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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Hi friends!! Happy Tuesday!!!
Hope your week is off to a great start!!

My girls went back to school yesterday after having last week off for Spring Break...and James and I were totally lost and sad without them home! We had such a fun week and I enjoyed having them home SO much!! The official countdown for summer break is ON and we all can't wait!!

In the spirit of being SUPER original and unique (PLEASE tell me you are sensing some major sarcasm ;) I thought I would do a "currently" post today!
I always love when I read what someone else is up to "currently" I decided to join in on the fun :)

Soooo...CURRENTLY I am:

THINKING about our Palm Sunday Mass and how the sermon really affected me- in a BIG and GOOD way. I am thinking about being more "quiet" this week as prepare to celebrate the 3 Holiest days in our church....

ENJOYING a cup of coffee in a red polka dot mug :) When I get up in the morning, I pour my first cup of coffee in a mug (versus my heavy duty travel mug) and I take the time to enjoy it- versus chugging it ;) I LOVE waking up early and sipping my coffee when it is quiet and totally sets the tone for my day!!

FEELING excited, grateful, contemplative, happy and hopeful!

WEARING hot pink ruffle pants from Lolly Wolly Doodle and a tank just a little bit I will be wearing some workout gear as I am headed to the gym with my boys after I drop off my girls at school!

NEEDING absolutely NOTHING! :)

WANTING absolutely NOTHING! At the beginning of the year, I read this quote by Ann Voskamp and it has been life changing as far as me "wanting" things to happen or change or go a certain way: "real change comes when we receive life with THANKS and ask for nothing to change." Living this quote has been a HUGE (positive) shift for me!

LISTENING to whatever my husband plays off of his Itunes- he is the master DJ in our house :) Also- still LOVING the Matt Wertz station on Pandora!

MAKING tacos tonight! It's Taco Tuesday at our house today! I always prep our taco meat ahead of time and I also roast some colored bell peppers and make a batch of cauliflower rice! You can check out this post to see how I make my Weight Watchers friendly taco "bowl!"

EATING nothing currently :) I am not a big "eat right when I get up" type of person. I will sip on coffee for a good 2 hours before I eat something. And then at that point- I usually have something super light like a piece of toast and a couple of egg whites or a protein smoothie. 

DRINKING coffee :) I love my coffee :) Now that the weather is getting warmer, I am looking forward to making a big glass of iced coffee versus the hot cup of coffee I have been making throughout the cold months.  Aside from coffee, I am drinking water. That's it for me. I am SUPER boring when it comes to beverages! HA!

Ok- what about you?? What are you "currently" up to?

Hope you have the BEST day friends!

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  1. You know coffee is my love language!! I drink it all day long! I would love to know how you make your iced coffee?

  2. Ohhh coffee is my everything. Ha But I think you already know that =) I drink iced coffee year round. I know weird, but I just love it that much. But I always always start my day out with a cup of hot coffee while getting ready for work in the mornings. I feel like my at home iced coffee isn't as good as when I buy it. So you should totally share how you make yours!

    I had originally planned Taco Tuesday for tonight...however, we are suppose to get temps in the high 70's today, and we haven't grilled out on our grill all winter, so I'm changing our menu to steaks on the grill instead =)

    I hope you have the best Monday!!

    1. Ok, let's try this again...I hope you have the best TUESDAY!! haha =)

  3. I love that Ann Voskamp quote...thanks for sharing. Contentment is often elusive, but it is so rewarding when we can experience it. We are having tacos tonight easy! I am also an ice coffee drinker, usually in the afternoon. Hope you are having a great week.

  4. I'm so glad you had a great Spring Break! I'm counting down the days until Summer vacation, too!

  5. Your Spring Break sounded wonderful! I'm sure the quiet house took some getting used to. Can't wait to hear about all the fun Easter things you do with your crew :)


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