 2T through 5T!!
This gorgeous yellow dress is on sale for $7.00 and sizes 2T through 5T are all in stock! And it qualifies for 2-day shipping!! I LOVE the color yellow and I think the simplicity of this dress is absolutely PERFECT!
I got my girls' Easter dresses from Walmart this year (I have for the past 3 years!!) but unfortunately they are no longer in stock online!! :( 
BUT- they do have this beautiful floral dress available and I just think it is SO pretty! It is modest- but still fun with the slightly higher hem in the front and the floral pattern is bright but still very sweet :) It is $17.88, it qualifies for 2-day shipping and it comes in girl sizes 4-12!!
If you are looking for something a little less dressy for your daughter to wear- I love this cheerful butterfly patterned dress! I love the classic cap sleeves and scoop neck- and I think it is such a fun, happy pattern! This would be SO cute paired with a turquoise cardigan and turquoise bow! This dress is $6.88 and comes in girl's sizes 4/5 through 14/16! 
Um. Ok. Can we please talk about this plaid, button up shirt and bow tie combo??? If I hadn't already bought Marshall's Easter outfit- you can bet this would be on it's way to my house!! This is SO adorable!! It is $12.88, qualifies for 2-day shipping and comes in sizes   0-3 months through 24 months!! Pair this shirt with a pair of little khaki pants or light blue chino pants and you have the PERFECT Easter outfit for your baby boy!!
 **It also comes in this adorable multi-aqua color!!!**
 This is the suit Marshall and James will be wearing for Easter!! The picture doesn't really do it is SO cute in person and very well made!! I love that you can mix and match all of the different pieces- the pants can be worn with another button down shirt, the vest could be used for another special or formal event you might be attending this summer and the purple button down shirt is just SO cute! The boys will definitely be wearing their's with a pair of khaki pants and their boat shoes to church throughout the spring and summer! Depending on what size you get these suits range in price from $14.62- $15.87.
You can find the baby boy sizes in this suit HERE and the toddler sizes HERE!

For those of you with school aged boys- check out this super sharp button down shirt that comes with a super fun preppy, plaid tie!! I am IN LOVE with this! This shirt/tie combo comes in several different colors- all of which are SO awesome and the combo is $10!! Pair this shirt with a super top rated pair of flat front khaki pants and you have got yourself one good looking young man, ready for Easter! ;)
P.S. If these shirts came in Aaron's size- I would SO be buying them!! I just love them!
Ok- now for the ladies :)
I am all about simple, classic dresses with a little something special about when I found this dress- I was SO excited!! I love the pretty, light pink blush color (it comes in several other patterns/colors too!) and I really like that you can wear a regular bra with it! 
My FAVORITE part about this dress is the gorgeous lace detail on the back!! How pretty is that??? I think this dress would look so pretty with a pair of wedges, a pretty nude high heel or even a dressier sandal!
This dress is only $14.88 (and qualifies for 2-day shipping!) and would not only be perfect for church on Easter...but is also simple and casual enough that you could wear it to an Easter egg hunt or any other festivities you might have planned for the weekend!
Don't think I forgot about the guys!!
I LOVE this purple checked shirt! I actually bought this shirt for Aaron- but unfortunately it didn't fit him :( 
We have a hard time finding dress shirts that fit Aaron...he is super tall, but very trim and it is always just hit or miss if things are going to fit him! Anyway- we both LOVED the shirt and were very impressed with the quality of it! It is $15.96 and qualifies for 2-day shipping! 
This shirt comes in a variety of different colors and patterns- but my two favorites are the purple check shown above and this blue check! What can I say- I love a good check pattern! HA! This blue is SO classic- you can't go wrong with it!!
So there you have- Easter outfits for the whole family! As long as you spend $35- you can totally have any of these items in time for Easter!! And just a tip- if you are short a couple of dollars in getting to the $35 minimum- add a couple tubes of toothpaste or some dish soap or another household item that you could use! Walmart ships all of that stuff and if you will end needing to buy it in the store, you might as well add it to your cart so you can get to the $35 minimum and take advantage of 2-day shipping!

Hope you have the BEST day and Happy Shopping!!!


  1. What great find shoes this week! This will be the first year that we will not have Easter outfits and going to church! We will be at the beach! Hoping to find a sunrise service on the beach somewhere!!
    Have a great day!!

  2. `I absolutely LOVE all of these! Especially the little boy outfits! Seriously how adorable is the plaid onesie with the bow tie! haha Sooo cute!!
    I ordered the girls outfits online last week and they have yet to arrive. I checked tracking this morning and most of it is out for delivery! yay!!

    Thanks for sharing all these super cute ideas!

    Have a great day!!

  3. I feel like you should've just come out and said, "Erica buy this dress for your girls asap!" ha. So stinkin' cute!!

  4. So many cute options! My Wal-Mart had tons of cute baby girl things, but barely anything for the boys. You're always so good at finding great stuff on-line. LOVE that plaid little boy shirt with the bow tie. Super sweet. My kids are wearing a bunny dress and a monogrammed outfit for Easter this weekend. I'm excited about the 2 day shipping and am working on filling my cart with necessities right now to hit the $35 mark.


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