Menu Plan Monday + Some Fun Aldi Finds!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hi!! Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?
Our's was pretty low key...we went to the gym, got our groceries from Aldi, went to church and went swimming.  Sounds pretty boring....but life is never dull with my crazy crew-HA!

After taking last week off of menu planning, I am ready to start this week with a stocked refrigerator and pantry + a plan of action for dinner!  It is going to be a busy week for us- all 3 of the girls are going to Vacation Bible School and I am volunteering in the nursery with James while the girls are in VBS.  I know we are going to be tired from our busy mornings- so I am glad I have all of our meals planned out!

Here is what we are eating at our house this week:

Monday: Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry

Tuesday: Crunchy Tacos with ground turkey and homemade refried black beans

Wednesday: Leftovers from Monday and Tuesday night

Thursday: Grilled Fajita Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Friday: Pizza Night!

Saturday: Cookout with Friends: Turkey Burgers, hot dogs, grilled veggies, and sweet potato french fries

Sunday: Grilled pork tenderloin, steamed broccoli and baked sweet potatoes

For tonight's dinner, I am making a super simple chicken stir-fry by using a vegetable stir fry mix from Aldi + chicken breast (I get mine at our local Kroger- they are ALWAYS 1.99/lb and are very fresh!)  You can find the veggie stir fry mix in the frozen vegetable section at Aldi.  It comes with a seasoning packet- but I typically don't use it.  To make our stir fry- I start by cooking our chicken (which I have cut up in small pieces) in a wok over med-high heat.  I season it with some garlic powder, salt and pepper. Once it is cooked half way through- I throw in the frozen veggies and let them cook with the chicken.  I season the veggies with a little more S + P and garlic powder.  Once everything is cooked all the way, I give the whole stir fry a couple generous shakes of soy sauce, stir it all up and it is ready to go!  SUPER simple- but it is very fresh, healthy and YUMMY!  
Here's what the vegetable stir fry mix looks like if you want to pick it up at Aldi! :)

For Tuesday's dinner, we are rocking the Taco Tuesday theme! I am going to pull some homemade black refried beans out of the freezer and brown some ground turkey. I like to season my turkey with cumin, garlic powder, salt, pepper and just a dash of chili powder and then dump about 1/2 cup of salsa in with the meat once it has finished cooking. When it is time to "build" the tacos, I put a dollop of refried beans in the bottom of the taco shell, then some ground turkey, then a dollop of light sour cream, a sprinkle of sharp shredded cheddar and top it with some shredded lettuce.  The black beans at the bottom of the taco totally make them EXTRA YUM :)

On Wednesday night, it is all about LEFTOVERS! We will definitely have food leftover from dinner on Monday and Tuesday night- so to make sure we are not wasting any food AND to give momma a night off of cooking- we are having leftover stir fry and tacos! :)

Thursday night, we are having a current favorite- grilled fajita chicken lettuce wraps. Earlier in the week, I will have my husband grill up a couple chicken breasts.  To make our chicken fajita mixture, I will thinly slice a red and yellow bell pepper, and cook them on med-high heat for about 5-7 minutes. I coat my peppers in cooking spray, but obviously a small amount of your choice of oil would work too! I season the peppers with salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder and a little chili powder.  While the peppers are cooking, I thinly slice up the grilled chicken.  I add the chicken to the peppers and re-season everything.  Once the chicken is warmed all the way through- it is ready to go! We use big romaine lettuce leaves for our "wraps." I skip the cheese and sour cream, but my husband has a little bit of both on top of his wraps.  This  meal is so healthy, EASY and REALLY good!! :)

Friday night is pizza night at our house!! We have been making our pizza on the grill lately and it is SO good!! To make my homemade pizza dough, I follow the recipe on the back of the fast rising yeast packet I get from Aldi! It is so simple and comes out great every time!

Saturday night we are having a cookout with some friends and having the traditional "Grilling" fare.  Turkey burgers (cheese is optional :), hot dogs for the kids, & grilled zucchini and baby portabella mushroom skewers! I am also going to make some sweet potato french fries and have both ketchup and ranch dressing as dipping sauces for those.  I am making my favorite homemade brownies for dessert- I just recently posted the recipe for them! Check it out here!

Sunday dinner is going to be easy and delicious.  Grilled pork tenderloin (I get mine at Aldi and this time I got the peppercorn marinade-YUM) and steamed broccoli.  I am also going to  have my husband cook sweet potatoes on the grill- and I will season those very simply with a little butter, salt and pepper.  A really nice dinner that takes minimal effort- my favorite kind of meal! HA!

And just for fun- I thought I would share a few great finds I got at Aldi while doing my weekly grocery shopping!

I am obsessed with Aldi's roasted red pepper I decided to change it up this week and try a couple different flavors!  
 These organic applesauce cups were on sale for $0.99!!! When we are at home, I serve the kids applesauce in bowls- but when we are out and about; and for when I pack lunches- these individual cups are perfect!
 My kids, especially James, LOVE fruit pouches.  They such a perfect snack when we are at the pool or park!  I was so excited to see two new flavors at my Aldi- Apple Peach and Apple Strawberry!  At my store (every store is different) these new flavors were stocked a little further down from their "regular" flavors of fruit pouches.  At both of the Aldi's I shop at, the fruit pouches are stocked by the dried fruits, raisins, and individual fruit cups. If you are down to the peanut butter section, you have gone too far :)

I would love to know- what's for dinner at your house this week?

Hope you have an AWESOME Monday and a wonderful week!

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