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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Hi!! How has your week been so far?
The last couple days at our house have been so much fun! We have been celebrating our precious baby boy's first birthday!  He is such a JOY- it has been a blast doing some extra fun things for his birthday!

I had a lot of fun putting together last week's Weekly Walmart Finds post, that I thought I would do it again!  I guess you could consider this a little weekly series?! We can call it that until I get sick of doing them- and then I will find something else riveting to write about! HA! just a few weeks our family, along with my mom and dad, older brother and his family, younger sister and her family, AND my almost 92 year old grandpa AND my 7 aunts and all of their families, is headed to the beach for a week!! Every other year we take a vacation with my mom's entire side of the family and it is a BLAST!  
I am already starting to mentally pack and make note of things we will need for the beach.
Here are a few items that I are in my virtual shopping cart from!

How fun and practical is this picnic/beach blanket?? It is water repellant and machine washable- plus it is only $12.92!! I am thinking about getting a couple of these instead of laying down 20 beach towels in an attempt to have a nice place to sit on the beach!
Next up are some super fun swim shorts for my husband!  My husband has actually tried a pair of these shorts on in the store and they are awesome!  They are made out of swim suit material (polyester) but have a little spandex in them.  Instead of being baggier like most men's swimsuit are- they are structured like a flat front short.  They could easily be worn with a t-shirt, out to a casual dinner or they can be worn as a swimsuit.  Totally a double-duty short!  They were originally priced at $18.94- but are now on sale for $14.88 online.  I am definitely going to pick my husband up a pair- he could use a new swimsuit, plus he looked super hot in these shorts when he tried them on!! :)
My parents are CRAZY generous and have rented a beach house big enough to house my family of 6, my brother's family of 4 and my sister's family of 4 (and my parents are staying with us too :)  I thought it would be fun to get all the ladies in the house a little "we're at the beach gift!!" when we arrived at our house for the week!  I saw these flip flops and think they are perfect!  I have actually seen these flip flops in the store- and tried them on- they are SO comfy! They come in white, hot pink and turquoise- and are only $7.98! 
My older daughters are totally set on swimsuits for the beach, but my youngest daughter could use a new one- she only has two that currently fit her...having a third would mean I could wait on doing laundry one more day! HA!  I saw this watermelon bikini and about passed out.  How stinkin' cute is this?!?  If you are looking for a swimsuit for your baby girl- just go ahead and pick up this one up NOW!! They have it online in limited sizes AND I have seen this swimsuit in my local Walmart store!
My little guy has one rash guard that he wears with his swim trunks to the pool.  I love how it protects his skin but he totally stays cool with it on! I saw this rash guard and swim suit set and immediately put it in my cart.  LOVE the print, LOVE that it doesn't have some weird saying on it (why do they do that to boy's clothing?!) and love that the rash guard has long sleeves! My son has fair skin and I really want to be extra careful with how much sun exposure he has while we are at the beach on week!  This set is $12.97 and they have several other really cute patterns too!

After writing this post- I am SO excited for our beach trip!!
I think part of what is so fun about taking a vacation is the preparations and packing before hand- I am super weird and love getting things all packed up and organized! HA!

Hope you have an AWESOME day!!


  1. Love this!!! We are headed to the beach this week & are in desperate need of an alternative to laying down all the beach towels that will get super sandy. I'm headed out to get that blanket...and possibly some new shorts for the hubby since his are 10+ yrs old. Haha

    1. Hey Amanda! SO fun you are headed to the beach!! Hope you were able to get the blanket and that the shorts worked for your husband! Have a wonderful time!! :) Justine


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