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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Hi friends!!!
Happy Thursday!!!

How was your week been going??

We're doing just's been a bit busier than usual for us- because a couple days ago, while we were packing boxes, I decided we needed to have a garage sale tomorrow and Saturday. Why not, right?!? 
Despite us having a huge garage sale last summer AND giving away SO. MUCH. STUFF. We still have a bunch of things we need to sell/get rid of!
The weather is looking not the greatest- but the neighborhood next to us is having their subdivision garage sale- so I am hoping we get some good traffic from that! Keep your fingers crossed for me! ;)

Okay- so last Saturday, Marshall and I snuck away for a little bit and went to Walmart to pick up some things. 
UM. I know you all think I am obsessed with Walmart- which I guess I kind of am- but seriously- right now- Walmart has SO MANY AMAZING THINGS!!
I told Aaron that I could have easily walked around, looking at things for a good, solid 3 hours. He looked at me like I was crazy, but then said, "I have no doubt you could've Justine." HA!

Anyway- I picked up some fun items and I thought I would share them with you today!
First up- is this super cute birthday decor!
The girls want Marshall to have a "baby farm animal" party and I was SO excited when I saw all of these things in the party aisle!!
Did you know Walmart has an AWESOME selection of party decorations, paper plates, cups, cute banners, big, fun balloons??
And you just can't beat the price- each of these items were only $0.99!!
I honestly usually go to the Dollar Tree to get my paper products for birthdays- but I am definitely going to start checking Walmart now that I know they have such a big selection of super cute part items priced at $0.99!!
You all know how much I love the 719 Walnut Avenue candles that Walmart carries...well- guess what- now they have an essential oil, soy candle!! They smell WONDERFUL and are $5.97- which is an absolute steal for an all natural, soy candle that comes in a ceramic jar!!
I got this candle for my mom as part of her Mother's Day present- I am SO excited to give it to her!!
I looked on Walmart's website and couldn't find this candle- so you will need to check your local store for it! Just like the regular 719 Walnut Avenue candles- this candle can be found in the air freshener/glade plug-ins/laundry area of your Walmart- NOT the candle section!
 Okay- I am REALLY excited about these tank tops I found!! I was needing some tanks to wear under my workout tanks- I am freak and have to layer everything with a tank top. HA!
Anyway- I saw these and thought they would be perfect- they are SUPER soft, super stretchy and are a great length- which I love- since I am on the taller side. So- I picked up this fun neon coral-ish color shown in the picture as well as one in a super fun, bright hot pink color. And now I want to go buy 7 more!! I am not only wearing them when I go to the gym- but I have been wearing them with my colored shorts from J.Crew Factory and just loving them! And for $3.88- I can afford to have one in every color!! I couldn't find these online- but at my store they were on the same display/section where the No Boundaries ribbed tanks were. These are technically from the "junior's" section- so they run a bit smaller. I wear a medium in these and they are pretty fitted- so if you like your clothing to be a bit looser- I would say you might almost want to go up two sizes. 
Definitely check these tanks out- I am going to be living in them all summer long!! :)
 Mainstays has been doing such an amazing job this past year with having fun, festive flour sack towels available for every season- and their summer towels are just SO cute!!
I picked up these two towels to put up in our new kitchen and I just love them! These flour sack towels are $1.88 and are really big and very absorbent!!
I am thinking about going back and getting each of the girls' teachers one of these towels and wrapping it around a fresh baked loaf of banana bread for their Teacher Appreciation Gift!  They also have a really cute cactus pattern available and I think one other pattern- I can't for sure remember :) Again- kind of a bummer- these are not available online- but you can find them in the home/kitchen section of your Walmart. Normally- they stock these towels on the outside of an aisle!
 I picked up my oldest daughter a couple pairs of super cute and AFFORDABLE shorts! Did you know Walmart has girl version of the Danskin Now brand of workout clothes?? They are such great quality and you seriously cannot beat the prices. The shorts on the left are from the Danskin Now line- and they are super lightweight with a mesh liner. The shorts on the left are from Faded Glory and are just a cute pair of elastic waistband shorts- and they have the cutest little pompom detail on the edge of them!! These shorts for $4.88 each!! 
And finally- I forgot to take a picture of these in the store- but how amazing is this 2 Tier Rectangular Server from Better Homes and Garden- it is in the store and currently in stock online- for $17.88! How cute would this be on your outside patio table??
They also have this 2-Tier Round Serving piece- which is SO fun and sells out ALL THE TIME. It is also $17.88 and I saw this in my store and it's available online right now!
I would love to know- have you found any great deals at Walmart lately??

Like I already mentioned- I could have spent several hours looking around- there are SO many cute boy clothes available right now, the baby clothing section is stocked with the cutest summer items, I found some SUPER fun items in the sleepwear section for women, of course, the workout clothes they have right by Avia and Danskin Now are SO cute and fun and I just did a quick walk through- but from what I saw in the swim suit section was amazing!! There were so many fun options and some really adorable coverups!!
SO MUCH GOOD STUFF!! I love Walmart! HA!

Hope you have the BEST day!!

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  1. You know how I love my tiered trays! HA
    Those shorts with the pompoms are precious!
    I always love all your walmart finds!
    Good luck on your garage sale!

  2. I hope you have a super successful garage sale!!
    Your Walmart finds today are great as always =)
    I ordered the tiered stand and absolutely LOVE it!! Those shorts are super cute too! =)
    Have a great day friend!!

  3. I always love your finds! Good luck with your garage sale! Those tanks are always the best. Happy Thursday!

  4. The party decor is so cute! I was going to do a farm animal theme but switched at the eleventh hour...and WalMart had plenty for my Wild One party, too! Best of luck with the big yard sale!

  5. As usual, I love your WM finds! They really do have such great things, and it seems like their buyers/venders have really stepped it up a notch in the design department over the past few years.

  6. So many cute things!! LOVE that farm party decor. Marshall's party is going to be so cute. I am impressed with all of their $0.99 party products. I'd love to have those tiered trays to use this summer - the price is great on them. I'm going to have to remember those pretty towels for gifts and those patterned shorts would be a big hit at my house. I'd love a mommy and me version :) Yay Walmart!!

  7. I love those towels and the pom-pom shorts! I actually got a lot this week in the clothing department. My Walmart finally carries adorable boys sailboat shorts. So nice for some big boy clothing not to be under armor clothes. They had these really cute color block shirts with the pocket that were T-shirt style to go with the shorts that are perfect for a graduation parties and things like that this summer. Also, the women's swimsuits and coverups were awesome. This sounds crazy, but I got a "dressy" cover-up for the nice pool we go to and a cotton one when we're at the lake. At under 10 dollars I could justify two. If only I had seen this post first... now I've got to go back.

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