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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hi!  Happy Wednesday! 
Can you believe it is July 1st?!?  As usual, time is flying by!

If you have stopped by my good ol' blog more than a handful of times, you probably know about my love for Walmart :)  I know it has its downsides and can be a little nutty to shop there- but I am telling you- they have great stuff at such great prices!  I love finding a for me, perusing the aisles at Walmart is fun :)
This past Saturday, we were picking up our weekly food items we get at Walmart and couldn't help but snap some pictures of some really great items that totally caught my eye! 
So of course, now I am sharing them with you! :)

First up- this amazing, mint flower statement necklace!!  They have this necklace in a TON of different colors, but I was drawn to the mint.  Can you believe the price tag?!?  $5!!
I sometimes hesitate to buy statement necklaces because they can be so trendy and I don't want to spend money on something I am only going to wear for a couple of seasons...but for $5??!? I can afford to pick up a couple! :)  I found these necklaces over by the jewelry counter/purse section of my Walmart!
So- I am totally kicking myself for not buying these earrings!! Aren't they SO pretty??
Again...I was drawn to the mint color :)  How pretty would these look with just a simple pair of jeans and white t-shirt? They would also look great with a little black, knit sundress!  I am a huge fan of wearing a fancier earring with a more casual outfit!  And then the price...I mean- COME ON!!  :)
After I was done looking at all the fun jewelry, I stopped by to look at all the pretty scarves they currently have in the store.  They have a TON of lightweight, infinity scarves- perfect for summer!  How pretty are these red, white and blue patterned scarves?? One of these would be the perfect edition to a 4th of July outfit...a pair of white shorts, red or blue tank or t-shirt and one of these scarves- such a festive outfit!!  
I also really liked these scarves...again- they are very lightweight- I didn't check the tag for the exact material- but it felt like they were made of medium weight gauze.  I loved these colors!! I think one of these scarves, paired with a simple tank top, white jeans and a wedge sandal would be such a CUTE summer outfit!  
All of their summer scarves are priced at $6.97...which is so great!!
A trip to Walmart is not complete for me if i don't stop by the children's clothing section.
I buy A LOT of my kids' clothes from Walmart!! They have really cute stuff and the prices are so affordable!!
UM. Can you even handle this flamingo romper?!?  With the embroidered waistband?!? 
It seriously pained me not to buy this for my younger daughter...but she absolutely needs NO clothing- so I just had to walk away from it- HA!
$4.97 for this adorable piece of clothing!! It is made by Healthtex and it comes in 12 month- 5T.  I checked online and the flamingo print is all sold out- so if you love it- keep your eye out for it at your local store!
And then I saw this romper!!! So in love with this one!! If this came in all of my daughters' sizes (which unfortunately it doesn't- my two older girls are in the "girls" section now) you can assured I would have picked this up for them!! This romper, a little summer sandal and a huge lime green or pink bow??!! So stinking cute!! This romper is the same price and same brand as the flamingo one! :)

So there you have it- my fun Walmart finds for the week!!
Have you found any great items at Walmart lately?  Anything I need to know about??!

Hope you have a wonderful day!!

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