House Update!!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Wednesday!!

Hope you're having a great week!! We have been having such a fun time on our spring break...we went to the Indianapolis Children's Museum yesterday and had such an amazing time! 

A lot of progress has been made on our house- so I thought I would share some house updates today!

So- on Monday, Aaron Face timed with our realtor and one of the contractors who is overseeing the building of our home, to do a walk through of where all the outlets will be put inside our house!! The roof has been put on and they are putting up dry wall this week!
Here are the latest pictures of the house. We opted to NOT have a porch built off the back of the house- and instead- just had an extra large concrete slab poured. Aaron will build an enclosed porch himself...we chose to do it this way because the porch that "comes with the house" is TINY. Our family of 7 wouldn't even fit on it. We actually got a credit for having them pour a larger concrete slab and Aaron will be able to build the exact porch we want for much cheaper than the builder! We have big plans for our will take us a few years to get it just the way we want it- but it is so fun to be planning it all out and making plans for everything we want to do!
Ok- so up until now- I have had absolutely NO problems with making decisions about paint colors, cabinet style, what stain I want my wood floors to be, etc. Aaron and I are really decisive AND we have had MANY years to think about exactly what we want our new home to look like. 
Insert having to make lighting choices. 
UM. Yeah. I have no idea what I want!!!

We anticipated we wouldn't love any of the standard lighting choices our builder offers- and we were exactly right. So- now we are in the process of finding out how much we can be credited if we choose to not get any lighting installed and we buy all of our own fixtures. Or- do we just get the standard fixtures- and little by little replace each room's fixture with something we love?!?

Here is a screen shot of what our dining room looks like. It will not be this paint color- but I wanted you to see the detail on the ceiling. I honestly can't remember what color I chose for this room (HA!) - but I think it is a very subtle, light blue with aqua undertones. Anyway- here is one of the standard chandeliers we could choose. I am not in love with it. AT ALL. Also- we will have oil rubbed bronze fixtures throughout the house- so the brushed nickel on this chandelier won't match.
Here is one idea for the dining room....Thoughts??
And here is another idea.... They are very similar- but this one has more of a horizontal orientation. 
  I am looking for something different, yet classic. Something simple- but slightly unexpected. I also don't want to get something too rustic/farmhouse-ish because I feel like our dining room is very classic and just a little on the more formal side (which I love!).

Next up- lighting over our island. AAAAAHHH. There are so many options for pendant lighting that is meant to go over kitchen tables and islands- and while I LIKE a lot of them- I have barely found anything I LOVE for our home.
We are considering this fixture for over the island...we would get two of them and they would be centered over the island. I like that they are simple and they would match our oil rubbed bronze fixtures. I also like the slight roundness of the glass around the light bulbs. It has a slight industrial look to it...but I think because it is not bulky it still looks very classic. 
What are your thoughts???
(I would show you an example of what our island will look like- but I don't have a picture because we upgraded our island and it is being custom built- so I can't pull a standard building picture off the internet!)
I am pretty sure we are going to put a ceiling fan in the eating area of our kitchen where our big kitchen table will be. My husband and the kids are very hot natured and we are thinking a fan would be the best option to keep everyone comfortable while we eat our meals together.  With that being said...I really like the look of this fixture and think it would go really nicely with the pendant lighting I showed you above! Or what do you think about putting a fixture like this over our island??
This fixture is almost identical to the one just has more lights. Not sure which one I like better?!?
 Okay- enough talk about kind of stresses me out. HA!

We have decided to go with faux wood blinds throughout the house for the time being. Aaron will order them and install them himself. We plan to eventually have plantation blinds on all the windows on the first floor of the house...but that will have to wait a couple of years! Plantations blinds are PRICEY and I want to wait until my kiddos are just a little bit older and are totally past the destructor phase (HA!) before we invest in them!
Here are the blinds we are going to get- super simple- but I think the wider slats give them a really nice look! And much easier to wipe clean! ;)
 When we initially move into our new house, we are going to use an area rug we already have. I want to see exactly how big the living room is with all of our furniture in it and then decide on how big of an area rug I want. So while- I am not in the market RIGHT NOW to be buying a new rug- it hasn't kept me pursuing Wayfair's website and looking at all of the gorgeous area rugs they have!  I found this rug and am in LOVE with it!! They are saying it is "gray/beige" which I think would work perfectly with our living room furniture. 
 Here's an actual picture of it in someone's living room (this picture was attached to a review someone left about the rug) and I think it looks soooo good!!! The size we need is just under $200 (with free shipping) which I think is an incredible deal!! Now- I just need Wayfair to keep it at that price and in stock in the size I need until I am ready to buy it in a few months! ;)
We have set our official moving date for June 18- so we have just a little over 2 more months until we are in our new home!!!
We are SO darn excited!!! :)

Okay- you MUST help me with lighting choices. If you have any ideas that you think I might like- send them my way!!!

Hope you have the BEST day!


  1. ooooo! I love this update. Your house is coming right along! I love the kitchen & the floors. I can't wait to see it all come together. So excited for you!

  2. Love the update! I know you are so excited!! I love the second lighting for your dining room. the more horizontal shape one!! I love the lightening with the mix of the wood for your island!! Now you are making me what to build a new house! I just have to get Ben on board! HA
    We have those blinds and they are great!!
    That rug is just beautiful! Have a great day friend!

  3. Oh my goodness, your house is so beautiful already! I agree--I like the second "horizontal" one. And I love, love, love the one you mentioned possibly going above the island in the kitchen. So pretty! :)

    1. Thank you for your input Laura!!! We are going to try and find a fixture like the one I showed for going over the island...the trick is finding one that doesn't cost close to $500!! HA! Thank you for your kind words- we are SO excited!

  4. Eeeek!!! I am SO excited for you! Your house is certainly coming along and looks beautiful already! Lighting is such a hard choice and it can be so pricey. We were at Lowes the other day and they had a round metal chandelier that I absolutely fell in love with. If we had a dining room, it would be in our house! I can't wait to see what you choose =)
    We have the white faux wood blinds throughout our house and I as well love them. The only room that doesn't have them is the girls room. I chose room darkening shades for their room so they sleep later in the morning ;) HA!

    Have a great day!!

    1. It really is ridiculous how expensive some of the fixtures are!! And of course- everything I love is SUPER pricey. HA! That's how it always is for me!! :) So glad to know you love your blinds- I am getting so much positive feedback about them- it makes me so excited to have them up in our house!! :)

  5. This home is going to be AMAZING. I can not wait to see it all come together.

  6. All the light choices are really nice, really like the looks of all of them. We have the faux blinds and I really like them you will be happy with those. Can't wait to see finished product!

    1. Thank you Susan! I am so glad to know that you like your faux wood blinds! We ordered all the blinds we need for the entire house last night- so excited!! :)

  7. I know you said you were thinking of doing a ceiling fan, but I actually like your first dining room lighting option for your eat-in area. IMO it's not formal enough for your dining room and you're right, that's a very classic room especially with the ceiling detail. I wish we were friends IRL because I LOVE picking stuff out and help all of my friends with their choices! Such an exciting time for your family!

    1. Aja!! Thank you for your opinion!!! And I wish we were friends in real life too- because I could really use someone who is willing to talk about various lighting options for hours on end! HA! I will definitely let everyone know what we end up choosing!! :)

  8. That rug will look fabulous!! I like Option #1 for the Dining Room - either will look great though. Pendant lighting is SO hard. There's SO MANY options out there...good luck, ha! We have those same window blinds throughout our house; it was the first "We've got to change..." item when we bought our house. I love them - super easy to clean, are holding up well and look great. SO excited for your progress; moving day will be here before you know it!!

  9. Wow, love it all and I'm so excited for y'all. I agree with Heather's choices above in the comments about the lighting. Also, if they don't offer too much of a credit for not putting in lighting, I would just get the builder stuff and gradually replace it. It will take some pressure off for all the projects you might have when you move in. Beautiful house!!!

  10. Hi! I love these pictures and the house looks amazing. I love that second option for over the island with the wood. I feel like the credit is bleak if you don't use the lighting but when I see the lighting in my home at Home Depot and Lowe's it is the absolute builder grade cheapest but you end up paying three times as much for it. Unfortunately, for us, a new house meant many other projects and I thought I would gradually upgrade but in reality I have only done three rooms in 10 years, ha ha. So my vote is at least do your kitchen and dining room now and the bathrooms you could do later. I agree with you that the tray ceiling and trim especially with the light paint color lends to formality and you need something a bit more formal in the dining room. I love that lantern though. Could that be used in the foyer? Fun stuff! That backyard sounds incredible!

  11. Super exciting!! Things are looking great! Love your idea of having a really large patio and building it to suit your tastes later. That grill pad for Aaron sounds wonderful. What a pretty lot you have. Lighting is SO HARD. I've been trying to decide on some new lighting for our kitchen and it seems impossible. I LOVE your lighting taste. It seems to go great in your house. I think I'd like to see what you go with and then just order the same haha. I like your idea of waiting on the big/super visible lighting until you find some you love. I feel like it would be annoying to look at lighting you don't love and then have to swap it out. Good luck!!

  12. Congrats on the beautiful house and way to go on a handy husband! Have so much fun!

    1. Thank you Sarah! And yes- it is AMAZING to have such a handy husband- he really can pretty much do it all!! ;)

  13. I love the horizontal fixture for your dining room and also agree with Aja above, that the first one would look great over your eat in area in the kitchen. Island lighting is hard, we've had three different styles of pendants in the last few years...ha! I do like the wood fixture with the fewer lights for the island, it's very cool. And that rug...swoon. :-)


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